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The Right Way To Love?

christine king

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Story Title: The Right Way To love?
Type of story: 4 Part Fic
Main Characters: Willow, Dean, Colby
BTTB rating: T/A
Genre: Drama/Family/Romance/General
Does story include spoilers: Yes
Any warnings: Violence.
Summary: Willow, Dean and Colby's past is revealed but how does Colby really feel?


Chapter 1


Their is a light on and we go into a room. Colby is sitting their staring into space and the flashbacks start...


Dean: Just stop!!

Colby: No you have to know truth

Dean: Stop making this all about you

Colby: I'm not... I just.. please just listen to me

Dean: why? why did you do it?

Colby: I don't know!

Dean: Does Willow even know?

Colby: I think so

Dean: Wait you didn't tell her?

Colby: Its just hard

Dean: Until you do we can't be around each other

Colby: Dean just wait.. just stop.. why are you putting this all on me? it wasn't just me

Dean: Hey I owned my part in this

Colby: So why didn't you tell Willow?

Dean: I.. I don't know.. I love her but

Colby: The same reason as me then

Dean: I guess

Colby: Maybe we should both come clean

Dean: Are you ready for that?

Colby: Are you?


Colby gets up and grabs a lighter, he flicks it on and off. Colby starts to have another flashback


Colby: I'm sorry

Willow: Do you love me?

Colby: Yes of course I do. You know this

Willow: and Dean?

Colby: Yeah him too

Willow: Who do you want?

Colby: I don't know!

Willow: You have to figure it out!

Colby: I know that! You, Me and Dean we all have so much history! So much to say to another! So much to fight for!

Willow: I know but if you care about me at all, you will chose you can't just stay in limbo

Colby: wait so I chose you and what lose Dean? or Vice versa?

Willow: We will always be friends, nothing will change that! but I need to know where I stand!

Colby: Give me some time

Willow: Ok you have a week

Colby: Will... I love you

Willow: I love you too


Colby and Willow kiss


Colby drops the lighter and a fire starts, he quickly grabs a fire extinguisher and quickly puts out the small flame, he looks at the burnt ground and bails from the house.

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3 hours ago, ~JarlieFanEver~ said:

Interesting start to this story :) Can't wait for more 

Glad you liked it. I’ll update soon.

36 minutes ago, sallyandflynnfan said:

interesting starts

cant wait for more

Hope Colby and Willow get together

update soon

Glad you liked it. Team Colby/Willow for you :wink: I’ll update soon.

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3 hours ago, Kristen said:

Great chapter 

interesting that Willow is interested in both Colby and Dean 

Update again soon :)

Is she though? This is Colby’s story :wink:

2 hours ago, KKB said:

Great Chap

Intresting that both Dean and Colby have feelings for Willow

Team Colby

Update soon

Yes. And another for team Colby :wink:

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7 hours ago, D.B said:

A really great interesting start, I honestly haven't really thought of Willow and Colby as a couple, but it has a lot of potential. I look forward to see where you go with this. 🙂

Team Colby seems to be winning this :wink: Thanks and yeah I’ve been a bit busy but will update as soon as I can.

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