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A Precious Life Taken Too Soon


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Title of story: A Precious Life Taken Too Soon

Type of Fic: Medium-Long

BTTB Rating: 

Main Characters: Joel Nash Nat Nash Gypsy Nash Tom Nash 

Genre: Tragedy and Family

Does it contains spoilers: No

Warnings: This story contains death

Story beginning read-proofed?: No

Summary: What if Natalie Nash discovers her and Joel's three month old daughter isn't breathing and they get told she died of SIDS. The aftermath will be included.


Chapter 1-The Discovery

Joel was downstairs watching a game of cricket when all of a sudden he heard his Nat yell out to him.

"Joel come quickly". Natalie yelled out to him in worry.

"Where are you". Joel then yelled back.

"Kayla's bedroom". Nat told him referring to their three month old daughter.

"What is it". Joel asked walking in a couple of minutes later.

"She's not breathing". Natalie said crying.

"Call the ambulance". Joel told his wife.

"They said they will be five minutes away".

"Ok". Joel said holding his daughter tightly

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Chapter 2-The Conformation

Five minutes after Joel was directing the paramedics to where his wife and daughter were.

"She's still warm and there's no heartbeat". The female paramedic told her colleague.

"I'm so sorry Mr and Mrs Nash we did everything we could". The other paramedic told them.

"This is your fault Natalie". Joel yelled at his wife.

"Its nobody's fault". One of the paramedics tell him.

"What this just happens". Natalie asks the paramedics.

"Unfortunately yes". The other paramedic responded as Mike Carter walked in.

"I'm so sorry Joel". Mike told his colleague.

"Thanks". Joel says bluntly and picks his daughter up.

"Sorry Mike he's taken it harder than I am". Nat tells her husbands colleague.

"Its ok I know he has a special bond with her I could tell when he brought her to work". Mike then tells Nat

"Its time for us to take her now". One of the paramedics told Joel tapping him on the shoulder.

"Ok". Joel said handing Kayla to Nat and leaving the bedroom.

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2 minutes ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Interesting if slightly traumatic start, looking forward to seeing where you take it.

Yeah it was a traumatic start and I'm glad your looking forward to see where I take this

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15 minutes ago, ~JarlieFanEver~ said:

Interesting but traumatic start to this fanfiction. Looking forwards to the next chapter.

Yeah it sure was a traumatic start and I'm glad your looking forward to the next chapter

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5 minutes ago, JosieTash said:

Get the feeling this is going to be a REALLY emotional journey. Looking fwd to seeing how Gypsy reacts/is involved in this fic.


I liked the [shocked, brainless] human-ness of "This is your fault Natalie". Joel yelled at his wife.  

It sure is going to be an emotional journey. Gypsy is in the next chapter and you will have to wait to see.

I'm glad you liked it was cool to write and that shocked brainless and humanness was what I was aiming for.

Check here tomorrow night and I new chap will be up

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Chapter 3-The Siblings Find Out

Gypsy was walking along the beach during a free period and spotted Joel standing pretty close to the edge of the rocks on the point. So she walked over there.

"Hey Dad". Gypsy says tapping her fathers shoulder.

"Hey shouldn't you be at school". Joel asks his daughter standing as still as he could.

"No free period shouldn't you be enjoying your day off and time with Kayla". Gypsy asks her father.

"Your going to find out sooner or later so I may as well tell you". Joel said then suddenly stopping and turning around to his only daughter now.

"Dad your scaring me what is". Gypsy asks her father.

"It's Kayla she died this morning". Joel told his daughter as tears came out of his eyes.

"What how". Gypsy asks her father as tears came rolling down her face.

"We don't know they think its most likely SIDS". Joel than told his daughter.

"I cant believe it she was fine when Tom and I left this morning". Gypsy tells her father moving closer to him.

"Neither can I". Joel says pulling his daughter in for a hug.


Tom was walking up to the Summer Bay House and when got closer he saw an ambulance and police outside and he then walked inside.

"Mum I saw the ambulance and police car outside what's going on". Tom asks his mother as he came in.

"Tom there's being some bad news Kayla died this morning of SIDS". Nat told her son.

"Oh my goodness I cant believe this". Tom said pulling his mother in for a hug.

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