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  1. Curtis and Shannon had a dog when they first came to the bay
  2. Dose anyone know if her character is a regular or guest?
  3. Thanks. I thought they had someone else in mind to play Pippa and they either knocked it back or recast and Vanessa got the role
  4. Didn’t Jackie knock the role back because she got the role as Susan Kennedy (sp?) on Neighbours? Or am I remembering wrong
  5. I wonder if Izzy will bring her daughter (can’t remember her name) with her
  6. I agree. Tori seems to want a boyfriend for the sake of having a boyfriend to me. I don’t ever remembering Hannah standing up for herself either
  7. Yes, I somewhat agree with this Yeah, I figured he would have aged out of the system by then and there would have been really nothing Tom or Pippa could have done about it
  8. Yeah true. If Tom hadn’t have been killed off it would have been interesting to see how Tom would have reacted to a Sally/Jack relationship
  9. Michael never really liked Jack. And since Sally and Jack were living under the same roof and under the age of 18. I’d assume Frank and Bobby were over 18 and not living under the same roof at the time.
  10. Great chapters. @ Kyle being Luc’s father. Update soon
  11. Didn’t Sarah repeat or am I remembering wrong??
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