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Kelly/Travis/Steven Love Triangle?


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Not really a fan of Kelly, I don't think she has the best acting skills, and seems to be quite immature.  

Earlier in the season she had been taking pills to cope, but then that seems to suddenly have been forgotten and not mentioned again?  

Cant really warm to travis either, I do like Steven though.

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I think Kelly is the quintessential nurturing character of the Bay. Katrina Hobbs has natural grace as an actress.

Travis, on the other hand, should shower more often. I can almost smell his fish through the TV.

And Steven needs to stop wearing those terribly daggy shirts.

He has nice puppy dog eyes, though. 

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Stevo Matheson and Ryan Giggs  = Separated at birth?

Think about it, They both were born in 1973 and had concurrent hairstyles that matched each other! :lol:

I don't know why but I like their setup for some reason.

Three is a magic number, no more, no less, it's a magic number!


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