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Would Georgie Parker have worked as 80s Roo?


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I have started watching some old episodes of A Country Practice and when Georgie Parker first arrived, Justine Clarke was still playing Roo over on Home and Away. It's hard to imagine they would both later play the same character. While I could see Justine Clarke playing Roo in the 2000s, I struggle to picture Georgie playing Roo in the 1980s.


Roo is essentially a new character now with very little of her personality remaining from the 1980s, so Georgie does a good job of playing her now, but Georgie is 7 years older than Justine (so she wouldn't have been convincing playing a teenager in the 1980s) and also because Georgie very rarely plays scheming and bitchy characters.


For anyone that watched All Saints, Justine and Georgie appeared together for about 30 episodes or so in 1998-1999, and watching now, it does feel a bit strange seeing them onscreen together.

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Of course she could have done a rebellion teen act, but she was a bit too old for the role in those days - maybe - but she wasn't any older than the teen actors are today, and she has always looked younger than she is.

And Roo has changed? Why shouldn't she?!?  She isn't a teenager anymore. She is meant to be in the mid 40's. 

I actually think that the complaints from fans about this change has ruined the character. Because she was such a great character when she returned in 2010 season, but then the complaints came - and then the writers tried to change her... we got her in endless nonsense discussions with Harvey and she didn't exactly behaved the way a woman in the forties does. And after Harvey, well she has become a little better but still not the character she should have been. 

And twisting the question a bit.... The first actress could have played a more adult and quiet, but still a "confused" and immature Roo as she is now. The first actress is in her mid 40's. 

I think the fans should let the characters grow... When they are absent from the screen for more than 20 years, then they will change. As real persons do in 20 years of time. I am about Roo's age, and I certainly behaving very different from when I was 18! 


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At the risk of going off topic, I disagree with the idea of Roo having very little of her personality left from the 80s.She seems 100% consistent with the professional woman that Roo was when we last saw her and if Justine Clarke was still playing her then I think people wouldn't think she was that different, in much the same way that Marilyn is very different from what she was like in 1989 but the consistent casting smooths it over.

Georgie Parker as Roo in the 80s? As others have said, she's significantly older than the original (which has created a bit of confusion in recent years with Roo's age varying wildly at one point).I guess there is the point that 20-somethings playing teenagers is now the standard.And actors do sometimes go back to playing teen parts even when they've played adult roles elsewhere.Possibly she could have pulled it off.

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