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Spoiler alert Kate Ramsay Neighbours return Promo


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I saw this earlier and it's a joke as Olympia says at the end kidding April fools.

Sorry if you knew that already and like Dan said you probably did.

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I saw this earleir and it's a joke as Olympia says at the end kidding April fools.

Pretty sure the original poster was aware of that....

I can think of one fan who'll refuse to believe it's a joke though - hopefully they've done it just to annoy her, even if it does open up a can of worms :wink:

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Greeting All. Although I left the fourms I had to come back and address this post. I appricate those who still speak to me on FB and other sites.

Dan I know who you are taking about. I tried to help her on other forums before I left. She asked me for my passwords so she could view the N forum I had access to at the time and I told her I would not even though I had issues and left too. I reported that to them and I hear she has tried to get back onto others. She was so upset she unfriended me on FB. I wished I could have helped but she didnt want to take my advice. Yet Im mad at N and the actors for teasing they would be back knowing they are not. One reason I didnt fight for my heroes to come back is the 6 stars I liked all left becasue it was their personal decision expect we know what happen to Kym/Libby. I told her not to take such PR as fact and yet with mark coming back she felt that was her doing!!!!

I have mixed feelings its wrong to annoy her and open up a can of worms yet it would. i lost friends and accessa s well yet I hear things now and then.

Its easy to put down fans like her yet think if it was you treated that way. What wrong with N and other shows well one Im mad at how Fans are treated now and She an example yet she was out of line saying she would go to America and force kate to go back to Neighbours. Hey Actors have stlaker lists! You can be politie as ask them to come back but not say that.

Although I left the fandoms I have nice things to say about H&A and Sydney so I wish all well and may come back later?

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