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Days Go By


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I wasn't expecting it to be Kat who found Kyle so that was a great twist.

I multi-ship Kyle with a lot of people so the kyle/kat shipper in me was delighted by that twist :), while the kyle/billie shipper was disappointed :(.

Looking forward to the next chapter. Excited to see the story continue to develop.

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Katarina woke to a knocking her door she looked at a sleeping Kyle laying next to her. She got and put a robe on and the door.

"Hi" she said to Billie and Ash

"Hey, have you seen Kyle" Ash asked

"No" she lied "can't help you" she told them "sorry" she added

"That's ok, it's just Phoebe's really stressed she hasn't seen him since court yesterday" Ash told her

"I'm sorry I can't help you" she told them shutting the door.

She leaned against the door and tucked her hair behind her ears and sighed then looked at Kyle the the most innocent she'd seen him look she then walked outside

"Wait" she called

Ash and Billie turned around

Let me make some calls and I'll even drive around see if I can find him" she told them

Billie looked over Katarina's shoulder to see Kyle getting dressed as he came out of the caravan.

"Looks like you won't have to look too far" Billie told her

"Thought you hadn't seen him" she smirked


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"Hey I've been so worried" Phoebe said hugging Kyle

"I found him early this morning" Ash lied

Kyle was giving Ash a death stare

"You smell really bad, I'm gonna run a shower for you" Phoebe said

"I did ask for you to lie to me" Kyle said to Ash

"Phoebe doesn't deserve to get hurt just because you can't keep your dick in your pants, she a nice girl Kyle Ash spat

"You don't get to judge, I've seen the way you look at her" Kyle sneered

Ash shook his head

"What would Brax make of this?" Ash told him

"Don't you mention his name, if it wasn't for he wouldn't be where he is" Kyle snapped

"Kyle" Phoebe interrupted

Kyle headed towards the shower

"He didn't mean that" Phoebe said

She leaned against the couch

"You ok" Ash asked

"No, I'm not" she replied

"I'm pregnant" she told him

"Does Kyle know" Ash asked

"I don't know how to tell him, with everything that's going on I don't know how" she said


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