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  1. The promo for All or Nothing is so good and intense. I can't pick what's going to happen but will be worrying until I know Kyle is safe and well whether that be still in prison or a miraculous release from prison by the end of the special.
  2. Kyle was so isolated from everyone who was non-Braxton related. I've always been annoyed that his early interaction/friend-like relationship with Leah and Zac when they all lived together got dropped. He appeared right at the end of H&A: Revenge!! Can't wait until All or Nothing is out it looks like it's going to be intense.
  3. I thought there was room to explore a bond between Kyle and Oscar/Evie after they all got kidnapped together by the twins father. Afterall Kyle did risk himself to try save them but nope instead we got Andy bonding with Oscar just because he was dating Hannah. Huge missed opportunity right there for non-Braxton relationships that he could've had.
  4. I agree, Kyle was severly underused and the show dropped the ball on many storyline opportunies regarding his non-Braxton family background and his time in fostercare (huge missed opportunity there considering the shows long history of fostercare characters). I really thought that once Kyle was the sole remaining Braxton that Nic would finally get a proper chance to shine with some bigger storylines and a wider range of screentime with different characters but instead he got shelved and the storylines were given to unliked characters (Ash, Phoebe, etc.).
  5. The date I've heard Dance Academy movie will be out is late March 2017.
  6. Best newbie coming from the Morgan's! I'm so intrigued by the hallucinations he was having after the crash. Can't wait to see what will come from that conversation (that I assume was his parents) he was remembering when he was waking up post-surgery.
  7. Haven't read the first story but omg this is so good.
  8. I'm loving Brody too. Can't wait to see what's to come for him. I agree so far he's played peacemaker very well when Justin is causing agro. I'd like to see more of Brody/Tori together. In a shocking turn of events (shock of the century for me ) he's actually made Phoebe come across as bearable when they interact.
  9. I loved watching him take charge with Josh and Katrina.
  10. ^Oh yes the not being able to sing SL that was immediately made all about Phoebe and then forgotten about a week later.
  11. I love him but that was completely insane discharging himself from the hospital. Phoebe shouldn't have told him because she knows how he gets about protecting Brax. He would do anything to help Brax including jeopardize his own recovery. I'm sick of how the writers portray Kyle as though he exists only to revolve around Brax or Phoebe and what they are currently doing. They've put more focus in 1year of giving Phoebe storylines than what they've ever bothered to do storyline wise for him over 2years. It could be my imagination but the writers don't seem to care about or think of storylines that they could use him in. Hopefully if the Kyle and Billie romance rumours are true they will find a fresh storyline for him and finally put him in a relationship that he doesn't have to compromise himself to make work and it actually be a partnership that has give & take.
  12. Could someone do a Kyle/Billie fanfic?
  13. Head injury last year, cardiac arrest almost dying this year and he is out of the hospital within 1-2 weeks each time. That's fast recovery time.
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