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  1. Awesome fanfic, you should make this ones hit into a long fanfic. It has potential.
  2. I really don't get all the Phoebe hate, sure she acted hastily when she found out about Kyle but who wouldn't and she's a hell of a lot more likeable than other female characters on the show (Hannah, Maddy, Evie).
  3. I gotta feel sorry for Kyle. His mother died at an early age, his father messed with his head in order to get him to do what he wanted, his ex-girlfriend used him and ran back to her ex (his brother) and his older brother who he looks up to was sent to prison for 10 - 15 years.
  4. Could Kyle's storyline involve Robyn being pregnant because seeing as though it was random I imagine it was unprotected sex and seeing as though it was a one night stand the news that she's pregnant may knock Kyle a bit seeing as though he barely knew his own father.
  5. it is Robyn she sleeps with Kyle to make Chris jealous bout it doesn't work, while he sleeps with her to get over Tamara.
  6. I could see something romantic between them two, and I know he is like what 6-7 years older? But you know, in Home And Away there is always something that stops people from getting together at first. It's a classic soap opera twist. Brax and Charlie- Cop/Criminal Brax and Natalie- Charlie Brax and Ricky- Adam Casey and Tamara- Sasha Kyle and Tamara- Casey (and now again) Casey and Tamara- Kyle Sasha and Spencer- Maddy I could go on forever. But I won't. :-) Thank you for clearing that up about Kyle's mum.
  7. I might have missed this, but when has it ever said she was dead?
  8. I absolutely hate this character. she's completely pointless and boring and has brought nothing positive to the show at all. All she does is pine after Casey and no interactions with any other character, even the actress looks bored playing her. come on writers give her something useful and associate her with other characters or do us all a favour and just get rid of her.
  9. I know what you mean, i really want Romeo and Nicole to be a couple.
  10. No, you're not alone. I got that feeling too, Amanda never said all that much about him and she did say when she was talking to Macca about his drug addiction, that Belle's dad went through the same sort of thing.
  11. i was watching the full first season of Rush the other night and i couldn't get over how hot Tim was on that too.
  12. I KNOW, i though they were great and Pat was sooooooooo cute and she had spark with him. And was way more free sprited. Now she's with Xavier she's kinda gone boring.
  13. i like him it would be very hard for the actor to play a role like that hated Xavier for trying to hide him from his friends that selfish
  14. in the tv week it say there is a possibility that he'll return i hope so he was the best guest chacter since Jazz and Rocco he was hot and sweet i loved his little boy bed hair
  15. does anyone else think she looks like the chick from Wolf Creek and Underbelly
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