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Days Go By


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It was the day of Brax's court case and Brax, Ricky, Kyle all stood in the lounge room

Phoebe came out putting her shoes on

"Hey, can I talk to you" Brax said to Kyle

"Sure" Kyle replied and they walked out the back

Ricky looked at Phoebe and Phoebe shrugged

Once Brax and Kyle were outside Brax turned to Kyle.

"If things go bad today, promise me you'll look after Ricky and the baby" Brax said

"Brax, don't think like that" Kyle replied

"I'm looking at 20 years, I need to know they'll be ok, If I get locked up for that long, or even if it's just 6 years" Brax told him

Kyle nodded not looking at his older brother

"Ok" he finally said

"Thank you" Brax replied

Kyle reached out and hugged him

"Hey this is gettin weird now come on" Brax said

He realised Kyle was crying

"Hey it's ok" Brax said

"Ricky's not the only one who can lose you Brax, you've ben like a dad to me" Kyle told him

"Hey, let's get go were gonna be late" Ricky yelled from the back door


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Phoebe stood at the sink calling Kyle again, she hadn't seen him since the court case earlier that day, which didn't nad how they'd hoped.

She turned around when she heard a knock on the door

"Phoebe right" Billie said

"Yeah, you're Ash's sister right" Phoebe replied

Billie gave her a smile

"Ash told me what happened I just came to check if Ricky and Kyle were ok" Billie said part of that was true.

"Ricky's staying with Brax's mum, and I haven't seen Kyle since court he won't even answer my calls" Phoebe told her

Billie saw this as a good sign for her behalf, not Phoebe's

"I can go and have a look around if you want" Billie said

"That'd be great I can stay here i case he decides to come home, thankyou so much" Phoebe told her

"Not a problem" Billie replied

"Call me if you find him" Phoebe said


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Kyle sat on the beach with a bottle of whiskey, tears ran down his cheek as his phone rang again he didn't bother to check it. He knew it'd be Phoebe and he didn't want her to see him like this.

"You ok" a female voice asked

Kyle turned to see Katarina

"What do you want" he asked

"We've had a few calls about a drunk man on the beach" she told him

"Stiff s**t" he replied

"Go home Mr. Braxton" she told him

"I can't go back to that house" he mumbled

She bent down and took the bottle off him he tried to hang on to it but her grip too tight"

"Get up" she said helping him up

"What are you doing" he slurred

"You can stay with me tonight" she told him

"Hold up, I got a girlfriend" he slurred again

"It's not that kinda sleepover" she said


Katarina helped Kyle into her caravan

"You alright" she asked

"Gonna be sick" Kyle said going back outside

She watched him come back in.

He sat down

"I've lost everyone" he told her "my entire life, I've wanted a family and now it's all gone" Kyle cried

She put her arms around him

"I'm sorry" she said not knowing what else to say

He kissed her softly the quickly stopped

"Sorry I shouldn't have done that" he said standing up

"Hey" she said grabbing his hand and standing next to him and then kissed him back


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