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Days Go By


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Title: days go by

Type of story: long Fic

Genre: drama

Rating: A

Characters: Ash, Billie, Kyle, Phoebe, Brax, Ricky, OC'S

Warnings: language, violence, adult themes

Spoilers: some

Plot: while Brax is facing jail for Dean's murder, Billie shows up in summer bay


Brax, Ash and Kyle sat around a table at Angelo's talking and drinking beer

"So this is it mate, ya pleadin' guilty" Ash said

"I gotta, I gotta be here when my kid is born" Brax replied

Kyle put his still half full bottle of beer on the table

"I'm outta here" Kyle told him

He walked through the exit and down the stairs when he noticed a girl with light brown hair in her early 20s walking up the stairs.

"We're closed" he said walking passed her

"That's a shame, I could've used someone to drink with" she replied turning around around checking out his butt as he kept walking

She continued to walk up the stairs and stopped in the doorway

She spotted Brax and Ash and dropped her bag so it would make a loud noise

"I hear you've been looking for me" she said to Ash

"Billie" Ash grinned getting up to hug her

"What are you doing here" he asked her

"Some folks in Newcastle said you showed up looking for me" she told him pulling away from him

"So is this him" she asked

Ash frowned

"The guy who killed Dean, is this him" she asked


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Ash and Billie stood out on the balcony

"Brax didn't kill Dean" Ash told her

"Then who did and please don't say you" she replied

"No, it wasn't me either" he assured her

"Then who?, and why do the police think he did it" she asked

"It was Sam, a bartender you used to work with" Ash told her

"Sam, you expect me to believe that" Billie said

"Are we really back here again" Ash asked

"Are you gonna keep throwing that in my face" she argued

Ash looked down

"If Sam did it then why do the police think he did it" Billie asked

"Brax's fingerprints were found on the shovel used to kill him, Brax dug up the money me and Dean got from the robbery" Ash told her

"So all this time, not only was he lying to me and using me to save his own skin, he still had the money and was probably laughing behind my back" she said and headed back into the restaurant

"And i should be the one saying sorry" she turned and said

"You were a kid, you were in love" he smiled

"I was stupid" she added


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Kyle walked into the kitchen grabbing what he needed for work.

"Hold up, mate" Brax called

Kyle rolled his eyes and turned to face him

"You ok, you seemed kinda distant last night" Brax asked

Kyle grunted and went to turn around

"Hey, talk to me" Brax said grabbing Kyle's arm

"What's the point you won't be here much longer" Kyle snapped shaking Brax's arm off

Brax looked at him shocked

"All my life, I wanted a family and now that's turned to ****" Kyle said

"I'm sorry, l let you down" Brax told him

Kyle just walked out the door


Ash was putting down chairs at Angelo's while Billie sat on one of the tables

"So what's the deal with the guy that was here last night" Billie asked

"Who Brax?" Ash frowned

"No the other, the hot broody one who was leaving as I arrived" she replied

"The other one" Ash said quietly thinking who she could be talking about

"Sorry, I would've been here earlier but Brax wanted to have a moment" Kyle entering the room

Ash noticed Billie's eyes light up as Kyle walked behind the bar

"I knew I'd see you again if I hung around here long enough" Billie said to Kyle

"Well that's kind of inevitable as I do work here" he replied

She noticed his tattoo

"All or nothing, what does that mean" she asked

"Long story" he replied

"I've got all the time in the world plus the views not bad" she said

Kyle looked up at her

"Who are you" he asked

"Billie" she replied

"Wait, your Billie" he said to Ash

"That's her" Ash said

"Well, now it all makes sense" Kyle said and walked into the kitchen

Billie turned to see Ash looking at her

"What" she asked

"Don't go there" he replied


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