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Australia Day honours:


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Australia Day honours: Judy Nunn, actress and author, awarded AM

Date January 26, 2015 - 12:15AM

Kylie Northover

The international sales of Judy Nunn's books, all of them set in Australia, make her something of an ambassador, she says.

Judy Nunn has had a varied career from stage to screen to internationally acclaimed best-selling novelist, but the 69-year-old was taken aback to be awarded an AM in this year's Australia Day Honours.

Her husband, actor and novelist Bruce Venables, had known about the award for some time, but Nunn had no inkling it was coming.

"Not remotely," she says on the phone from her central NSW coast home.

"And he's known for two years! The machinations behind it all - from the applications to the people who act as referees, to someone mulling it over and then sending to off to the Queen for a signature - actually takes that long to happen. He's not good at secrets so it's quite extraordinary!"


Judy Nunn, AM.

Nunn was awarded the AM for "significant service to the performing arts as a scriptwriter and actor of stage and screen, and to literature as an author".

Nunn, who grew up in Perth, began her acting career on the stage in the early 1970s. After working in London for a several years she returned to Australia where she became a staple on television soaps like The Box,Prisoner, Sons and Daughters and, of course,Home And Away, in which she played Ailsa Stewart from 1998-2000.

In the 1980s she began writing, first penning two children's books, Eye in the Storm and Eye in the City, before carving out a niche with Australian historically based fiction - to date she has written 12 bestsellers, and is working on her 13th.

Her novels sell around the world and her work is particularly popular in Europe.

"I'm not trying to play it overly humble - I'm deeply honoured and I love it of course - but part of me is a bit mystified," she says of her award.

"I think the 12 books I've written, over a period of 24 years, are literally all Australian-based, with a bent to historical Australia and ... they've sold well overseas as well so I think there's that element of being a bit of an ambassador," she says.

Her work as an actor and, she says, her involvement with various charitable bodies have also contributed to her recognition.

"I've loved each of my careers and I've managed to achieve a good living and had success in all of them," she says.

"I've been lucky and fortunate and this award is a great honour."

Source: http://www.smh.com.au/national/australia-day-honours-judy-nunn-actress-and-author-awarded-am-20150125-12uxk9.html

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Just by looking at that picture i can sense she is a warm and nice person :) Gratulation to her :)

I met Judy Nunn a couple of years ago and she is a very nice person!.

She really is someone that listens to you!.

How did you get to meet her?

At one of the book talks she does.

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