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"New Idea" Magazine Article - Kyle Pryor


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Home and Away's Kyle Pryor has Hollywood in his sights


Move over, Daniel Craig! Home and Away hunk Kyle Pryor is about to hit Hollywood – and we can’t wait!

New Idea December 1, 2014, 7:29 am

Kyle Pryor opens up about his plans for the future in this week's New Idea, on sale now. Photo: New Idea

Home and Away’s Kyle Pryor has it all – the British accent and brooding good looks. The action man even rides a motorbike and has a black belt in taekwondo!

Now, with his character Dr Nate Cooper’s life hanging in the balance after a shock car crash in this season’s cliffhanger, could Kyle be leaving Summer Bay to become Hollywood’s hottest new action star?

The actor is the first to admit Tinseltown is in his sights – and he’d love to take on a big action role such as Iron Man or Thor, or even British spy James Bond.

"I would love to land a lead in a Marvel feature," Kyle tells New Idea.

"James Bond would be nice too. I have kayaking skills, so maybe they could write that in!"

Source: https://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/new-idea/news/a/25650743/home-and-aways-kyle-pryor-has-hollywood-in-his-sights/

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Interesting to know the kayaking thing is also a Kyle thing as well as a Nate thing.Obviously he has Hollywood in his sights but I hope he doesn't leave anytime soon.Nate's one of the few characters I actually care about at the moment.Thanks for posting.

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Hm... Kyle Prior has the Hollywood looks, well and right build, tall, and he has the charming look in the eye. There haven't been an actor like this on the show since Chris Hemsworth. He is probably not quite in Hemsworth's league (because not many are!), but coming closest of all the men who as appeared on the show after 2006. He has also a good portion of talent. I like how he plays Nate, calm and not so forced as some actors are. But the character is terribly written sometimes, unfortunately.

Good look to him, if someone is going to crack the Hollywood code it will be him!

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