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  1. Hi Ludub, am a bit defensive where Brax is concerned as he was by far my favourite - you are quite right sadly people do just disappear in real life, but I just hate the thought of him not being back with his family. As you say although I can make up my own ending for him it isn't quite the same, but that's just me. As I said before did enjoy your story it was so well written and really held the attention, must have been very time consuming - felt so sorry for Kyle and Josh two characters I was also fond of - actually it is first thing I have read on here so will have to look in more often
  2. Just caught up, great writing really enjoyed it - thank you. Unfortunately I do care about what happened to Brax, so will use my own imagination as to how he got back to Ricky and little Casey which no doubt he would have done in time.
  3. Thanks again Ludub for another enthralling chapter, have only just caught up. I would be surprised if we have really seen the end of Heath - I have the feeling he will reappear with a very sore head, it is only a shallow grave after all. Feel so sorry for Kyle and Josh, they will be so scarred for life by what they have been through and would need years of counselling - that is if they even survive. Sad about Dimitri but he wasn't much help to them anyway, they say worms will turn and Mark certainly did poor soul - at least that's one monster out of the way and who wont be troubling
  4. Another great chapter Ludub well worth waiting for, you really are brilliant at keeping up the suspense - cant wait for the next instalment.
  5. Another chapter worth waiting for - really feel for Kyle and Josh, would take a lot of therapy and time to get over the ordeals they have been through during their time in prison. Hope things turn out well for Heath, but Kat getting involved is a bit frightening. Am looking forward to next instalment - appreciate your time and effort.
  6. Have just caught up as haven't really looked on here before but found this a compelling read from the start. One or two things I have found a bit hard to take but I think you are doing a great job. Looking forward to whatever happens next thank-you.
  7. Think he was far too good for Phoebe really but if that was his choice then I could accept it, but couldn't see him staying.
  8. I think its to do with sport being shown on a Friday
  9. I find it a bit rich for someone who has openly stated they would like to see 'a certain couple' die in a car crash, then turn round and criticise someone else for having strong feelings about another character. We all have characters we like and some we don't, its a free world and the 'holier than thou attitude' is not warranted.
  10. No matter how good Kyle Pryor's storylines were he could never be convincing, the problem with him is he is just a poor actor with no presence whatsoever.
  11. Love Brax always have and am not the only one judging by the amount of comments on other forums, facebook, twitter etc. this forum has always been predominately anti Brax/Braxtons. Not saying he is in anyway perfect but then who is, I just feel he is always being demonised on here whereas others get away with 'murder ' i.e. bus crash caused by somebody driving like an idiot who comes out of it as a 'saint' saving lives - no mention of the fatality, just think of the cry for blood there would have been if that had been Brax driving - people on here would have wanted him hung, drawn and quarte
  12. Steve would say he was happy with the ending, he can't very well say anything else it would sound like sour grapes on his part otherwise. It is obvious he wont be back anytime soon, but they have left an opening for him and who knows what may happen in about 12 months time or so.
  13. Brax for me was the best character on the show, Steve portrayed him brilliantly - loved him.
  14. Although I doubt it, I really hope Steve does come back at a later date the sooner the better for me. In the real world a true community consists of all different types of individuals not just saints. I have watched H & A for a long time and must say the Braxton stories have been the only ones where I have ensured I never missed an episode. Steve has been fantastic through out, loved the character and the way he has portrayed it - he might not be appreciated on this forum but there are plenty of places where he is. So pleased to see Steve got another award, he thoroughly deserves
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