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Just The Girl

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Title: Just The Girl
Type of Story: Medium/Long Fic
Characters: Sasha, Matt, Spencer, Maddy & Josh.
BTTB Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Drama
Spoilers: No
Warnings: L, VD
Summary: Sasha is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Spencer who has Bipolar Disorder. They are a close group with Maddy and Josh, but they don't know what's happening. When Mangrove River merge with Summer Bay High, Sasha meets Matt Paige. He's confident and cocky but is there more than meets the eye?


Sasha and Maddy sat in the diner, it was Sunday night. They sipped casually on milkshakes and giggled over their hamburgers. There was some level of buzz about all the students of Summer Bay High, for tomorrow they would merge with Mangrove River, another local school, were the kids were a little more rough and ready, than those of Summer Bay.

"I wonder if there will be any hot guys?" giggled Maddy, as she eyed the counter at Irene's diner. She twirled her pretty blonde hair around her finger, catching the gaze of a guy with long dark brown hair.

"Evening Ladies!" the girls heard a voice and looked up to be met with a tall guy, with dark eyes and wavy mid length hair.

"Matt Paige...at your service." he said, bowing to the girls. His eyes were leering over both of them in turn before he stopped on Sasha. "And you are?" he held out his hand and she slowly went to shake it. Matt quickly bent down and kissed her hand, a cheeky smile on his face.

"I'm out of your league. Gross." spat Sasha, slightly annoyed. She knew the Mangrove River kids were only ever here to cause trouble. The girls got up and gathered their things. "See you in the morning beautiful!" Matt called after her, and he laughed along with his cronies.


In my head I could hear the distant ringing of the alarm. I slowly manvoured around in bed, searching for the clock. I knocked it onto the floor and slowly opened my eyes. Monday. Hmph. It was 7.00am and Spencer would be here in exactly an hour, no earlier, no later. I jumped into the shower and let the warm water rush over me, today was a whole new day at Summer Bay High, 200 new students, the thought of it was somewhat scary.

I pulled out my Summer Bay dress and slipped it over my head. It was a little short, my sister Indi had shortened it before she moved away. I matched it with my beat up white Converse trainers, then set to work on my hair. I carefully curled it, pinning back a small section.

I bounced into the living room where my brother Dex, was still awake from the night before finishing his university work. "Must. Finish. Work." he said in a monotone voice, sipping on what I could only guess was his fifth cup of coffee. I took some orange juice from the fridge and took a small sip, grabbed a banana and right on time.....

Spencer let himself in and was standing in the front room. "Morning Dex!" he smiled chirpily. "Ready?" he asked me, tugging a little harder than necessary on arm. "Uh-huh." I said, following him out, and we made our way to the bus stop. Spencer lived a lot closer to town than I did, but he walked to pick me up every morning. He told me it was to "keep me safe" but a part of me knows it's because he can't stand the thought of me doing anything on my own.


I stepped off the school bus with the boys and we eyed our new surroundings suspiciously. "Hello Summer Bay High!" I said, looking around at all the students who eyed us, cautiously. Me, Josh and the rest of the guys, stood by the gates talking, waiting for the bell to ring.

The students here are different, more prim and proper and wearing regulation uniforms, all neat and tidy. Nobody looks out of place, except us. I looked down at my beat up jeans, old school shirt and loose tie. I pulled my skating hoodie up, over my head and skated up and down the school entrance wall, pulling tricks as all the guys cheered.

Then I saw her, she stepped off the school bus. The same girl I had seen last night, with the dark hair and eyes, the piercings, the cool sneakers. She was with the tall blonde girl, and they were giggling and walking hurriedly into school. I stuck my skateboard out infront of her quickly.

"Me again." I sneered. She rolled her eyes. Stuck up chicks eh? "Yes?" she asked, raising her eyebrow. "Morning beautiful!" I say, laughing. She rolls her eyes again. "Drop dead." she says simply, and attempts to step around me, only I'm quicker.

"You wouldn't want that really..." I tease, taking a step closer to her. I don't even know this girls name, but she's some match for me. "Also that uniform looks a little shorter than regulation?" I joked, gesturing to the shortness of her dress.

"Your point?" she asked, her friend rolled her eyes and looked around impatiently. "I'm not complaining!" I shout and all the guys begin to cheer and laugh.

"Problem here?" I turn around and I'm met with some pretty boy's glare. He's shorter than I, with perfectly spiked hair, that he's clearly spent hours on. Tie straight and shirt tucked, and a Summer Bay High backpack slung on his shoulder. He took the girls bag from her hand and slung it around his shoulder then stretched out his arm and grabbed her tightly by the wrist. "Come on Sash, we're going..." and off she went.

She turned around one more time and met my gaze, a weird fear in her eyes.

Let me know if you wanna hear more guys! x

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It was 3.00 pm and Sasha stood waiting patiently by her locker. Spencer met her here every day at precisely 3.00 pm, the upside to Spencer was he offered her the support and love she needed but the down side was his insecurities and paranoia. Just at that second Spencer came bounding towards her, and scooped her in for an overly inappropriate make-out session in the busy corridor, full of bustling students.

"Hey, Spencer, um..." Sasha spoke coyly, as she attempted to wriggle from Spencer's grasp. She wasn't a fan of PDA by any means. Spencer reached further towards the hem of her dress, pulling at it playfully as Sasha slowly pulled away. "What is with you?" he snapped, stepping back, and banging his hand down on the mental lockers. Sasha jumped, her eyes turning into those of a puppy.

"Looks like she's not interested mate!" called a increasingly familiar voice. They turned to see Matt Page, resting causally against the lockers. Spencer immediately faced up to him, moving closer, aggression in his eyes. Sasha tugged softly on his arm, "Come on Spence, let's just go...okay?" she asked, slowly pulling him towards the door. She looked back catching Matt's eye. "Call me?" he mouthed, a cheeky smile on his face.


The sun was beating down harshly on my skin as I lay and soaked up the summer rays after school. Monday always meant going to the beach with Maddy, reading magazines, smoking cigarettes and sipping beer on the sly whilst we topped up our tans. Maddy had on a cute pink gingham bikini, and her long blonde wavy hair was shoved up high in a bun. She took a swig of her beer. "You know that guy? Matt, isn't it?" she asked enticingly, poking my side. "Er yeah?" I nodded, pulling down my sunglasses to look her straight in the eye. "He's got some seriously hot friends!" she giggled flirtatiously. Maddy had always been the flirt, and I typically would just stand there feeling awkward. "His friend Josh sits behind me now in Science. He's so hot!" she gushed. "And Matt Page is totally into you!" she giggled again, lying back and laughing.

Matt seemed like a bit of an idiot in my opinion, overly confident and he was blatantly using the lines he'd used on me on every girl in school. "No, he's not. He probably flirts with everyone. He seems the type." I say, taking a cigarette from my box and placing it to my lips. We would always lie on a tiny secluded beach, where nobody could see us, we had stumbled along this little beach during a party one night, drunken rambling had brought us here. Our own personal paradise. And then suddenly I was rudely interrupted...

"Need a light?" and that same, deep and familiar voice boomed. I looked up from my sunglasses, whipping them off and putting them on my head. Matt held out a lighter, flicked the flame and held it over my cigarette, all the time watching my eyes intently. "Thanks." I mumbled, and quickly ensured that my new black and white polka dot bikini was still in place. "Sasha right?" he asked, popping himself down next to me. He kicked off his flip flops and pulled off an old, beat up looking grey t-shirt to reveal a muscular, toned body.

Ew, he's so obnoxious, and full of him self, and egotistic, and ever so slightly hot. Only slightly. Maybe just mid-warm, not hot. Hmph.

"Whats it to you?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. I turned to Maddy for support but watched as she mingled and chatted with some of the other guys, including Josh. "I need to know a girl's name if I'm gonna bum a smoke from her right?" he asked, giving me what was clearly his best cheesy grin. "Come on, you can't resist the charm!" he laughed, and I handed over my cigarettes.


It was around 10pm, and we were still stumbling around the beach. A few other guys from Mangrove had come down, including Ric, who had bought some music, and we were stumbling across the sand. Sasha's friend Maddy sat cosily on my mate Josh's lap. I could see him whispering in her ear, when I caught his eye and stumbled a little closer to give him a high five. Sasha sat on the sand, sipping on a beer, a cigarette in her hand. I bounded over, and offered my hand. "Fancy a swim?" I asked.

"It's freezing. Anyway I need to get going." Sasha stood up and began packing away her things. Something dropped from her pocket. I reached down and picked it up, a cell phone. "Wow, 27 missed calls from Spencer. What a loser." I stuttered, the ground seemed to be spinning faster than usual. Maybe that Vodka hadn't been the smartest choice. Sasha snatched the phone from my hands. "Oh crap. He's gonna kill me." She was clearly thinking out loud, and she shuffled off down the beach to call him. Loser.

"I'm home now, just jumping into bed. I love you too, bye." Sasha was whispering quietly into the phone. She spun around and met my gaze. I raised my eye brows. "Now, that's not the truth is it?" I smiled. "I really need to go..." Sasha shoved past me and made her way towards Maddy. I really didn't want her to leave.

I grabbed another beer from the cooler. "Look how much fun Maddy is having? Do you wanna ruin that?" I asked. I removed the lid and handed her the beer, which she slowly took. Now are you coming for a swim or what?" I asked, I pulled off my t-shirt again and watched as she slipped the loose fitting cover up over her head. She was gorgeous.

"Fine..." she mumbled and I ran towards the see with her stumbling behind me.

From then on it was all a blur, the drunk Sasha certainly seemed more carefree, than the uptight girl I had seen at school this morning. We swam around, laughing and splashing water and everyone joined us. I brushed past her in the water, gently grazing my hand against her side. She quickly jumped away, giving me the evil eyes.

Me and Sasha waited awkwardly as Josh and Maddy said their goodbyes. "They're really going for it aren't they?" chuckled Sash. "You know, we can do the same if you want?" I offered laughing. Sasha rolled her eyes, and shivered as the evening sea breeze blew in. I slipped off my hoodie and handed it to her. "Here..." I said, handing her the jacket. She just stared blankly into my face. "I don't have anything contagious." I laughed. "I can't take it. But thank you," she smiled, casting her eyes down. "That boyfriend of yours is a bit of a tool isn't he?" I asked, taking a step closer. Sasha shook her head, "No he's um...he's great." she nodded.

"Who are you trying to convince?" I smiled. I draped the hoodie around her shoulders. "Just give it me back when you can." I smiled and she smiled too.

She looked better in it than I ever did anyway....

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REALLY enjoying this !!!!!

Nice updating of Sasha's sitch [spencer being abusive rather than Stu] ...adn lines like this ......

I jumped into the shower and let the warm water rush over me, today was a whole new day at Summer Bay High, 200 new students, the thought of it was somewhat scary.

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Awh thank you so much for the lovely feedback my little sweethearts. I used to write quite a lot of fanfiction but never had anywhere to share it! So this is lovely :) I will update soon, as it's Good Friday here in England, we're all off work today! :) x


Matt blinked a few times, struggling to open his sleepy eyes. It was already 8.05am, he had missed his alarm and would be late for school. He lay there for a few seconds, reaching for his phone. He flicked through his missed calls, two from Josh, probably wondering where he was. He rolled over in his bed, sat up and peeked through the window. His dad's car was still there, he hadn't gone to work again. Just then he heard footsteps outside the door.

"You in there?" called a gruff voice, tapping the door harshly. Matt quickly jumped from his bed, searching busily for his school uniform. "Er, yeah Dad. I'll be gone in a second." Matt called hastily. He threw on some old jeans, beat up trainers and shoved his school tie into his backpack.

"Where's all the beer gone?" he Dad called through the door, sounding irritable. Matt was hoping he wouldn't notice he had taken a few cans to the beach the evening previous. His Dad flung the door open and stood in the doorway. He was wearing the same old, dirty vest as yesterday and a pair of boxer shorts with some broken flip flops. Matt took in this vision of his father for just a second. Since his mother had died, two years previously, his dad had changed. He reaped benefits, never worked and sat all day drinking. He was an alcoholic, and a violent one at that.

"I don't know Dad. Maybe you drank it all..." Matt explained quietly, edging back slowly towards the wall. "You trying to be funny boy?!" he asked, his voice raising, and anger growing in his eyes. Matt shook his head slowly. "I've got nothing to drink!" he shouted, knocking all of Matt's school work from his desk along with some other belongings. "Ah, Dad..." Matt began. Suddenly his dad grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, and shoved him against the wall. He leaned in closely. "Go and get me some beer." he demanded simply. "I need to get to school?" Matt explained, gesturing to the clock. His dad picked up the clock, smashing it to the ground. "You will, first you need to go to the store." he insisted, and Matt knew what he had to do.

Matt lived in a small, quiet area, just outside Summer Bay. He couldn't afford a car or the bus, so he skated everywhere on his skateboard. He reached the shop and took out his own money, he had earnt selling cigarettes to kids at school. He bought two six packs. "That should keep him quiet until I get home." he thought promisingly. His dad was a violent, angry drunk but it seemed he was violent without alcohol too, he couldn't cope without a drink. He mainly sat in the armchair, smoking rollups and drinking beer, watching old TV shows. Sometimes Matt didn't go to school, he'd have to stay home and fix whatever his dad had broken the night before. Sometimes he'd smash up the TV, the windows, cupboards. Sometimes he'd smash glasses.

As he walked back through the front door his dad stopped him, took the cans and slammed the door in his face without another word. And now an hour late, and totally missing first period, Matt began skating to school. His escape from home.

As Matt slipped quietly into the corridor, he heard a stern and familiar voice behind him. "What time do you call this Mr Page?" it was Mrs Braxton. "Sorry." Matt said bluntly, shoving his board and bag into his locker. "That's really not good enough..." Mrs Braxton continued stepping closer to Matt. "Is there something going on at home?" she began. Matt jumped back alarmed, he was certain nobody knew about his dad. He had worked so hard to keep it a secret, the embarrassment of everyone knowing was something he just didn't need.

Matt angrily slammed his locker. "There's nothing. Just mind your own business eh?" Matt snapped, and with that he began walking towards second period History.

P.S hope you liked this instalment guys! Tried to mix it up a little :)

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