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Jessica Tovey's "Wonderland" (New Channel Ten Drama)

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Wonderland cast members Jessica Tovey, Michael Dorman, Brooke Satchwell and Anna Bamford prepare to shoot the 22-part series Source: The Sunday Telegraph

May 15, 2013

IT'S the TV drama that Channel 10 is hoping will give it a ratings boost.

Wonderland began filming in Sydney this week with a host of familiar faces in front of the camera including Brooke Satchwell, Jessica Tovey, Emma Lung and Tim Ross.

Set in a beachside apartment block, the 22-part drama - created by one of the original producers of Rafters - is about the friendship and lives of four couples. Channel 10 is banking on the latest drama to tempt viewers back to its screens.


This sounds pretty cool. I hope it eventually gets a DVD release so us in the United States can check it out too.

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I thought she wanted to break into America? Always thought she'd manage!

Terrific actress IMO.

She did an interview around a year ago saying that she felt she isn't ready to tackle the United States just yet. I too feel that she is one of the better actresses still in Australia at the moment having not gone over to the United States. Honestly though as I've mentioned in a few other threads, if she went over now she'd just be CW fodder like the majority of the young Aussie soapies over there now, so maybe it's better that she continue to hone her skills in Australia so perhaps she'll have more leverage if/when she does choose to "make the jump".

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I'm really looking forward to this show as well. It has two of my favourite younger actors in Jessica Tovey and Brooke Satchwell. The period of the relationship between Aden and Jess Tovey's Belle was probably the last time younger members of the cast really rose to great heights. There have been some good moments since but nothing so consistent over a period in my view.

I've been a fan of Brooke Satchwell since Anne in Neighbours. She was also great as Frankie in Rafters.

The show has potential.

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