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Revenge: Summer Bay Style

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title: revenge: summer bay: style

genre: drama / thriller

type of story: long fic

rating: A

cast: Rachel McGregor/Tristan Henae plus the braxton family with other summer bay locals

spoilers: no

warnings: violence, language, sexual references, adult themes, drug references

plot: After Jesse McGregor died in a prison riot at the hands of Heath Braxton a year and a half ago, Jesse's daughter Rachel (who was a junkie at the time) returns to Summer Bay as Tristan Henae a highly strung self confident beautiful heiress with a strong motive to make Heath pay for her dad's murder and anyone else who comes between her and her target.


Kyle stood behind the bar as a tall skinny emo girl roughly early twenties with dark hair and big blue eyes wearing a top that came to the bottom of her rather large bust area and hung off her right shoulder, a very short skirt that didn't leave much to the imagination and a pair of unlaced army boots.

"Drink?" Kyle asked

"Tequila" she replied

"Shot?, glass?" he asked

"Bottle" she answered

"Bad day?" Kyle asked her

"My dad cutting me off to pay for his mail order brides educaton" she told him

Kyle smiled

"Sounds terrible"

"Don't get i'm happy that he's moved on from mum he deseves that but the bitch is younger than i am"

Kyle put his head down but she could tell he was still smiling

"I'm Tristan: she said holding out her hand

"Kyle" he replied

"Nice to meet you Kyle" she said in a seductive tone

Tristan sat at the bar for a few more hours and by the time she ready to leave she wasn't able to walk

"Hey, it's closing time you should probably get out of here" he told her

Tristan finished off her second tequila bottle.

"Your place or mine?" she replied

"I'm sorry what?" he asked stunned, he was sure it was the alcohol talking

"i'd prefer it to be yours because right now mines just the back seat of my car" Tristan told him smiling

she had a very pretty smile and Kyle was starting to see she no where near as innocent as he first though

"Give me 5 minutes and we'll make mine" Kyle said and walked out the back

Tristan looked at herself in the mirror across from her

"C'mon Rachel, this is what the tequilla was for" she said and looked down at the empty bottle


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Tristan walked into the diner early in the morning.

"Mocha please" she said to Irene

"Sure love" Irene replied not recognizing her

"Wow, Rachel McGregor, you know this whole emo look actually suits you" Zac said standing beside her

"Zac Maguire, still got the whole stick up your ass look about you" she replied

"So you finally took my advice" Zac said

"Not exactly" she replied

"So you're in town to see people who were like grandparents to you?" Zac asked

"Nope, didn't even recognize me" she told him

"We'll maybe if you actually talk to them" Zac replied

"Tristan" Kyle said

She sighed

"Hi, uuuummmm" she said

"Kyle" he replied

"Right, about last night I was drunk and it won't happen again" she told him

"Ah, right of course" Kyle replied confused

"Well i guess I'll see you around then" Kyle told her

"Tristan?" Zac asked

"Long story" she said

"So instead of catching up with people who care about you, you have a one night stand with a random guy" Zac said

"We didn't have sex" Tristan sex

"Look, I gotta go" she said


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Tristan walked into Angelos

"Can't stay away from me" Kyle said without a straight face.

Tristan smiled as well

"Actually I'm here because of the position vacant sign down stairs" she told him

"Brax" Kyle called out

"Can I ask you a question" Kyle said

"Fire away" she replied

"Do you remember last night?" He asked her

She was silent for a few seconds then smiled

"No, why?" She asked

"We got as far as me taking my shirt off then you fell asleep" he said

"I am so sorry, that must've been awkward" she replied

"Did you want me for something" Brax asked

"Tristan is here about our position vacant spot" Kyle replied still looking at her

"Do you have a resume" Brax asked her

"Yep" she said handing it to him

"Thanks, I'm sure Kyle would love to get back to you" Brax said noticing Kyle staring at her

Kyle quickly turned away and Tristan smiled.

"So how about I repay for being such a gentleman" Tristan said to Kyle on her way out.

"Yeah, sure that'd be great" he said trying not to sound too excited.

"Tonight ok?" She asked

"My brothers have organized a barbeque for tonight, you're welcome to come though" Kyle told her

"Sounds great, what time?" She asked

"About 6 : 30" he replied

"See ya later then" she said and gave him a smile.


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Tristan opened to the door to her three story house which she had movies into an hour before leading coals to believe she inherited it from a deceased grandmother.

Zac stood in door way look at Tristan holding num chucks

"Should a girl who sent to juvi for attempted murder and assualt with a deadly weapon own a set of them." he said pointing to them

"I stabbed a guy in the neck with a broken beer bottle, hardly the same thing" Tristan replied

"Anyway we need to talk" Zac told her

"Do we, because I have to be somewhere in 30 minutes" she told him

"I did a little research after our chat this morning. I know the reason you're in town" Zac said

Tristan leaned against the wall with her arms folded

"What reason might that be" she asked

"If you think getting revenge on Heath Braxton is the way to go, think again, if they find out who you are and what your doing, they'll kill you" Zac told her

"Let them come" she said

"Because I am gonna take away everything Heath loves children, brothers, lovers and once he finds himself alone and vulnerable I'm gonna kill him" she finished

"What happened to to you, I fell in love with a young girl who was innocent fun and great to be around" Zac said

"Rachel McGregor no longer exists" Tristan informed him

Zac shook his head and turned his back to her

"I could use your help with my first plan" she said

Zac stared at her

"You're on your own" he told her and walked towards the door

"It would be a shame for something to happen to Natalie" Tristan said

Zac stopped in the door way he knew she wasn't kidding.

"I did my research too" she told him

"What do want me to do" he asked

"Convince Natalie she's way too close to the Braxton family to be Darcy Callahan's counsellor" Tristan said

"Why?" Zac asked

"You'll know why after tonight" Tristan told him


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Tristan knocked on the Braxton's door.

"You really must be keen on a job" Brax said opening the door

"Oh, Kyle invited me, i brought supplies beer wine and spirits wasn't sure what everybody was drinking" Tristan replied

"Kyle, hold on to this one, she's a keeper" Brax shouted to Kyle

Tristan smiled and looked down unconftable with her surroundings

"Here, let me take that" Brax said taking the box of beer under her right arm

"So is Brax your real name?" Tristan asked knowing very well what the answer would be

Brax gave a slight laugh

"Nah, it's Darryl actually, but only my mum calls me that" he told her

"Ah, so you're a mummys boy" Tristan joked

Brax grinned

"What exactly did you see in my brother" he asked

"I have really bad taste, speaker of your brother i guess i better go find him"

She grabbed the beer out of Brax's hand and drank a mouthful then licked her lips.

"tastes like you" she said handing it back the walking away still looking at Brax

Brax looked at the bottom of her very short black dress and exhaled

"Hey" Kyle said to her

"Hey, promise i wont fall asleep tonight" Tristan replied

"Hey Kyle, is this your girlfriend" Darcy asked

Both Kyle and Tristan Smiled

"It's early days yet Darc" Kyle told her

"You're very pretty" Darcy said to Tristan

"Thank you, so are you" Tristan replied

"I gotta go find dad" Darcy said looking down

"I think you embaressed her" Kyle said

"Great first impression then" Tristan replied

"Ahh, bathroom" Tristan said noticing Darcy had put her drink down

"Through there" Kyle said pointing in the direction of the bathroom

Tristan mixed a white powder into Darcys drink then headed back to Kyle

"Someones in there" she said

"So you never told me where you were from" Kyle said

"Italy originally, but my nan on my mums side lived around here and i inherited her house" she replied

"You told me you were living in your car" Kyle said

"I hadn't got the keys yet"

"Darcy" they heard Brax and heath yell

They turned to see Darcy on the floor having a seizure.

"Oh my god, is she ok? we were just talking to her" Tristan said acting concerned


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