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Revenge: Summer Bay Style

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Tristan stood in the hospital hallway with the Braxton family.

"I don't get what happened a girl her age doesn't have a seizure and then just stop breathing" Heath said

"Calm down, we'll find out soon enough" Bianca replied trying to comfort him but he shrugged her off

"What happened?" Natalie asked joining them, Zac was beside her he noticing Tristan giving him an icy cold stare if looks could kill her eyes would definitely be a murder weapon.

"I guess this is your doing" Zac said softly to Tristan

She gave him a look that meant yes.

"What did you do?" He asked

"Livened up the party" she replied

Sid came out

"Heath can we speak privately" Sid asked

" Whatever you have to say you can say in front of everyone" Heath replied

"Darcy has cocaine in her system" Sid told him

"Heath, child services have been notified, so have the police" Sid told Heath

Zac looked at Tristan

"You could've killed her" Zac said angrily

"If I wanted her dead, I would've killed her. However Heath Braxton will never see his daughter again now I have to go be with Kyle" Tristan snapped and walked away.


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"Hey" Tristan said opening the door Zac

"What's next?" Zac asked her

"Don't worry as long as you play by the rules it's not your precious little Natalie" Tristan replied

Zac look at her

"You didn't convice her did you" she said

"I just need a little more time, once Nat has her mind set on some its hard to change it" Zac told her

You used to be pretty persuasive" she replied

"Anyway for now you can relax once I'm done with Darcy Cheryl Braxton is who's next" she said

Zac frowned

"Done with Darcy? No, you're not going anywhere near that girl" Zac said "Not after ast time" he finished

"Oh, I won't be touching her, you will be the places I need her to be touched a man needs to touch her there" Triistan said

"No way" Zac said

"And I need you to tell her it's ok because you're a friend of her dads" Tristan told him with a smirk

"You're sick" Zac told her

"No what I am is tormented as a result to my dads untimely death" Tristan retorted

Zac shook his head

"Or I could just end Natalie's career and make her Never be able to help a little lost soul find light at the end of the tunnel again, now in or out" she asked.

Zac closed his eyes

"After this I never wanna see you again, am I clear" he told her and walked out.


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"He told her he was a friend of mine" Heath said "What friend would've done that to my daughter" he asked

"Hey what wrong" Tristan asked looking at the members of the Braxton family

"One of my friend apparently molestered my daughter" Heath told her

"Oh my god, that's awful. Where is she?" she replied

"With her gran she doesn't wanna see me" Heath replied

"Hey, is Case around, we need to talk" Zac asked knocking on the door

"Nows not a good time mate" Brax replied

"Sorry I should've called first" Zac said gesturing for Tristan to follow him

"Wow, I didn't think you actually do it, I thought you'd..." Tristan said

"I didn't, I held a gun to her heard and said if she didn't tell the cops what I wanted her to, people she loved were going to die" Zac said "It wasn't my proudest moment" he told her

"I'm sorry" she said after a long pause

Zac gave a faint smile

"So when do we move onto Cheryl?" He asked

"We?" She replied

"I'm in this now" Zac told her

"I thought you never wanted to see me again"

"I figured you may need protecting" he told her


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Tristan ran up the stairs into Angelos

"Sorry I'm late" she said

"So I was thinking maybe I could make dinner for you boys" Tristan said to Kyle

He frowned

"Why?" He asked

"To cheer Heath up a little, I know a dinner doesn't make up for losing his daughter plus your mum might like a reason to see her four gorgeous boys" Tristan said

Kyle was silent

"Did I say something wrong?" She asked

"They're mum isn't my mum" he told her

"I'm sorry, I had no idea" she replied

"Where is your mum" she asked him

He don't answer the question, but she saw him wipe away tears

"Scratch the dinner, it was a dumb idea" Tristan said

Kyle wrapped his arms around her

"No, we'll do a dinner, I've never met Cheryl. But then again she might not wanna meet me" Kyle said

"Dare I ask, I've heard a thing or two about you Braxtons"


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