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Donald Fisher, The Prequel.


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Story Title: **Story title** - "Donald Fisher, The Prequel.

Type of story: Long Fic.

Main Characters: Donald Fisher, Mr James, Walter (the first Summer Bay HM when the show began", Alf Stewart, Barbara Stewart, Alan Fisher, Clive Fisher, Mary Fisher, Rebecca Fisher.

BTTB rating: T: Suitable for teenagers, Equivalent of PG or slightly above.

Genre: Drama, romance, comedy.

Does story include spoilers No spoilers.

Any warnings: No sexual content but mild profanity.

Summary: 5 lines max - The professional and personal life of Mr Fisher before 17 January 1988. (H&A debut).

Right as Mr Donald Fisher was one of my fave characters in H&A I have decided to do a fanfic on him, from his career beginnings in 1963 at the age of 18 to late 1987, just before the show started. 1985 will be a year that is charted a lot in the show. We find that Fisher was a bit of a rebel at school yet still was a good worker and his strict and insulting ways shook everyone, yet his deep down care for the pupils.

This fanfic charts his relationship with Morag, marriage to Barbara and births of Alan and Rebecca as well.



There is a camera shot of the school and young pupils walking around the school grounds at lunchtime. We see a young man with a briefcase walking into the school. He has dark thick wavy/curly hair and is wearing a blazer.


The headmaster is stood near the main entrance and shakes this young mans hand.

MR JAMES Welcome Mr Fisher.

This young man is Donald Fisher and the new teacher at the school.

DONALD Thanks very much Mr James. I have to admit I feel like a sook.


DONALD My first day as a teacher. I am only 18 and teaching pupils in a school I left 2 years ago as a pupil myself.

MR JAMES Dont worry Mr Fisher.

DONALD I will have fun teaching my own brother Clive and sister Mary.

MR JAMES Go on, the pupils are waiting.

DONALD Yes sir.


Fisher walks into the classroom full of pupils he is going to teach.

DONALD Morning everyone. I am Mr Fisher and the new teacher here. Anyway I would like to introduce myself. I shall be teaching this class and as this is my first day I hope that you will give me your unremitting support. And that does include you Clive Fisher and Mary Fisher. Blood is not thicker than water in this case. Anyway I do look forward to teaching this class. As this is the first day of term, today will just mainly be an induction. (He points to a pupil) And the first thing I will remind you is no eating in class or you will get detention.

To be continued............

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Thanks for the comments.


Walter and Don are sat down chatting.

WALTER Congrats on your first day. A disciplinarian is what we need at Summer Bay High.

DONALD Believe me I can be witty and crack jokes but at school they are here to learn. I am still very young myself. I get my strict streak from my great grandfather James Fisher who was from London in England. His father came from a true East End family of market traders and his mother was Jewish. Of course James was a boxer and bare knuckle fighter. He came to Australia in 1890 and my grandfather Edward Fisher was born in Melbourne in 1892. My mums family were Scottish and Irish and my dads mums family came from Norfolk in England. See, no convicts in my heritage (he laughs).

WALTER Very interesting Mr Fisher. All my British ancestors who came here to Australia were convicts.

DONALD Remind me if anything goes missing to blame you (laughs). Seriously though, I want the pupils here to do well, make something of themselves like I did.

WALTER Do go easy though Donald with the detentions. They do have a life away from school you know.

DONALD Fair play Mr Bertram.

WALTER Please call me Walter in my office.


The diner has just opened and it is a typical swinging 60s place. Jukebox, Elvis posters and Beatles posters. Don and Alf are drinking coffee.

ALF How did your first day teaching go Donald?

DONALD Very well Alf. Very well indeed.

ALF Teach the flamin galahs a trick or two hey.

DONALD Yes they are there to learn.

ALF I know but some get carried away and treat school as a playground such as my sister and yours.

DONALD I shall certainly run a strict line with them believe me.

To be continued...........

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Continuation of Diner scene between Don and Alf.

ALF I am happy helping my father at the store.

DONALD I want to make something of my life. You only live once.

Barbara Stewart, Alf's sister walks in. Donald smiles at her.

BARBARA Hello Alf, Mr Fisher.

DONALD Good afternoon Barbara. How are you today?

BARBARA Very well Mr Fisher.

DONALD please call me Donald. I may be the new teacher but you have just left school.

ALF Don you will have Morag to deal with now. She is a handful.

DONALD I am sure she will be fine Alf. Anyway anyone want a drink?

ALF Another cappuccino please.

BARBARA Same here.

Donald walks off to the counter.

ALF You seem to like Don, Barbara.

BARBARA I can see his nicer side which he does have.

ALF he likes you.

BARBARA Alfred I am 17 now so old enough to do what I want.

ALF Well i find Don quite stern and arrogant but still am polite to him. I just hope you know what you are letting yourself in for.

BARBARA You sound like dad at times. Don and me are the same age, well he is a year older but that is nothing at all.

ALF Well good luck sis.

Donald returns to the table with a tray with 3 cups on it.

To be continued....

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Don is walking through the corridors of Summer Bay High school. The corridors have interior brickwork and the school classrooms are the same but have huge 1960s windows. Fisher speaks to a pupil.

DON Hello Smith, could you come and see me after first lesson. Its nothign to worry about, and I'll square it with Patterson for you to go to next lesson a bit later so you can still have your break.

SMITH Thanks Mr Fisher.

DON Jones and Galway get to class now. (To Smith) Some people never learn.

Fisher walks off down the corridor.

GALWAY, Oi, James Smith, teachers pet. You heard them man, get to class.

SMITH Go away Galway.

JONES Shut it Smith. Go crawling to Flathead and earn extra points.

SMITH You'll get whats coming to you one day.


It is after first lesson and James Smith comes in to see Donald.

DONALD Hello Smith, I just wanted to ask is are you getting any grief from Henry Galway and Nick Jones at all?

SMITH No sir.

DONALD Someone said to me that you are and even the headmaster Mr Bertram said that a few nights ago they hassled you on your way to the Bayside Diner?

SMITH They were just having a laugh.

DONALD I may be little more than a whipper snapper myself but I was not born yesterday.

SMITH OK, they say I am a teachers pet and I am trying to score points.

DONALD There are many good pupils in this school and you are simply one of them. I shall certainly tell Mr Bertram who will in turn have a strong word with the two rascals concerned. I might even have a word myself. They need to be bought down a peg or two.

To be continued......

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