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Puberty Blues

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Anyone have any news on Series 2 ? I've seen one of the actresses blog that there is going to be one, but not seen much elsewhere.

Puberty Blues Looks Ahead

They're in script development, but it doesn't sound as if it's a definite go ahead. I think it deserves a second season and with better planning and lead ins, think it will do much better. I always enjoyed Rush and Offspring, even though that despite the quality of the acting and the stories, they don't seem to rate the roof off, yet they got more seasons.

Missed the last few episodes and need to catch up, but think the cast is great and love the music and the era. I remember watching the original movie, but don't actually remember it at all.

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I can't believe that Wednesday episode will be the last episode of season 1 hope there is a season 2.

Gary seems nice he seems to respect Debbie unlike Bruce. I felt sorry for that girl can't remember her name now the one whose boyfriend kicked her and dropped her because she ate his pie. I feel so sorry for Sue too. Danny just treats her like dirt.

Sean Keenan who plays Gary was in Lockie Leonard when he was younger as the title character its currently on ABC3 at 3pm on Saturdays. The first episode aired today. I think it used to be on channel 9 its also on Nickelodoen I think

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Last nights episode was good it was the last one. Debbie and Gary make a cute couple. I loved how the girls went surfing at the end and how they helped Freda. Sue dropped Danny finally I can't believe Cheryl hooked up with him five minutes after Sue dropped him

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