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Three Braxtons and a Baby

Guest TelephotoMarigold

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Story Title: Three Braxtons and a Baby

Type of story: Short Fic

Main characters: Brax, Heath and Casey with Baby & Main Cast

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy,

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Will warn at beginning of chapter if any..

Summary: With Bianca still ill it is up to Heath to bring home the baby. How will the three Braxton men cope with the new addition to the household? And just how many excuses will Heath make up to avoid changing nappies?

Chapter One:

Brax slowly eased into the house, it was late and he was tired. Liam had cried off early leaving him to cover for the other man, and then cover for one of the waiters that hadn’t turned up. His feet hurt as did his head. It had been busy and noisy and now all he wanted to do was find the six pack he’d hidden in the back of the fridge, covered up by the salad stuff so Heath wouldn’t find it, and sink a few while watching some crap TV show and put his feet up. He was so concentrated on the idea of an ice cold stubbie that he failed to notice the pile of baby clothes and other things on the sofa. He also missed the capsule propped on the table or the used baby bottles in the sink next to the other paraphernalia that was there to feed a newborn.

Stepping over to the fridge he opened it up and stopped, looking in puzzlement at the three blue capped bottles filled with milk. Wondering if Casey was trying a new health kick he moved them around before locating the first bottle of beer. He sighed with relief when he opened it and heard the small sound of escaping gas sounding like the beer was sighing too and took a long swallow. He closed the fridge and stepped back the way he’d come until he reached the sofa and moved the big pile of baby stuff to sit down.

“Watsup?” Heath called out softly coming out of his room.

“Crap night mate,” Brax answered not even glancing at his brother and for once wanting to talk. He just wanted to unwind and chill.

“Tell me about it,” Heath said walking behind the sofa to get into the kitchen.

Brax half chuckled thinking that Heath was going for a beer before he reached across the table and grabbed the remote for the TV. Within seconds he’d clicked on and began channel hopping.

“Mate!” Heath cried out before the raucous cry of the baby drowned out what he was going to say. “Rocco, I’m coming,” Heath called turning and racing into the bedroom.

A puzzled Brax shut off the TV and shoot up from his seat. He turned and faced Heath as he walked out of the bedroom holding Rocco.

“Er, what’s that?” Brax asked.

Casey had followed Heath out of the bedrooms, obviously woken up by the crying baby. He stood there for a minute looking from one brother to the next wondering why neither was talking.

“It’s a baby!” he enunciated clearly over the sound of the newborn before walking past Heath and into the kitchen.

“Well I can… er… see…. That,” Brax stuttered, “The point is, what is it doing here?”

“Depriving me of sleep!” Casey muttered sarcastically.

Brax rubbed at his face before he glanced around the room. He saw the baby clothes he’d moved on the sofa, the capsule sitting on the table and then, he stopped his wandering thoughts before vaulting over the back of the sofa and walking to the fridge. He opened it once more and took in the sight of the blue capped bottles. Taking one out he clipped off the plastic cap and looked at the teat.

“Oh good you are going to feed it,” Casey said in the same sarcastic tone. “Maybe then I could get a little sleep around here!”

“Heath, no way,” Brax muttered, “We can’t do this…”

“How hard can it be,” Heath said walking over to his brother and taking the bottle out of his hand. He put it in the microwave and began heating it up. “And you shut it…”

“Er, I don’t think the baby is going to listen,” Brax said folding his arms and giving his brother an incredulous look.

“I was talking to Casey.”

Casey smirked and decided to remain quiet about the $50 bucks he’d been bribed already for dealing with Rocco’s nappies. He could see that Brax was going to find out about Heath’s aversion to nappy changing the hard way. Walking around the two brothers and the squalling infant he opened the fridge and moved the salad stuff aside to snag one of Brax’s beers. He could see that Brax was still preoccupied by the situation because he didn’t shot at him for stealing one of his beers.

The microwave pinged and Heath opened it up and took out the bottle, he tested it by splashing some on his wrist before offering the bottle to the baby frowning when Rocco continued to cry.

“He might not be hungry,” Brax said after a moment.

Heath’s expression changed and he turned and looked at Casey.

“Yeah, well, I’m going to try and get some sleep, night!” Casey said hurriedly and spun around striding towards his bedroom.

“$100 bucks,” Heath said desperately.



“Your kid Heath….” Casey called out

“$200 bucks!”

“For?” Brax asked slowly, his tired brain not catching up to what was going on.

Heath slowly turned back to Brax as though he’d only just remembered he were there.

“Brax…..” he implored ignoring Casey laughing at him. “Come on…. “

Brax suddenly realised what Heath wanted, it was time to change Rocco’s nappy.

“No, god no,” Brax backed off slowly as though a baby’s dirty nappy was a bomb about to go off.

“Look, I can do the feeds and the sick and well most anything… but seriously mate just well, not nappies….”

Heath flushed as Casey laughed at him. All those years he’d spent making sure that Casey knew where he was in the pecking order and now because of Rocco’s nappies he was being laughed at by his younger brother. He frowned wanting to say something scathing when Rocco gave another cry and he jostled him accidently as he tried to sooth him.

“You’re upsetting him,” Brax said slowly, “Give him here.”

Heath and Casey looked on in shock as Brax picked up the small blue wrapped bundle and rocked him in his arms. The bub immediately stopped crying and within moments had fallen asleep in Brax’s arms.

“That’s it,” Casey muttered sharing an incredulous look with Heath “he’s so babysitting for the next 18 years…”

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Great start! The idea of the 3 of them taking care of a baby on their own is great.

Brax is doing well. Heath is going to have to change nappies at some point. There's no way he is going to be able to avoid it forever or I feel sorry for Rocco.

Looking forward to the next chapter! :)

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I'm really liking the start of this story. The idea is genius and I think it will be interesting to observe how the brothers deal with a baby in their lives. :lol:

I can't believe that Brax didn't notice a baby in the house - but am glad he is going to take a more active role in looking after the baby. :)

Heath won't be able to get out of changing nappies forever!

Looking forward to reading more :D

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Chapter Two

Heath woke suddenly and looked around in confusion wondering what had woken him up. He blinked once, twice before throwing back the covers and lifting his legs to the floor. His foot encountered something soft and squishy. A strange aroma filled the air and he suddenly gasped before feeling a queasy feeling go through him. He’d stepped on to a nappy. Luckily it was folded over but still… he groaned looking down at it and felt bile rise in his throat at what he could have stepped in. Catapulting himself up and away from the offending item he raced into the bathroom and splashed cold water on his face.

Slowly easing out of the bathroom he moved back into the lounge grinning at a half asleep Brax with Rocco on top of him.

“About time,” Brax muttered.

“What happened?”

“You lot cleared off to bed and left me with the…”

“your nephew…” Heath finished smirking at his brother.


“I can’t believe that you are calling your beloved nephew a brat,” Heath chuckled as his brother bit back a swearword and stood slowly from his perch on the sofa and went over to Heath handing over the baby.

“He takes after his father, he’s a brat,” Brax said softly.

Turning he walked over to the bedrooms and slipped inside, coming out moments later in his boardies with a towel looped around his neck.

“I’m going for a surf,” he announced going out the door and grabbing his board. He turned back and grinned. “And yeah, mate, the brat needs it’s nappy changed!”

With that Brax disappeared grinning as he heard Heath swear behind him.

“Reallly? He’d do that to me…” Heath groaned placing his nose near the baby and inhaling cautiously. “God, no, seriously…”

Holding the baby at arm’s length he walked over to Casey’s bedroom and wondered how he could knock with both hands full. He settled on kicking the door with his foot before swearing again as his bare toe connected with the hard wood.

“Go away!”

“Case, come on,”

“I’ve gone to school….”

“Case, you have to…”

The door swung inwards and a dishevelled Casey looked at his brother.

“No, I don’t have to, in fact, I know enough about sex to know that I intend for this never to happen to me. You are the Dad. Take responsibility for your actions.”

Heath’s mouth opened and closed at his brother’s speech before he grinned.

“$50?” he asked.

Casey narrowed his eyes and glared at his brother.

“Fine!” He capitulated. “But you are doing it, I’m supervising.”

Heath paled at even doing that before looking at his son. He saw a mixture of all of them in his tine features. Casey’s eyes and Brax’s nose, and just maybe Bianca’s mouth and hopefully her brains too. He nodded but handed over his son to Casey before striding into the kitchen. Ransacking the kitchen drawers he eventually found what he was looking for; a long since discarded pair of yellow rubber gloves. He frowned at them for a minuscule moment before pulling them on and turning back to look at Casey.

“Ok, let’s do this thing!”

Casey took one look at his brother. The muscles he knew that Heath spent ages in the gym working on. The Tats that he had decorating his skin and the shorn haircut and then the macho display of dark stubble lining his face. And then his eyes travelled downwards to the bright yellow gloves. A laugh bubbled up inside him and he tried to force it back. Heath could still pound his head after all, but there was no way he could take his brother serious after this. He snorted. His breath wheezed out of him. And then, the laugh he’d fought and clamped down on erupted from his lips, first it was a squeak and then a full belly laugh.


“Are you changing a nappy or doing the dishes?” Casey managed at last, cradling Rocco close to him as he used one hand to wipe at his steaming eyes.

“Ha ha…” Heath muttered heading over to his brother. “Give me my son before you damage him,” he added taking Rocco and walking over to the table.

Casey chuckled again and moved to help his brother picking up the nappy bag and lifting on the table. He unrolled the changing mat and grinned as Heath laid down his son reaching for the fastenings on his sleepsuit. His fingers were too big and cumbersome in the gloves and he turned and glared at Casey daring him to say something as he pulled them off and tackled the small blue and white patterned sleepsuit undoing all the little buttons and freeing up Rocco’s legs. His son wriggled them once he was free.

“Guess he is your son.”

Heath shot Casey a look knowing that his brother was going to come up with a smart remark and he waited glaring at him.

“Wants to wear boardies…”

“Ha ha…” Heath said.

A sudden image of being on the beach with Rocco in future years made him smile. Then his imagination ran away with him and he saw them together as Rocco got his first tattoo, went to school, got his first surfboard. All those things his son had ahead of him and he grinned suddenly imagining it. Pulling on the gloves he tackled the tapes that were holding the nappy in place and peeled them back. He found that it wasn’t so bad if he held his breath and didn’t look at it as he removed the soiled nappy and put it to one side. Grabbing a handful of baby wipes he lifted Rocco’s legs and began trying to clean him up. A second and third handful of wipes and he was finally convinced his son was clean.

“Not bad, but I think you need to breath now you are turning blue,” Casey told him as he bagged up the discarded nappy and used wipes taking them away.

Heath nodded before breathing in and out quickly. He felt slightly light headed and hoped that he wasn’t going to faint. There was no amount of money or threats he could issue that would keep the younger Braxton quiet. In fact he could see it as a headline in the local paper once Colleen got hold of the story. ‘River Boy faints at dirty nappy’…

“Ok now you get the new nappy and….. “

Casey stopped as a stream of pee erupted from Rocco and headed straight up Heath’s vest top. He knew that his mouth had dropped open in shock but that nothing to the expression on Heath’s face.

“euh, oh my god, no, stop, make it stop, please god, “ Heath squealed. “Its peeing on me!”

Torn between laughing and reaching for his phone to record the moment Casey eventually decided to grab the new nappy and place it over Rocco’s lower parts to stem the flow. He looked at the still shocked Heath and smirked as he tried to hold his vest away from his body.

“I think he’s finished now, better…”

“No, oh no,….” Heath muttered, “I can’t…”

He took a step back and looked at his son in horror. A bit like if Rocco had proclaimed himself afraid of the sea if he’d been asked if he surfed.

“Can’t be any worse than what has happened already.”

Heath looked at his brother before he slowly nodded. He grabbed a fresh nappy before he reached for the tub of baby powder and turned the top and nodded.

“On the count of three,” he began, “One …. Two….. Three!”

Casey removed the nappy and laughed as Heath added a bit too much baby powder before lifting Rocco’s legs and sliding the nappy under his bum. He passed it between his son’s legs and over his, well his bits and then taped it up securely. He frowned and yanked off the gloves so he could fasten up his sleepsuit. He got his little boy dressed before lifting him into his capsule.

“Can’t leave him in there…” Casey said quickly.

Heath shot him a look.

“He can stay there long enough for me to go for a shower and if you ever tell anyone about this and I will kill you…” he said as he spun around and headed to the bathroom. He pretended not to hear his brother laughing as he stripped off and climbed under the shower.

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