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Summer Bay meets One Direction

Guest Romeo&Indi Forever

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Story Title-Summer Bay meets One Direction

Type of story--Short/Meduim Fic

Main Characters-Summer Bay teens and One Direction band members

BTTB Rating-G


Does the story include spoilers?- No

Any Warnings?-No

Summary-One Direction arrive in Summer bay only to be attacked by the Summer Bay teens

Chapter 1

Sasha was waiting for Xavier at the surf club when John turned the radio on.

Sasha soon became bored when finally something interesting came on

“Listen up Summer bay teens One Direction are holding a concert in Summer bay if you want tickets you better hurry and now here’s One Thing by One Direction” The radio announcer said

Sasha was interested as soon as Xavier arrived she attacked him.

“One Direction are coming to Summer Bay” Sasha shrieked

“Who?” Xavier asked

“One Direction English band” Sasha responded

“No idea who they are” Xavier told Sasha

Sasha sighed and walked ahead of Xavier to the car.

Sasha and Xavier had an eventful day in Yabby creek.

As soon Sasha got home she attacked Indi.

“Indi! One Direction are coming to Summer Bay” Sasha shrieked

“Who? “ Indi asked

“One Direction English band” Sasha responded

“Never heard of them” Indi told Sasha

“Doesn’t anyone watch TV or listen to the radio?” Sasha asked

“Not really” Indi replied

Sasha stormed off to her room and slammed the door.

An hour later there was a knock at the door

“Who is it?” Sasha asked

“It’s Dad” Sid responded

Sasha got up and opened the door

“Hello Dad” Sasha said

“Indi says you want to see a band called One Direction” Sid responded

“Yes I do but no one’s heard of them” Sasha said

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You've found my soft spot :) I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!! :wub: :wub: (think camping outside hotel/almost getting arrested sneaking in hotel love) Love how Sasha is the only one who knows about them she seems just like someone who would!! Update soon please :)

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Thanks for the comments everyone here is the next chapter :)

The bits in red are the one's Bec corrected.

Chapter 2

Sasha pulled her purple Sony laptop out and typed One Direction into the search bar,about 317,000,000 results came up.

Sasha clicked on the first one she saw which happened to be http://www.onedirectionmusic.com/gb/home/ she clicked on the pictures to show Sid http://www.onedirectionmusic.com/gb/gallery/

Sid takes one look at the website and agrees to Sasha going to the concert. Being so excited Sasha jumped up and down then she called Xavier

“I’m sorry Xav I know you have no idea who One Direction are but you’re coming to the concert with me” Sasha told Xavier

Xavier hung up the phone.

John had just gotten home.

“What’s wrong?” John asked Xavier

“Sasha is dragging me to a One Direction concert” Xavier responded

John bursted out laughing.

“It’s not funny” Xavier said

Xavier walks out of the room and slams his door he then screams into his pillow.

There was a knock on the door. Xavier wasn't in the mood to talk though.

“I’m busy mum” Xavier said

Gina wasn’t giving up that easily she knocked two more times when Xavier didn’t answer she walked away.

“What’s up with Xav?” Gina asked John

“Sasha is dragging him to some concert” John responded

“Oh what concert?” Gina asked

“One Direction I think” John said

Gina started laughing

Xavier stomped out of his room.

“Glad everyone thinks it’s funny but me” Xavier said

“I’m sorry but it’s a bit funny that a guy is going to a teeny bopper concert” Gina said

Xavier slams the front door.

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