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New Awakenings

Guest Chax<3

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Story Title: New Awakenings

Type of story: Medium/Long Fic

Main Characters: Charlie, Brax, Ruby, Casey, Xavier, Bianca, Heath, Liam , Indi , Logan, Romeo, Sasha, Cassie, Belle and Aden etc

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance, Drama,

Does story include spoilers: No

Warnings: Some course language

Summary: 5 lines max - The main plotline.

Librarian Note: Don't forget to check your Inbox, thanks.

Chapter 1

Charlie and Ruby pov

“Ruby come downstairs and have some breakfast called Charlie.

I’ll be down in a sec replied Ruby, Today was the first day back from the holidays. Ruby had a great tan from her summer job as a lifeguard alongside her best friend Casey.

Ruby now was mopping her plate with her last friend plate.

“Thanks Mum” That was delicious she told her mum in gratitude. She felt her phone vibrating in her pocket , It was a text from Casey.

Cme to mine , I wnt 2 show u someone special ?

Ruby quickly replied saying

Ok , we can walk to skool 2gether frm there 

“ Mum can you take me to casey’s , He just sent me a txt saying he want to show me some one special” asked Ruby in her sweetest voice

Okay ,My shift starts in half an hour.

Romeo and Indi Pov

“Well I am going to a surfing camp in a week and we’ve hardly seen each other”, Romeo said as he took Indi’s hand.

“I know but I have been working non- stop since belle took her leave with Aden and now the diners becoming popular”, she said apologetically.

Romeo laughed but knew he shouldn’t push it as she didn’t like the idea of him going away with Cassie at the surfing camp, “Why don’t we treat ourselves with dinner at Angelo’s tonight “ he suggested.

I can’t , I’m working Then I have an assignment for English , Which I haven’t done since last year She groaned

She saw the disappointment on his face “I’m sorry again “she said.

Before Romeo could reply the bell rang for first period

Charlie, Casey, Ruby Brax

As they reached Caseys place they saw a car they hadn’t seen before.

“Casey, we are here “Ruby said loudly as she walked in the door followed by Charlie.

Come in,Casey said. He was sitting next to a guy who Charlie thought she’d seen before.

Thanks for coming, this is my older brother brax, He just came from the city last night said Casey.

Hi I’m Ruby and this is my mum Charlie, It’s good to finally meet you.

“You too “Brax said as they shook hands. “My business wasn’t going very well for the past few months so I thought I’d change and come live here in summer Bay , And come see how the waves actually are here , Heath and Casey always brag about it on the phone he chuckled.

“We better get going Ruby Said Casey , Don’t want to give Mrs Hockley an excuse to tell us off he jokes.

I’ll give you a ride said Brax, I am going in that direction anyway.

For the first I noticed Brax hadn’t taken his eyes off Charlie and neither did she.

Hope you guys like it

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Sorry Been Busy Hope you all like it

At school= Miles, Indi, Romeo, April, Dex, Ruby, Casey,* New boy *

“Welcome back students, I hope you guys had a great holiday and ready to start some work said Miles their favorite teacher. A boy emerged beside Miles “But first we have a new student Logan , He’s just come from the city and hope you make him feel welcome. Ruby had noticed he was looking nervous and was very good looking.

Miles examined the class for a spare seat as the rest of the class had started to chatter amongst themselves. Miles started to walk towards Indi , “ You can sit next to Indi as he pointed to the spare desk.” Thanks” Mr Copeland said Logan.

The lesson dragged on as logan and Indi got to know each other better and by the end of the lesson Indi knew loads about him. “ Logan would you like to hang out with us at lunch asked Indi anxiously as she waits for him to reply

“Sure ,Why not I hardly know anyone here except you and Mr Copeland” He smiles at Indi.

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I'm kinda confused Chax<3...I mean is this a chapter for New Awakenings or is it just a little bit from new awakenings? Either way well done!

Its just a little part of New Awkenings but Its not an actual chapter from New Awakenings , Hope you understand and Thankyou :) :)

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