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Story Title-Love?

Type of story-Long Fic

Main Characters-Sasha,Xav,Indi,Dex,Sid,Romeo,Brax,Ruby,Gina,John and Lottie

BTTB Rating-G


Does the story include spoilers?- For UK Viewers because of Lottie

Any Warnings?-I will warn if anything!

Summary-Love it's a crazy thing right?When people find each other it's great! But will it last?

Authors note!- I've added Brax in!

Chapter 1!


Love it's a crazy thing Right?When people find each other it's great!But will it last?

Nobody was at the beach,just Xav and his head full of questions and thoughts.He still couldn't wrap his head around what he had seen. He told himself that he was imagining things,but deep down he knew what he saw was real.Ruby was clearly kissing Romeo Smith. Xav decided that girls were nothing but trouble! Xav pulls off his t-shirt and jumps into the freezing sea water.

Sasha was walking along the beach bare foot, she had only just broken up with Stu but she already felt like she could be herself again,you know the kind Sasha who meant what she said,not the Sasha who lied about absolutely everything. She looks at the sea the beautiful blissful sea, she start laughing as she seas someone she barely recognizes as Xavier Austin splashing about in the water. She hops in the water and races up to Xav.

"Hello!" Sasha smiles as she sends a huge amount of water Xavier's way. He just laughs.

"Sasha? Right?" Xavier finally send a little bit of water Sasha's way.

"Yeah! Xavier?Right?" Sasha wipes the salty water from her face.

"Yeah! Call me Xav!"

Ruby still couldn't believe she got caught! She was so careful, it wasn't funny. Romeo wasn't in any hot water,because he and Indi broke up months ago! Ruby was still looking upset and worried when Leah got home. Ruby didn't feel like talking to Leah,she walks into her room and starts to ring Xav,but it goes straight to message bank, the message wasn't the normal 'you have reached Xav please call back later' no it was a female voice this time with way different wording 'Hi you have reached Xavier Austins message bank,please call back later,unless your Ruby Buckton! Then you can get stuffed!' One little tear escapes Ruby's eyes,sure she cheated on Xav but that was a bit nasty! She started trying to figure out who was the voice in the message bank,it wasn't April,or Indi...Sasha! It must of been Sasha Bezimel! Ruby shakes her head. This ought to be good.

Lottie slammed the car door in a huff. She was angry for a lot reasons,but the big one was the fact that she had to move from the city to a small little town by the name of Summer Bay! She had to admit that the beach was pretty awesome! She started unpacking all of her clothes,Man she had a lot of clothes! She saw what looked like an old run down farm on her way down, she pretty much bored already so she decided that a little walk wouldn't hurt her! When she got to the old farm house she realized it was run down at all! She was confronted by a young boy,about her age.

"What do you think your doing?"

Thats all for now I hope you like it!

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Chapter 2


Lottie gulped,she stared at the young boy. Lottie started shaking. She really didn't like the situation she was in-she had a feeling that her mum wouldn't be to impressed either!

"Your trespassing!" Lottie backs away slowly.

"I'm...I'm s..s..sorry! I'll le..leave!" Lottie's backing away turned into a full bolt! She could hear the boy yelling out to her as she ran,she heard something like 'Don't come back' or something like that. Don't worry I wont,Lottie thought bitterly to herself. Lottie stops running and bends over panting. Lottie hears footsteps behind her.

"Are you alright?" Lottie looks up to see the boy staring at her with concern.

"I'm fine...Just a little bit freaked out..."

"No thanks to me right?" The young boy laughs slightly at his own joke."I'm Dexter! But everybody calls me Dex...Or geek...or even freak!" Lottie smiles slightly,maybe this Dex guy isn't to bad.

Two Days Later!

Ruby was in class,waiting for Sasha to enter the classroom.Everybody was staring at her, She could hear murmuring and whispering,she really didn't like it! Suddenly something hits her in the head,it was a piece of paper screwed up,Ruby finally got it straight enough to read it:

You are a disgusting person,Rot in hell you dirty cheater!

Tears welled up in Ruby's eyes as she chucks the piece of paper in the bin.

After school Sasha walked up to the surf club to grab a smoothie. Ruby had confronted her about letting people know that she had cheated. Sasha just laughed,what did Ruby expect! Sasha walked into the surf club and up to the bar.

"Berry smoothie please?" John nods and points to an empty table for Sasha to sit at.

"Hey stranger!" Sasha looked up to see Xav standing there."Can I sit?" Sasha nods. For some reason Sasha didn't know what to say to Xav.

Preview for the next Chapter!

Ruby's bullying gets worse!

Sasha and Xav get closer.

Dex and Lottie spend time together!

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Thank you ScreamingQueen2006!

Chapter 3

one week later

Ruby walked home by herself,she pretty much did everything by herself. Ruby sighs as she walks up the driveway and towards the letter box. She saw a piece of paper shoved into it,Ruby yanks it out and sees that it has her name on the front! She opens it up and reads it:

Ruby,I thought you might want to cheat on this aswell!

Ruby turns the piece of paper over to reveal some answers to a test at school that was coming up. Ruby stomps up the stairs and chuck the paper in the bin. Her life was going down the drain. She had stuffed things royally! Ruby wished she had never cheated on Xav!Ruby sits on the couch crying quietly. Maybe she should move.

Indi walked into the surf club,to find all of the river boys standing around a pool table. One of the wolf whistled at her. Indi walks up to the Gelato bar.

"Hey John! Can I please get a chocolate Gelato?"

"Sure!" John scoops up two lots of Gelato and hands it to Indi."That would be two dollars thanks!" Indi hands over the money.

"Thank you John!" John points the ice-cream scoop at Indi.

"No! Thank you!" Indi laughs and makes her way upstairs to Angelos. When Indi got to Angelos nobody was there! Not even people working!

"Hello!" Indi couldn't hear a reply. Until she heard someone groan in pain."Where are you?!" Indi started running around like a crazy person,looking under chairs and tables trying to find where this person was.

"Kitchen..." The man in pain managed to say. Indi runs into the kitchen and found Darryl Braxton laying on the floor with blood coming out of his arm.

"What the hell happened?"

Thats it! sorry you didn't see any xav and Sasha or Lottie and Dex

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WOW three chapters already you update fast.

A very interesting start can't wait to see what you have in store for all the couples. It was quite bad that Ruby cheated on Xavier, Oh and I wonder what has happened to Brax :unsure:

Well Done Phoebe. :D

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Thank you Sarah and Steve! Sarah thanks for the comment about my avatar! :) I like yous as well!

Chapter 4!


"Now...That...Is...None...Of...Your...Concern!" Brax screams in pain again.

"Right! I'll call the hospital!"Indi pulls out her phone and dials the number of the hospital.

"Hello how can I help you?" Indi didn't know how to describe the wound on Braxs arm. His Muscly arm...

"I think it might be a stab wound but I'm not sure! Please meet me outside the surf club?"

"We will send the ambulance right over!"

"Thank you!" Indi hung up and attempts to pull Brax off of the ground,the attempt failed."Sorry! I have the strength of spaghetti!" Brax lets out a little laugh and manages to get himself up off the ground.

"Thanks...What's your name again?" Indi sighs. Thats one of the downfalls of being a goody-goody,your easily forgotten!

"Indi...Indi Walker!" Brax nods.

"Thanks Indi..."

"No probs!"

"That's not fair!"Dex and Lottie were playing a game of chess,and Dex couldn't believe how good Lottie was!

"I won fair and square see!" Lottie points to where she had placed her king. She was right! She had won fair square!

"Ok! Ok! Do you want to go for a swim?" Dex wasn't really a fan of swimming! But he was planning on asking Lottie out at the beach.

"Nah! But I wouldn't mind a walk along the beach though!" Dex smiled and started packing up the chess pieces.

"Are you going to help or are you going to watch?" Dex asks jokingly.

"Watch!"Dex rolled his eyes as he puts the final piece in the box.

At the beach!

Dex grabs a stick, and carefully writes the six words that will either make him or brake him!

'Will You Go Out With Me?' Dex stands there waiting for Lottie to look at what he had written the sand. When Lottie sees it her jaw drops.

"Did you write that?"Lottie asks with a bit of excitement in her voice.


"I will go out with you!" Lottie gives Dex a hug and Dex hugs Lottie back.

Sasha was walking up the hallway when Ruby tapped her on the shoulder.

"Go away Ruby!" Ruby tapped on her shoulders again."I said go away!"

"But this is important!" Sasha angrily turns around.

"What?" Sasha yells clearly annoyed.

"You have to tell everybody to give me a brake! Please?"

"Why should I? Your the one who cheated on Xav with Romeo! Not me!"

"I know! But your the one who put it on the school blog!"

"Yeah! The same blog you used to tell everybody about how Stu bashed me! Let me tell you,that did not go down well with Stu!"

"I know! I'm sorry for that! But please fix this for me! Please?" Sasha sighed.

"Fine!" Sasha finds a chair and stands on it."Everybody listen up!" All of the students eyes turn to Sasha,Sasha points to Ruby."This little cheater! Has learnt her lesson! So everybody can back off now!" Everybody nodded their heads in agreement,Sasha steps down from the chair.

"Thank you so much Sash!" Sasha just nods and walks off

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Chapter 5!


Sasha realized she hadn't been very nice lately,she was tossing and turning in bed,she had developed a guilty conscious.Sasha sits up in bed,she really couldn't do anything about it now,wait a minute! She could! Sasha grabs her laptop and turns it on. As soon as the page loaded Sasha clicked on a link she has on the desktop for Facebook and she signs in,and was surprised to see Ruby actually online Sasha sends her a message:

Hey...Sorry for being mean lately! Ruby replied pretty much straight away!

Thats alright! I did a bad thing! Sasha really didn't know what to say.

Well....Goodnight! XX

Night XX Sasha signed out and logged off the computer and rested her head on her pillow and went to sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow!

Early the next morning!

"So Indi! You have no idea what happened?" Indi nodded. She didn't understand why her own father wont believe her! She had never ever lied to him!

"Yes Dad! I don't know how many times I have to say it!" Sid puts both of his hands in front of him.

"Calm down! Can I please have my head back?" Indi frowns.

"No! And get stuffed!" Sid raised his eyebrows as Indi walks into Braxs hospital room.

"How are you feeling?"Brax looks up at Indi finding a little bit hard to remember who this girl was.

"I'm fine...." Brax finally realizes who it was. He takes Indi's hand and holds it tight."How are you feeling? You look a bit stressed!" Indi sniggers.

"It's just my dad not believing me when I tell him I don't know what happened to you!" Brax nods. He still hasn't let go of her hand.

"Lets make a deal! I'll tell you what happened,and then you'll go on a date with me!" Indi nodded."A member from the other gang and I were having a a fight and then he got hold of a knife and stabbed me in the arm!" Ind gasped. That sounded terrible!

"You poor thing! Now! When is our date?" Indi asks with a smile.

"Well...I'm out of here tomorrow so in two days time?" Indi smiles at Brax.

"Sounds good to me!"

That's it!

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Chapter 6!


Brax carefully put the roses in a vase and placed the vase on the table. He had everything planned out for this date,first they would eat then they would dance then they would have dessert...Thats how far he had gotten! He was hoping that nothing would happen!He had cooked a potato bake for the main then he tried making apple crumble for dessert! Brax was so nervous! He couldn't believe the amount of butterflies that were in his stomach, Indi was really kind and caring! Brax and his brothers never really knew anybody like that growing up,which kind of gave Brax a disadvantage!He had no idea how to act around her! There was a knock on the door Brax smiled as he opened the door to reveal Indi in a red dress that fitted her perfectly!

"Can I come in? Or are you just going to stand there staring at me?!" Indi asked jokingly. Brax moved out of the way allowing Indi to walk through the door."Wow!You did well!" Indi looked around the room in amazement!

"I did try my best!" Indi giggled"Have a seat!" Brax pulled back a chair for Indi to sit on.

"Thanks Brax!" Brax nodded and sat down.

"The potato Bake is almost ready!" Indi smiled politely.

"Great!I'm starving!"

Thirty Minutes Later!

"Wow! That Apple crumble was amazing!Thanks Brax! Tonight was really great! But I better get going!" Indi headed for door but Brax grabbed her hand.

"Do you really have to go?"

"Well...We could take a walk along the beach!"

"Sounds good to me!

Thats it for now!

EDIT!-Making it G content!

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