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Thanks Sarah!

Chapter 13!


Indi got out of Braxs car, and with Brax by her side she entered in the restaurant, to find her family already sitting at a table waiting for them. Dex looks up and his mouth drops he taps Lottie’s and Sasha’s arms to get their attention. Indi and Brax approached the table.

“Hey guys!” Indi said cheerfully. “You guys know Brax, right?”

“Hi!” Brax says nervously. He grabs Indi’s hand, Indi thought he was going to brake her hand he was squeezing it that hard.

“Please sit….” Sid tells them cautiously. Indi frowns, her dad was being childish.

“He doesn’t bite!” Sid still looks a bit scared.

“Dad you’re being stupid! Hi! Brax” Sasha greets Brax warmly.

“Hi Sash!” They smile politely at each other.

“I’m Lottie Ryan! Dexs girlfriend!” Lottie extends her hand out for a handshake.

“Darryl Braxton or Brax” Dex just sips his coke. “Hi Dex!” Dex looks over at Brax who was now sitting down.


The next day!

Ruby sat on a chair in Romeo’s hospital room. Romeo had hit his head on the ground and after Ruby didn’t see him with his surf board Ruby had jumped off her surf board to save him. Now she started to drift off to sleep since she hadn’t slept at all the night before.

“Ruby…” Romeo said quietly because he was still half asleep.

“Romeo! Did you just speak?” Romeo nodded slightly.

“Yes…” Ruby kissed Romeo on the forehead.

“I’m so glad! I have to get a doctor though!” Romeo nods.

“Talk to you later!” Ruby runs out to the reception.

“Todd Smith just woke up!” The nurse frowns.

“Sorry sweetheart I wasn’t here yesterday so what happened to him?”

“He fell off his surf board and hit his head.

“Ok! I’ll get a doctor!

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Chapter 14!


The night was going reasonably well. Dex and Sid were now convinced that Brax was a good guy.

“You’re nicer then you seem!” Dex said with a smile. Told ya! Indi said in her head.

“Well… I try to be nice!” Indi couldn’t help but think that Brax was getting ahead of himself in regards to her family.

“You ‘try’ to be nice?” Dex asks cautiously.

“I’m very successful at it!” Brax says confidently.

“Right! So you own Angelo’s…Right?” Brax nods. “ Is that hard work?”

“Yeah! It is!” Sid nods. Indi looks down at her watch 10.30pm!

“Guys its half past ten I’ve got uni in the morning Sash, Dex and Lottie have school and Dad and Brax have work so let’s head!” Indi grabs her purse and makes her way over to the counter. Brax walks up to her and spins her around to face him.

“How did I go?” Indi thought that the dinner hadn’t gone to bad considering what could’ve happened.

“You went well! I have to pay-“Brax cuts her off.

“I’m paying for you!” Indi smiles.

“If you insist!” Brax leads Indi over to the counter, to pay for her and his meal.

“Thanks Brax!” Brax smiles.

“Anytime!” Brax kisses Indi’s forehead and leaves.

The next Day!

Sasha though about how Indi introduced Brax to everybody. Man! Indi has a lot of guts! Sasha took the scenic route to school. It turns out that Sasha liked the beach, maybe it’s because she and Xav met here. Sasha found a rock she to skim it across the water like Xav had done before.

“You’re not doing it right Sash!” A familiar voice called out from behind her. “You have to have arm like this” An arm moved her arm to how it’s supposed to be. “Then you go like this!” The arm moved Sasha’s arm around in a circle.

“Thanks!” Sasha turned to see who her helper was, it was Xav! “Please tell me you were putting on a voice?” Sasha asked.

“I was honestly putting on a voice!” Sasha laughed.

“That’s good then! Because I didn’t recognise your voice!” Xav put his arm around Sasha.

“How did dinner go with Indi’s new boyfriend? Who is Indi’s new boyfriend?” Sasha smiled up at Xav

“It went really well! And…Brax is Indi’s new boyfriend!”

“Are you serious? Brax and Indi! No way!” Sasha laughed.

“Yes way! Speaking of dinner and new boyfriends…” Sasha looked at Xav nervously. “Would you come over today? You know! To meet dad and stuff...” Xav nodded.

“Sure! I’ll meet you at the school gates!” Sasha smiled as her and Xav walked into school together.

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