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Blue Lagoon telemovie


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Former Home and Away cast members

Brenton Thwaites and Indiana Evans are set to star in a telemovie remake of The Blue Lagoon.

The story, which starred Christopher Atkins & Brooke Shields in 1980, will be remade for the female-skewed US cable channel Lifetime. Filmed in Fiji, the movie featured Aussie actors including Gus Mercurio, Leo McKern and Alan Hopgood. It proved to be a big success in its day, while the 1991 sequel Return To The Blue Lagoon also launched the career of Milla Jovovich.

Based on the 1908 novel by Henry De Vere Stacpoole, the story centres around a young boy and girl marooned on a tropical island where they grow up together, fall in love and discover sexuality. It was previously filmed in 1923 and 1949.

Thwaites also recently appeared in Foxtel’s teen drama SLiDE while Evans was seen in ABC’s Crownies.

Filming is due to begin this month in Puerto Rico.


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Credit: news.com.au

Blue Lagoon revisited: Brenton Thwaites and Indiana Evans bare it all in isle romp

IT was the film of the risque beach romp film and it made international superstars of Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins.

Now two young Australians are set to bring Blue Lagoon back to celluloid life and kick-start their Hollywood careers in the process.

Home And Away alumni Indiana Evans and Brenton Thwaites have won a global search for the lead roles in a reboot of the classic coming-of-age movie which first shocked the world on release in 1980.

Photos of Indiana Evans

Thwaites, who won local acclaim last year for his breakthrough role in Foxtel's local teen drama Slide, told The Daily Telegraph that the new script promised to be racier than the original.

"It's quite heavy and a completely different storyline," he said. "The only similarity is that it's on an island and called Blue Lagoon. I'm pretty much naked for a lot of it which is going to be, um, different."

The 22-year-old is expected to jet home "to pack up" direct from India, where he is currently appearing in Brendan Cowell's new film, Save Your Legs.

He came to the attention of studio executives after a two-month stint in Los Angeles late last year.

His "first job in the States" would bring extra scrutiny, he said, but was "really excited to be doing this with Indi".

He joked: "There's going to be a lot of interest in why they gave these jobs to two Aussies, so no pressure".

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celeb...2#ixzz1m4fnkXgN

Images with article



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From Summer Bay to Blue Lagoon for actor Indiana Evans

* by: Brittany Stack

* From: The Sunday Telegraph

* February 12, 2012 12:00AM

NDIANA Evans hopes she can sizzle the screen in the same way Brooke Shields won over fans in The Blue Lagoon.

Starring in a telemovie remake of the 1980s Hollywood hit, 21-year-old Indiana Evans said she was both daunted and excited about her new role.

"It is so exciting and the role did such great things for Brooke Shields, but it's also nerve-racking," the former Home And Away star said.

She will star alongside Aussie actor Brenton Thwaites in the remake by Lifetime Television about stranded teens falling in love on a deserted island.

"When you do a remake, there's a lot of pressure because people always love the original. "I watched it and Brooke is devastatingly beautiful, so that adds even more pressure. I'm a bit nervous."

The Crownies actress has been auditioning stateside for the past three years and has come painfully close to securing several big US roles, including Alice in Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland.

"It is really nice to finally get something," she said.

"I have always been ambitious about getting a US role, and if ever there is some frustration it is still encouraging to get close to big roles because it implies there is somewhere to go.

"If I was getting nowhere with it, I think I would get more frustrated and wonder why I was doing this (acting).

"This (the telemovie) is certainly a step forward."

Evans is yet to meet co-star Thwaites, who also starred in Home And Away, but said it will be comforting to share the experience with a fellow Aussie.

"We can be homesick together," she said.

"There will be lots of Skype-ing with the family."

Filming on The Blue Lagoon will begin in Los Angeles and Puerto Rico later this month.


I'm looking forward to watching it! It'll be interesting to see them play a more mature part. I'm glad Indiana finally got a part in a US production.

Thank you QA and Leek_1988 for the articles! :D

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The 1980 film was racy for the time, but I suppose it would look tame by today's standards. I think the boy in that version spent most of his time naked too.

It would be! :D Im a fan as well. Brooke sent me an autograph card once and sadly I dont have it anymore and one of my friends met Chris Atkins in person and he seems like a nice person and cares about his fans.

Should be interesting.

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