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  1. Five Summers - Una LaMarche
  2. First of all, I'd like to say that I loved the season finale , regarding that I can almost fully agree with Slade, however I didn't really like Elena without her humanity. The writers have built her character upon that compassion and love towards others and without that, in my opinion, she was too similar to Katherine.... As for Caroline and Klaus, I loved their scenes, I've loved them from the beginning and that scene after the graduation at the school was one of the best they had. Sadly, Joseph Morgan has signed to "The Originals" for next fall so Klaus will most likely not be in TVD n
  3. You know everyone always talks about how you shouldn't wear like just clothes from expensive brands so now I feel kinda bad..... Billabong jeans Black top A&F sweater O'Neill jacket ...
  4. The Da Vinci Code Live Free Or Die Hard Speed 2: Cruise Control I watch like thousands of films when I'm on holidays EDIT: Step Up I just loooove Channing Tatum *swoon*
  5. OMG Phoebe you're back!!!! I'm so sorry guys I haven't been online for like months :// And a warm welcome from me, Victoria, if you ever wanna talk or have a question or anything, you can PM me or anyone of us, we're all kind human beings and do not bite
  6. Wow, those Stefan/Elena scenes in 4x10 were so heartbreaking I mean I'm 100% a Delena-shipper but I was totally heartbroken by those scenes.... :/ I mean, who didn't feel shattered after: Rebekah: Do you still love Stefan? Elena: Yes. Are you still IN love with Stefan? Elena: No. </3
  7. I've been re-watching "older" episodes from 2008, right when Adelle began to happen and I must say, I feel so bad for Nic. She has that crush on Aden and he only has eyes for Belle. I mean don't get me wrong, I adored Belle and Aden together but I just feel sorry for her. :/
  8. Gorgeous icons Bec, the colouring is beautiful
  9. @Bec: They're from the Blue Lagoon Lifetime Movie Wow, stunning icons!!!
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