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Having now watched a vast amount of the episodes from 1988-90 I thought it would be interesting to discuss who our favourites are from the original cast members.

So, who do you rate the most out of the following:
















For me, the following characters are the best: 1. Celia 2. Martin 3. Lance 4. Bobby 5. Donald 6. Carly 7. Sally. These are my top favourites listed in order. I do like the rest of the characters but the ones I mentioned above are the characters I feel the most emotional investment in from the original cast. I like Pippa but I don't think she's the strongest of characters. Alf became a legend but for the first two years I don't think I love him as much as the others. Ailsa was great at first but she became less and less feisty as the years progressed. Floss was great but often dragged down by Neville. They really should have stayed longer.

Having said all that, listing the characters from the original cast list it strikes me how the cast worked so well as an ensemble in the beginning. Whereas today I could easily choose my favourite characters, the older episodes show how each character plays an important role in the community. For example despite Alf not having been a favourite, I have loved his relationship with Celia andhis presence would have been missed from the earlier episodes.

In terms of characterisation, Bobby and Donanld come out on top IMO, but Celia, Lance and Martin represent the heart of the show for its first two years.

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I like Tom and Pippa the best. When I was little I mainly grew up with the Pippa/Michael era. I only had vague memories of the early episodes. I do remember Pippa being blonde one episode and dark haired the next :blink: I like Vanessa Downing more as Pippa now I've now seen most of the episodes up until 520. Also I like little Sally, Steven and Lynn. - Shame they didn't keep Lynn a little longer.

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