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Story Title: Complications!

Type of Story: Long Fanfiction.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Home And Away.

Main Characters: Charlie, Brax & Others.

BTTB Rating: A

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst & General.

Spoilers: Not Sure Yet.

Any Warnings: Sexual Scenes/References, Violence, Language, Drug Use/References.

Summary: Is it possible for a Braxton to love a Buckton? Is it possible for happiness to happen with all these complications?

Authors note: I did previously have two stories on here, Secrets every family has them, and trouble in paradise. Those to have been stopped and this one put forward. Please tell me what you think, and if you would like to take over the other stories just let me know please.

Chapter One: Forgive me?

“How can she have done this Casey? How can she lie and betray me like this? We promised to be honest with each other; we promised we would tell each other everything” Casey stood staring at his girlfriend as she paced back and forth on her bedroom floor.

“Ruby I know you don’t like what they did, how they went about things. But Ruby I also know why they did these things, why they didn’t tell us about their relationship”

“How would you know Casey? You aren’t them” Ruby screamed at him, she was angry and taking it out on Casey, yet was it his fault? No. It was there fault Charlie and Brax’s, how could they fall for each other, a cop and a Riverboy, why was Charlie being so hypocritical?

Ruby sighed and plopped down on the bed next to Casey, slowly taking his hand and lacing her fingers through his. Casey looked at Ruby slightly but was still reeling from being on the receiving end of Ruby’s anger.

“Look Case I am sorry, okay? I didn’t mean to snap at you, I guess I just want to understand what Charlie is thinking. I have questions that need to be answered but I don’t think I can ask her, I can’t bring myself to talk to Charlie” Ruby wiped away a tear that spilled from her eyes; she didn’t understand whether it was because of anger or sadness.

“Ask Charlie; let her give you an explanation. Rubes, it will help you understand what their reasons were. Ruby Brax has been miserable these last couple of days and well Charlie probably hasn’t been any better. I am sure she doesn’t want to lose you Ruby, why don’t all of us have lunch at Angelo’s we can talk to them together” Ruby thought about it for a moment before picking up her phone.

“Alright I will text her and ask, but Case you have to promise to be there” Casey squeezed Ruby’s hand.

“Of course Rubes, now text her” Ruby gave a small force smile.


Charlie lay silently in Brax’s arms wishing that everything could just fade away, she couldn’t stop thinking about all that had happened in the last few days, everyone knew about them being a couple and no one had taken it well. When Charlie looked into her stepmother’s eyes she saw the betrayal and anger hidden deep, as though she couldn’t let it be seen. She saw clearly the hurt she had caused Ruby the daughter she loved more than life itself, and then there were her best friends the ones that felt as if they weren’t worth trusting.

Charlie let the tears streak down her cheeks like the raindrops on the window, Brax felt the tears falling onto his chest and he quickly pulled Charlie in tighter and began to rub soothing circles on her back all while thinking about everything that had happened.

He knew he had been disloyal to the Riverboys, he saw the anger and frustration in their eyes, they were meant to be his family and yet he had betrayed them. He saw the hurt in Charlie’s eyes and he was suffering because he knew he was the one to push for this outcome.

Charlie heard her phone vibrate sighing she reached over to pick it up, who would it be this time yelling abuse at her. Unlocking her phone she was shocked to see the name Ruby flashing on her screen, 1 message it made her smile.

“Brax, it’s Ruby” Charlie said in a strained excited voice.

“What does it say baby?” Charlie opened the message with her eyes closed; finally opening one she looked down and read aloud.

‘Charlz, 1 hour Angelo’s I need an explanation. Rubes’

Even though that was all the message said she smiled and turned to Brax, he grinned a smile only a Braxton could.


At exactly 1 o’clock Charlie and Brax sat at a booth in Angelo’s, Charlie could feel her heart beating furiously inside her; yes she was nervous who wouldn’t be. Charlie didn’t know what would happen if she lost Ruby, but she couldn’t bring herself to walk away from Brax, not that it would fix the damage that had already been done.

Charlie heard footsteps approaching and looked up just in time to see Casey and Ruby slide into the booth. She didn’t know what to say how to react, what would Ruby want her to say?

“Hey Case, Rubes” Brax said grinning all the while, Charlie wished she could be as carefree as him, not worrying about anything and only going for what makes you happy.

“Hey Brax, Charlie” Casey said looking at Charlie he gave her a soft smile and somehow it made Charlie feel a little bit stronger.

“Hi Casey, Ruby” Ruby didn’t acknowledge Charlie she instead looked straight at Brax.

“I want an explanation, what gave you two the idea it would be alright to lie and deceive me?” Ruby wasn’t one for small talk she was always straight to the point, and right now she only had one question in her mind why?

“Alright Ruby, I know you want your mother to explain all this to you. But it’s only going to work if you agree that you won’t get up and storm out like last time, Ruby I know this has an effect on you, believe me I know. But Charlie doesn’t want to lose you, so you need to listen to us” Ruby looked at Brax for a second and then at Casey and then back to Brax.

“I won’t storm out; now Charlie will you tell me about this, why? When? How?” Charlie looked down at her napkin and felt Brax squeeze her hand.

“First you have to believe me Ruby when I say I never meant to hurt you, Rubes your my daughter and I love you so much. When you first got with Casey I was scared, it’s not every day that your daughter the one you try so hard to protect falls in love with a Riverboy. As you and Casey started seeing each other more, I was getting more worried, while you were out with him, I was at the station getting call after call about the Riverboys terrorizing someone else” Charlie took a deep breath. “I guess you could say it took me a good 3 months to realise maybe Casey wasn’t all that bad and that he was actually a good kid, then it happened I didn’t mean for it to, Brax came around looking for Casey, we got into an argument, like always and then it happened. I didn’t expect it to, I knew he was bad but there was an attraction. I couldn’t let anyone know for the sake of my job, being a cop is my life Ruby; I put so much time and effort into it. I just didn’t want to have to watch it all go to waste”

Ruby looked at her mother and then at Brax, she still wanted answers to some questions but she was being to understand that it was for the sake of Charlie’s job.

“How long have you to been seeing each other?” Casey asked the question as though he read it from Ruby’s mind.

“About 3 months Casey, look Ruby I didn’t want to hurt you I wanted anything but. Brax was always pushing for us to tell you, but I couldn’t I honestly didn’t know how I would tell you something like this. Ruby I love my job, I love you and I love Brax, I want to be happy all those things make me happy, Ruby I can’t stand the sight of you being mad at me, I need to know that we can work through this”

Ruby looked at her mother and sighed, how could she stay mad at Charlie, she had made a mistake and wasn’t it only fair that she forgave Charlie. As Charlie had forgiven her after every mistake she made.

“Charlie, I love you too. You’re my best friend and my mother, as long as we promise to be honest from now on, no more lies, no more protecting, just honest. I don’t see any reason why I can’t forget and forgive” Ruby leaned over and hugged her mother, Charlie had tears in her eyes, her little girl had forgiven her.


Lunch went great, everyone sat chatting and laughing and it was as though nothing had happened. Brax looked at his girlfriend and saw the way her face lit up when Ruby started telling her all about the last few days and everything she had missed out on. Feeling his phone vibrate he pulled it out of his pocket and found Casey to be doing the same thing. Opening the text message Brax nearly choked on his beer.

‘I’m baccck!! Can’t wait to see you. Love A xx”

Casey coughed and looked over at Brax, who was as pale as a ghost. Was she really back was all he could think.


Next chapter:

Who is A?

Why is Brax reacting like this?

Please comment/review guys tell me what you think of this, who do you think A will be?

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Chapter Two: I’m Back For Good!!


Brax stared at his phone not taking his eyes off it, could she really be back? She wasn’t meant to be, he was meant to have another 2 months before she was to return home, what was she doing here? Who let her leave and get on a plane? Who paid for her airfare?

Brax felt Charlies hand come to rest on his thigh and he quickly exited the message and put his phone back in his pocket, how was his girlfriend who was only just beginning to become happy now react to this, would she still want to be with him when she found out?

Brax quickly glanced over to Casey just to see his younger brother staring back at him.

“Brax” Casey said even though you could barely hear him, it was like his voice had disappeared.

“Yeah Case?” Brax asked sighing; he didn’t know what to do with his knew found information, why had she sent him and Casey a text message? Did she send one to Heath?

“Do you think it’s true?” Brax grimaced and nodded slightly.

“I wouldn’t put it past her Case, you know how she is” Casey nodded slightly, and the boys suddenly became aware that they were being watched by their girls.

“What’s going on boys?” Ruby asked expecting an answer, but instead she just got silence it was if they were in thought.

“Nothing is going on Ruby, look me and Case have to go and meet up with Heath. Why don’t we have dinner here tonight all of us as a sort of celebration to a fresh start” Charlie smiled and kissed Brax’s cheek.

“That’s sounds great babe” Just as everyone was beginning to say their good-byes and get up Heath burst through the doors of Angelo’s and stormed up to their booth.

“Did you get the message?” He puffed out, resting his hand on the table. Casey was about to answer but Brax held a hand up to stop his younger brother.

“Yes we did, look we can talk about it after Charlie and Ruby get going” Charlie and Ruby looked straight at Brax giving him a look. “We will talk to you girls later, I love you Charlie” With that the Buckton girls left and the 3 Braxton brothers looked at each other.


Looking down at her phone she could help but smirk, oh yes she was back and all hell was about to break loose, she was back for good.

Smiling she flipped her hair as she skipped up the beach towards the diner almost knocking a woman over.

“Sorry about that, I’m just in a bit of a rush” She said looking at the women.

“No problem, I’m Charlie and this is my daughter Ruby. Do you need help in finding a place?” Charlie smiled at the young girl before her that didn’t look to be more the 16.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Alexandra but you can call me Allie. I was just looking Darryl Braxton if you know him, I thought he owned a restaurant down this way so I was heading to the diner” Charlie and Ruby looked at Allie with a bit of confusion.

“Yes he owns Angelo’s we just came from there, it’s just that building right there, you just go through the surf club and up the stairs. I am Brax’s girlfriend and this is Casey’s girlfriend. How do you know the Braxton’s?” Allie was shocked so they had girlfriends.

“Thank-you for that, it was very nice to meet you but I must keep moving. See you around” Charlie and Ruby stood shocked as they watched the strange girl left. Who was she? How did she know the Braxton’s? Were the questions swimming through Charlies head.


Meanwhile at Angelo’s Brax was pacing back and forth trying to figure out how she got here.

“Brax come on, she is a smart girl” Casey said, Brax looked at his younger brother and smirked.

“That’s she is, but I want to know why she is here. Why would she come here without telling me?” Heath shrugged his shoulders and poured himself another drink.

“She is a trouble maker, she wouldn’t tell you unless she was here to cause trouble” Brax nodded and poured himself a drink he needed it.


At 7 o’clock Charlie and Ruby walked into Angelo’s to see Brax and Casey sitting at a table, walking over to join them they noticed Heath was know where to be seen.

“Hi girls” Brax said smiling as he leaned into kiss Charlie.

“Hi babe, how are you? Did you sort everything out before?” Brax nodded slightly as everyone sat down again.

“Yes actually Heath is just sorting it all out now and then he will join us” As he was saying that Heath walked in with the girl Charlie and Ruby had bumped into early that day.

“Hey guys sorry I’m late, someone had a little trouble getting out of the car” The girl they remember as Allie poked her tongue out at Heath and plopped down into a chair.

“Charlie Ruby I would like you to meet...” Allie looked at Charlie and smirked a little, which Brax noticed. “She is my daughter Charlie”

Charlie didn’t say anything she just sat looking at Allie, it became clear now she had the same hair colour as Brax and his crystal blue eyes, and that smirk that was the Braxton smirk they all wore it Brax, Heath and Casey. She sat there looking so innocent as if she hadn’t met Charlie before, but why didn’t she say anything why didn’t she say that Brax was her father when Charlie told her she was Brax girlfriend.

“Charlie come on say something please” Brax pleaded with his girlfriend.

“Damn did I just screw up your relationship without saying anything, oh geez I’m good” Heath grabbed his nieces arm and pulled her to her feet.

“Shut up, you are not helping” Heath said to his niece annoyed that she would say something like that.

“Charlie please say something anything” Brax said taking his girlfriend’s hand in his.


Next Chapter:

How will Charlie react?

Will she leave Brax?

Please leave a comment/review would love to hear what you guys are thinking.

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