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Um wow!

Before I read the chapter I thought it was an ex, but as soon as I started reading the chapter I had a feeling it might be a daughter.

Wow the ending sounded a bit awkward for everyone involved!!

More soon please :D

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Chapter Three: Why didn’t you tell me?

Charlie didn’t know what to say she didn’t know how to react, she was angry and she had every right to be. Why had Brax kept this from her? He should have told her, he should have told her straight up, instead of keeping secrets because now she would have to deal with it right then and now. Charlie sat looking at the daughter of her boyfriend, there she was standing with her uncle as if nothing was wrong, why did she think she was ruining their relationship. Charlie new she couldn’t explode and storm out of the room, she needed to stay and hear him out right? To hear what he had to say.

“Charlie baby come on, you need to talk to me please. I need you to hear me out babe please talk say something anything” Everyone watched the couple intently as Brax crouched down in front of his girlfriend.

“Why?” Charlie whispered trying to control her anger, to not let it be seen by anyone. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Charlie asked again this time louder.

Brax didn’t know what to say, he had expected her to yell maybe even scream at him, yet she was calm and he didn’t know what to say. Looking towards his daughter he knew he couldn’t let her hear what he was about to say to Charlie, she didn’t need to hear any of it.

“Heath can you take Allie, Case and Ruby home. I need to explain to Charlie” Heath looked at his brother and nodded slightly.

“Eh okay, let’s go kids I might be able to catch the start of the footy” Heath said, on his way out he flashed Charlie a supportive smile, something nobody expected to ever be done by Heath Braxton.

“Alright Charlie I can explain now, I just didn’t think they had to hear what I was going to say” Charlie nodded and waited for Brax to begin, not looking him in the eyes she played with her napkin, when realising he hadn’t begun she turned to look at him.

“Talk Brax tell me what I need to hear”

“Charlie you have to believe me when I say I didn’t want to hurt you, it’s just that our relationship is so different you have said it yourself Charlie you’re a cop and I’m a Riverboy. I wanted to tell you about Allie so much Charlie but I also had to think about my daughter, she has watched me bring women home night after night, but she never even got to say more than hi to them before they were gone. I guess I have grown up and I didn’t want to hurt her not again, this time I wanted it to be different I wanted you to be in love with me for real and when I found out you were and we came out into the open I didn’t know how to tell you. Look Charlie I know I’m not perfect I have made a mistake by keeping Allie a secret but I thought I was protecting her and now you are both angry at me, but the truth is I never wanted to hurt you Charlie”

“Brax” Charlie interrupted the Riverboy. “Your rambling, I understand that you didn’t want to disappoint Allie or even hurt her. And now I want to know about how she came about, Brax you need to tell me everything now, I want the truth Brax and nothing but”

“Charlie” Brax started, but she just sent him a look.

“I need the truth Brax, who is her mother?”

“You won’t know her she was two years younger than me; I met her when I was 12. She was only 10 when we met she came from a troubled background and she found in me friendship and comfort. I listened to her troubles and offered her a shoulder to cry on, I remember the nights she used to come to my house and slip through the window crying, because her father hit her again. I was there and that’s when we started our relationship, it was on again off again, and then when I turned 16 she found out she was pregnant. She wasn’t happy about it she hated me, and well I couldn’t think about a child I was already raising Casey and he was nearly 2, mum had left and when I found out Tegan’s parents were forcing her to have the baby, I got so angry when Alexandra was born they took Tegan and ran, and there I was with Heath who was 14, Casey who was 2 and a new born daughter” Brax took a deep breath and then looked towards Charlie who had no emotion. “I hated her for a whole 4 years and that’s when she appeared again, I couldn’t let her see any of us and I refused to let her see Allie, and I remained a single parent. 2 years later on Allie’s 6th birthday she returned and it doesn’t matter how but we ended up sleeping together and well since that day we have had an off again on again relationship. Til this day Charlie she still hasn’t seen Alexandra and that suits Tegan fine, she doesn’t want to know the daughter we share she is content with the 4 year old she has now. But none of this matters it doesn’t make me happy, you make me happy Charlie and I would like for you and Charlie to join our family, please Charlie we can work through this I love you”

“Brax I don’t know, you kept a big secret from me but I also know I haven’t told you everything, but I can’t I’m not ready. Brax I am just not sure okay, I just don’t know”

“Charlie please baby, I know I kept a secret but I can promise you there is no more. Look baby I don’t want to force you into telling me anything if you are clearly not ready, but I want you to know that I am here and that whenever you are ready to confide in me I will still be here”

Charlie nodded slowly and then began to lift her head up so her eyes met Brax’s, she could see clearly the sadness that was behind them and it was that emotion that made this decision harder.

“I need to think about things, and I can’t do that here with you. We will meet tomorrow at 1 here and I will tell you what I think, can Rubes stay at your tonight? I need some time on my own” Brax nodded.

“Of course she can Charlie, I will tell her when I get home”

“Thank-you, I will see you later” Charlie got up and gave Brax a small kiss on the cheek.

“Bye Charlie remember I love you” Charlie didn’t know what to say she didn’t think she could say anything so instead she just walked out leaving Brax standing there by himself.


Brax walked through the door of his house to see Heath watching the footy with Case and Rubes while his daughter was painting her nails at the dinner table.

“Ey Brax, how’d it go?” Ruby looked up upon hearing Heath speak, but instead of saying anything she decided to get her things together ready to leave.

“Rubes, take a seat” The teenager looked confused but sat back down slowly. “Allie I think you should go to your room or for a walk” Allie looked at her dad with fire in her eyes.

“Why? Why should I have to leave? After all I have a right to know what went on dad” Heath changed the channel and then quickly glanced at his niece.

“Don’t argue, just go” Sighing she knew there was no point in arguing with Heath as he would win every time, his word was final and she knew that. Picking up her jacket she walked out slamming the door behind her, Brax ignored his daughter and gave Ruby a small soft smile.

“Your mum is at home she needs some time to think and make some decisions, so she asked if you could say here and I said yes, so you can if you want, if you don’t feel comfortable I don’t want to force you into anything” Ruby smiled, which suddenly caused Brax to shut up.

“Stop rambling Brax, of course I will stay. Thank-you for letting me” Ruby said smiling as she hugged Casey.


Charlie sat on the beach in tears she didn’t know what to do, she loved Brax with all her heart she couldn’t deny it even if she tried, and yes he screwed up by not telling her about Allie and keeping the secret, but she was also keeping a secret from him, the secret about Ruby.

After sitting there for another 10 minutes Charlie finally decided it wasn’t worth sulking over and got up and decided to leave, but when she turned around she saw Allie standing in front of her.

“Leave my dad alone, you are nothing but a toy to him, your times up Buckton leave us alone”


Next Chapter:

Will Brax find out about what Allie said?

Will Charlie and Brax remain together?

Please comment/review, love to hear your guys thoughts.

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