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Chapter Four: 1 Step In The Right Direction!

A tired Charlie strolled into Angelo’s at around 1 to see Brax already sitting at a table. She had to admit she didn’t know what she was going to say, she was nervous and her mind was still reeling from her encounter last night with Allie last night. Was she really just another one of his toys? That was one question she couldn’t answer for herself.

“Charlie you look tired, babe did you sleep at all last night?” Brax asked as his girlfriend took a seat beside him.

“No not really I couldn’t, Brax I am still not really sure what I want, I thought it would be clearer after I had time to think about it, but the truth is its just more messed up. I know I need you in my life, we have been through so much together and we need to try and work through this. But Brax you need to be honest with me, if we are honest we have trust and if we have trust we have a relationship”

“Oh Charlie I love you so much, I need you in my life too, I promise its honesty all the way now” Charlie gave a small smile and leaned into kiss him, yes she was in love with a Riverboy.

“Brax I do have a question though” Charlie stated nervously.

“Okay babe, what is it?” He asked as he looked through the menu. Charlie knew she needed to know the answer so she took a deep breath.

“Am I just a toy?” Brax froze and looked up shocked.

“What?” He uttered out, and dropped the menu. “Babe of course you’re not a toy, I love you with all my heart. Now where would you get an idea like that aye?” Brax asked smiling softly, but Charlie didn’t say anything she just stared at her wine glass. “Charlie answer me”

“From Allie Brax, I bumped into her last night on the beach” Brax didn’t say anything he was to busying wondering why his daughter would do such a thing. “Brax say something, I am sure she didn’t mean it, she was probably just angry”

“Al barely says anything she doesn’t mean, come with me I have to go see her”

“Brax is that a good idea, she doesn’t like me” Charlie stated nervously.

“You need to” Brax said as he pulled Charlie from her chair, and together they walked hand in hand to Brax’s place.


Bursting into the house Brax ignored everyone but his daughter.

“You have some explaining to do, what the hell were you thinking last night Al?”

“What do you mean daddy?” Allie asked shocked to see Charlie standing there, she thought for sure she would have got rid of her last night.

“You told Charlie she was my toy” Brax stated coming around to stand in front of his daughter, his only child.

“Oh daddy, I didn’t” Allie said innocently.

“Don’t lie” Brax said loudly getting angry, he knew what game she was about to start playing.

“I’m not daddy I didn’t see Charlie, I wouldn’t lie daddy, she would though” Allie stated, she was getting angry that he dad was angry with her so she was now standing in front of him.

“Enough!” Heath stated loudly from his spot on the couch. “Don’t lie Al”

“Uncle Heath” Allie stated.

“Tell the truth Allie or I will ground your ass” Glancing sideways at her uncle she saw he wasn’t kidding and she plopped back down into her chair.

“Fine! So what if I told her that, it’s the truth” Allie stated smugly.

“Allie” Brax stated, he was starting to get angry again, what made his daughter think it was okay for someone to say something like that, when it involved another person’s feelings.

“Don’t Allie me dad, I told her and she is still here, I thought she would have got the hint” Brax couldn’t control his anger anymore.

“ALEXANDRA! Charlie is not a toy she is my girlfriend, you need to stop your silly nonsense” Charlie decided that she didn’t want Ruby to hear this, and that Casey probably shouldn’t either.

“Rubes Case, I think you should go to the beach, I heard the surf is really good today” Casey and Ruby got the hint and left quietly.

“Allie listen very carefully, Charlie is going to be around. I love her, but you need to understand that it won’t change my love for you, your my baby girl Allie” Brax said looking at his daughter with a look at showed her that he did love her.

“I don’t want her here daddy, she is a home wrecker”

“Alexandra!” Heath yelled while getting a beer out of the fridge. “You better apologize for that”

“No Uncle Heath” Allie said turning to him smartly.

“Now!” Allie sighed and new it wasn’t worth the fight.

“I’m sorry. Look dad I stand by what I did, I do not want her here”

“Well it’s my choice Al she is here…to stay, and its final” Brax said as he stormed out the front door slamming it and his car door.

Charlie was left standing in the lounge room with Allie who was angry and on the verge of tears, and Heath who was turning into a different person.

“You better do something about your attitude, don’t be such a smartass Allie” Heath said in a voice that made Charlie feel a little funny.

“Uncle Heath” Allie started to whine.

“No! He loves Charlie, Allie you need to accept that. So the surfs good aye Charlie? Well I better get going then, Al Charlie is going to be here with you, so you better behave or your ass is mine understood?” Allie gulped and nodded slowly at her uncle, yes he still scared her even though she was 14.

“Yes Uncle Heath”


Charlie sat down next to Allie; she didn’t dare even say a word. Allie looked over at her dad’s girlfriend and sighed.

“Charlie look I’m sorry, it’s just I have watched women walk in and out of my dad’s life, and I wasn’t ready for that to start again but when I heard the word girlfriend I guess I wasn’t ready for that either. I don’t want to see my dad hurt if you leave him”

“Allie I don’t want to hurt your dad, I love him. It has taken us a long time to get here to this place, I love him so much Allie, I want to spend the rest of my life with him”

“Aren’t you angry with him? Aren’t you angry he lied? Don’t you want to leave?” Charlie shook her head.

“Love is what’s making me stay, the love I have for your father is so strong it makes me weak inside. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes he makes I will probably always forgive him and it is because I love him, I chose to take a step in the right direction, this direction” Allie smiled.

“Promise never to hurt him?” Charlie shook her head.

“I can’t promise something like that Allie, but I will always try to do right by him” The teenager nodded.

“I better get to my room, I suppose dad would like to think Uncle Heath punished me, but let’s not tell him that I got away with being a stubborn little brat, I heard his car his home” Charlie sent Allie a small soft smile.

“I want us to get along Allie”

“I know, we can try”


Brax walked through the door to see Charlie smiling innocently.

“Everything is going to be okay Brax, Allie and I are going to get along. But I do have a question, when did Heath become…well for the lack of a better term sensible?” Brax laughed and Charlie joined in.

“Heath is well an idiot, but he loves his niece but he won’t take **** from her. Whereas she gets away with a lot more with me” Charlie nodded and leaned up to kiss Brax.

“I love you” She whispered.

“I love you to babe”


Heath came home later beer in hand; Allie jumped up from the table and stared at him.

“Uncle Heath, are you coming to have dinner with us at Angelo’s?” Heath shrugged.

“Eh why not a free meal from Brax, I’m in” Brax laughed and put his hands on Allie’s shoulders.

“You can pay from your own right Heath, everyone else can it can be on the house” Heath faked mocked hurt before grinning.

“I get on the house drinks though” Heath said as he walked out only thinking about raiding the bar.

“Uncle Heath you have a drink in your hand” Allie sighed walking out after him.


Next Chapter:

Allie’s first day of school?

Charlie gets a surprise.

Ruby makes a big decision.

Please comment/review, love to hear what you guys are thinking.

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Chapter Five: This is life now.


Allie strutted into school with a smile on her face she didn’t want to be here but she was and the only way to get out of this school early would be to cause trouble. Walking up to her locker she gave Ruby a dirty look, okay so Allie may be willing to give Charlie a chance as it going to save her from Heath ripping her to shreds, ruby was still a threat to her through and Allie wasn’t going to let her be with Casey.

“Allie” Casey said pulling the girl from her thoughts. “Ready for your first day?” glaring at his arms as they were hanging around ruby’s waist loosely.

“Actually I’m going head outside for some air before class Uncle Case” Casey gave his niece a quick look but nodded.

“Okay but first bell means get inside” Allie gave him a small smile before heading outside and lightening a smoke.

“Alexandra Braxton put that smoke out now” turning around Allie came face to face with Gina palmer the high school principle and boy she wasn’t happy.

“So smoking is against the rules?” Allie asked Gina in a smartass tone.

“Alexandra please come with me, I think we need to call your father” Allie smiled and followed the principle, to tell the truth Allie was glad it was her father as he would just babble on about being disappointed but nothing more than that.


Heath stood in the middle of the Summerbay high corridor looking well confused he didn’t even know where the office was in this building. Why did Allie have to get herself in trouble today? On her first day?

Storming into the office finally! Heath saw his rebellious niece listening to her iPod like nothing was going on, this girl needed an attitude adjustment. Walking over Heath stood in front of his niece arms crossed; Allie looked up shocked to see who was standing there.

“Uncle Heath, what are you doing here?” Heath sighed definatly in need of an attitude adjustment looking at his niece with a stern expression.

“Your dad’s working so it looks like I’m dealing with your bull****” Heath suddenly stopped talking as Gina Palmer entered the room.

“Heath” She called surprised. “Where is Brax? I thought he would want to be here” Gina said with a hint of curiousity in her voice.

“He’s working at the moment, what punishment does she get for this?” He asked politly, though you could hear a hint of anger in his voice.

“Well we are sending her home today and tomorrow she will be requested to attend school and the detention we will give her, though Heath if this incident occurs again she will be suspended. Those are her punishments from the school” Heath nodded slowly.

“There won’t be a next time” Heath said looking down at his niece.

“That would be good, I’m sorry to have to send her home on her first day” Heath was looking towards Gina.

“It’s okay, I will deal with it and she will be here tomorrow. Thanks for the call” Gina nodded and turned away to go and speak to another teacher, this left a very angry Uncle staring at his brat of a niece.

“Uncle Heath” Allie started but she was cut of with an angry look.

“Don’t! Get your ass home now” Allie looked as if she was going to agrue with him. “Now Allie, I will deal with you later” Getting up she pecked his cheek.

“Sorry sir” She whispered as she walked out. Heath gave a sigh before racking his brain trying to remember what he was doing, he was soon grinning as he remembered he was going for a surf.


Ruby walked into the house dumping her bag on the ground, Charlie turned around startled and her daughters arms were soon wrapped around her.

“Hey there, you okay?” Ruby nodded her head.

“I’m fine, I just want you to know Charlie that you mean so much to me. Seeing Allie and knowing she has had to grow up without a mother must have been really hard and well you, you gave me to your parents because you knew you couldn’t give me a good life, but you were still always there. You’ve looked after for ages Charlie and I have know idea what I would do without you, I will always be your little girl even if you weren’t my mother when I was younger, your my mother now and I love you so much mum” Charlie rubbed her daughters back, slightly shocked at what had been said, but managed to whisper ‘I love you too Ruby’


What did you guys think?

How do you think Allie should be punished? Knowing of course that Heath will be the one punishing her.

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Great chapter,

Can't believe the nerve of Allie :o!!

Aww seriously cute talk between Charlie and Ruby :wub:!!

It's really up to you how Heath punishes Allie, coz it's your story. But if I was Heath I would stop her from doing something that she enjoyed as a punishment. E.g. If she likes surfing, confiscate her surfboard or something.

More soon please :D

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