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Neighbours DVD Release

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Neighbours will be released on DVD - the first sixty episode are to be released in Germany, February 2012.

They will be released as Box Sets:

Box 1, Episodes 01-20 including bonus feature, episode introducing "Kylie Minogue" to the show

Box 2, Episodes 21-40 including bonus feature, episode introducing "Jason Donovan" to the show

Box 3, Episodes 41-60 including bonus feature, episode introducing "Russell Crowe" to the show

DVDs will contain dual audio tracks, German (Dubbed) and the original English Audio track.

Later DVD releases to follow (Episodes 61-X).


Credit NeighboursFans.com

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So guys this is the first time Neighbours episodes are being released in such a manner. Apparently Neighbours was shown in Germany from episode 01 up to 844 (just after Mrs Mangel left, a bit after Charleen's departure). Who knows if they will release all episodes and/or if they have more episodes in their archive after 844 they may release. Its great news regardless.

The only downside is that these are the German episodes which were edited accordingly - i.e the name in the credits isn't Neighbours, its Nachbarn and a few things like the credits have been altered visually here and there, but it wont make a difference to the content of each episode. Presumably the English audio track will include the original theme tune, not the German theme.

Fans have wanted a Neighbours release like this one for years and years. I wonder if Fremantle Media would ever do this in the future, as say the 'Early Years Box Set Collection'. Depending on how well these DVD's sell, they might not see a point. I doubt they would anyway.

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Great news! I've only seen the very first episode from 1985, which I really didn't like. It has a dark, sleazy, almost sci-fi vibe to it, but from what I've read, it gets better.

I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'd love for them to get a good way into the 1986 episodes, purely for the magnificence of Madge Ramsay.

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I agree, from what I've seen of it I'm not really a fan of 1985 Neighbours all that much either, I dont think the producers had figured out where to take the show or how to create its own identity and it didn't until it moved over to TEN Imo...

But its a fantastic move to actually have the show on DVD and perhaps watching each episode in high quality (rather than very poor, which is the only way I've seen anything from 1985) I'll be able to judge the content better.

I do hope they get as far as the later 80's too, the Madge/Mrs Mangel days were awesome.

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This almost makes up for the war! Germany, I am sorry for all the grief I have given you in the past.

I'll probably let a few UK buyers test them first, but if they are reasonably priced and work to a level where I'll enjoy them (ie. English audio available on every episode) I'll probably buy.

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This is AMAZING. Not only is it something people have been wanting for years, but it's a great new way to get people INTO Neighbours or catch up from the beginning.

shock dvd are realeasing NEIGHBOURS


RELEASE DATE: 07.03.12




RELEASE DATE: 07.03.12



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Thanks for the info Andrew and Jamie. Exciting news! 56 episodes in the one volume is fantastic and the official English release to top it off! I wonder what 'The Charlene Years' means - all episodes during her entire stint spread over multiple volumes I wonder? Or is that going a bit too far? :P

It's all very promising. Some good Aussie stuff being released on DVD what with Heartbreak High Season 2 confirmed as well. Looking forward to more info on these Aussie Neighbours sets. Wishful thinking but imagine if Neighbours had 40 volumes released at 56 episodes per set - that would take us to episode 2240 - the Murder Mystery Weekend in 1994.

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I hope the Charlene years DVD isn't a collection of every episode featuring Kylie. If the Early years volumes get to that point, we'd be seeing a handful of new episodes amongst a heap of others already available and I can imagine the sales decreasing quite a bit. I'm getting ahead of myself ofcourse...

Hopefully "The Charlene years- Volume 1" refers to it being the first in a line of Best of DVD's, with something like "The Helen Years" being volume 2. Unlikely, but I think I'd prefer that.

Oh and btw, thanks for the episode Alexx! :) Your inbox was full when I tried to reply before.

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