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Dancing On Ice 2011

Guest ~Zoe~

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At last - Kerry Katona has gone. About time too, Jeff is a much better skater.

Couldn't agree more with that comment.

She should have gone weeks ago.

Even Denise is showing moe improvement & confidence in skating alone.

It's the same thing from Kerry week after week. She's a terrible skater.

I really like Sam & to begin with, thought he was going to win it & I even wnated him to.

Now I'm not so sure. He's still great, amazing even but Laura is brilliant too.

I think the contestants this year are quite strong. Chloe & Vanilla Ice are great as well.

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So Quarter Finals & it was Props week, and Jeff has gone.

Jeff and Sam both came across as arrogant idiots tonight - Sam with his excuses and Jeff ignoring the fact that he stuffed up the routine to show off about his "record breaking".

Chloe did very well tonight, she's the only one who's never been in the skate off. First time her being top of the leaderboard too. :)

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^^ Agree with you totally Zoe about Jeff and Sam. Both deserved to be in the bottom just for the knock in confidence they needed. Far too arrogant and I wouldn't have minded either leaving.

On another note: when will Johnson leave? Seriously??? He's not a semi finalist contender!

I don't like Chloe much but had to admit she was the best tonight! How she did those moves with those props I don't know!

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Must be the public support and the rebound thing with Johnson, think he will go next week. I don't think Sam may be as popular with as he was with the public since the cheap publicity affair thing... all rather tacky!!

I don't like Chloe much either, but I agree - she was the best tonight. She deserved to be top of the leaderboard with the scores she got, I think.

I would like either Laura or Chloe to win now.

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I was surprised Sam was in the skate-off tonight, but cant say I would have cared if he had gone! I'm surprised Johnston is still there, surely he has to go next week if we are voting on ability!

Well I am team Chloe! I hope she wins, and if not Chloe then Laura.

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With regard to Johnson you have to take into account that six years ago he couldn't walk, he has major memory problems along with balance. He only started getting feeling back in one of his legs through doing the ice skating. If you want to vote for them on "ability" alone then surely he deserves it more than anyone?

I don't really care who wins this year as none of them have really had the stand out perfomances theat have wowed me.

But I know I'm not going to watch it next year if Jason is back. I have found his comments insulting, not only to the people skating but to other people on the show. The way he has spoken to Karen really annoyed me. She's a professional coach and works with the contestants, even if he didn't agree with her they was no call for him to speak to her like that on a live broadcast. Its like he thinks he can get away with anything. Remember the two Sky presenters that were sacked when a PRIVATE off air conversation was leaked... well put his comments in context.... his was braodcast live........ how did he not get a warning at least?

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^ I agree about Jason. The way he spoke on air towards Karen Barber was uncalled for. As you say she is a proffessional coach and ice skater who works with the contestants. I think they should make the panel equal next year - have two judges who are ice skaters, Robin Cousins, and put Karen back on the panel maybe, or they could bring back Nicky Slater.

I can see what your saying about the contestants this year. None of them this year, exactly had the "wow" factor like Hayley Tammaddon last year with Dan Whistion. I remember there skate last year when Hayley got a standing ovation from all the judges and Torvil and Dean when they skated to Jai Hoe, that was a brilliant routine.

Back to this year, either Chloe or Laura. Sam is good, but dont really want him to win though.

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Looking forward this final tonight, mainly as I have no idea who is going to win, or even who I think should win.

Certainly not the three finalists I'd have predicted at the start - attention seeking fauxmance king Sam, "only there because of Mum and Dad" Chloe and Laura who?

But definitely three worthy finalists, although I'd have liked to see Vanilla Ice there as well as he really entertained.

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