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Dancing On Ice 2011

Guest ~Zoe~

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I loved Comedy Dave's routine tonight with Frankie, yes Dave is not the best skater but he is very entertaining to watch. Liked how Frankie stuck up for him when the judges gave him those scores :) she's one of my favourite professional ice skaters. Sam & Brianne were yet again, fantastic to watch!

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It was all kicking off on Dancing On Ice between Karen Barbar & Jason Gardiner, what he said to Karen was out of order - I hope Jason is'nt back next series!

Surely there is a line that isn't crossed. Everyone knows that no matter how frustated you might feel, you should NOT humiliate a work colleague by criticising them in front of others in the workplace.. To do so in such a public way, during a live broadcast, and with such a below the belt comment, is in my view hugely unprofessional and bullying

Robin is the only person on the panel who has any idea what he's talking about.

Anyway, even though he's one of my favourites - I think Comedy Dave could be in trouble tonight, or Kerry Katona.

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^ Yeah the skate off was between Dave and Kerry.

Emma chose to save Kerry, Robin saved Dave & Jason chose Kerry - so Dave went.

Dave's skating ability was the better - because he danced by himself and he jumped, Kerry didnt.

Really liking Sam & Brianne - its a bit early to say, but I think they will win this year.

& Laura, Chloe & Vanilla Ice are all good, Jeff is getting better each week too.

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Yeah, I think they're all good too. Hope Kerry goes next week. I do like her proffessional partner, Dan but she's the worst skater left in the show now!

It'll be intresting to hear what Chris Moyles, Comedy Dave and the rest of the team on The Chris Moyles Show on Radio One has to say about it lol, just been reading Chris's Twitter, and as you can tell he's not impressed.

His Tweet to Jason: @officialJasonG and we thought you loved @davidvitty. Shame on you, you bad man!

& the rest of Chris's tweets tonight after the result, Dancing on Ice is now dead to me! You may think that's childish, but it's not. Jason Gardiner and Emma Bunton both smell of poo!


If Sky 1 want to give me and @davidvitty a couple of hours next Sunday night, we will do our own show and beat DOI down to a pulp!!

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I loved Vanilla Ice's routine tonight, it was so good :D Loved the fact that he skated to his own song too :lol: Vanilla and Katy were my favourites tonight.

Also Sam and Brianne with the headbanger :o wow!

Think and hope, that Kerry goes.

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Sam is so arrogant I was pleased he didn't get the top spot tonight. I just can't take to him at all. To be honest I don't think many of them are that likeable. I like the underdogs, Denise to win :P

I get the same impression of Sam so i was also pleased he wasn't top of the board tonight, and i prefered Laura's routine anyway. I also really loved Rob (Vanilla Ice) and Katie's routine, loved that they did it to Rob's own song.

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