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2010 AWGIE Awards

Guest **Julie**

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2010 AWGIE Awards: Nominees

The Australian Writer’s Guild has announced its nominees for its 43rd AWGIE Awards.

Amongst the television nominees are shows including Underbelly, Rush, The Jesters, Lowdown, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, Good News Week, Home and Away, Neighbours, Dance Academy and Spirited.

The AWGIEs are traditionally selected from submissions put forward by the writers themselves.

TV Nominees:


The Jesters – Hard Time Getting Soft by Kevin Brumpton and Angus Fitzsimons

Lowdown – Who’s Your Baddy? by Amanda Brotchie and Adam Zwar

30 Seconds – Invisible Fault Lines by Timothy Bullock, Justin Drape and Scott Nowell


Good News Week – The 2009 Sauce Bottle Awards by Dave Bloustien, Simon Dodd,

Bruce Griffiths,Warwick Holt, Paul Livingston and Ian Simmons

Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation: Episode 16 by Stephen Hall and Michael Ward with Shaun Micallef


Indonesia Calling: Joris Ivens in Australia by John Hughes

Addicted to Money – Episode 2 by Simon Nasht with David McWilliams

Darwin by Katherine Thomson


Bananas in Pyjamas – Bird Song by John Armstong

Penelope K, By the Way – Why Do Elephants Have Trunk by Melanie Alexander

Bananas in Pyjamas (animated series) ‘The Little Fish’ by Kevin Nemeth


Lockie Leonard – Crimes of the Heartless by Shelley Birse

Dance Academy – Growing Pains by Sarah Lambert

My Place – 1958 – Michaelis by Tim Pye

Dance Academy – Turning Points by Greg Waters


Underbelly: The Golden Mile by Peter Gawler, Greg Haddrick, Kris Mrksa, Felicity Packard

Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities by Peter Gawler, Greg Haddrick, Kris Mrksa, Felicity Packard


Home and Away Ep 4917 by Fiona Bozic

Home and Away EP 5003 by Phil Lloyd

Home and Away Ep 5068 by Sam Meikle

Neighbours Ep 5782 by Rene Zandveld


Rush Ep 210 – Armoured Car by David Caesar and Adam Todd

Rush Ep 208 – Boy in the Bush by Michelle Offen

Spirited – The Man Who Fell To Earth by Jacquelin Perske

Rush Ep 222 – Water by Adam Todd


Only one nomination and the winner will be announced on the night.

Could the last category be awarded to Offspring, Hawke or The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce?

Disappointing there is no sign of Tangle. Also seemingly absent: Packed to the Rafters, City Homicide, Rescue Special Ops, Sea Patrol and John Safran’s Race Relations.

Other dramas such as East West 101, The Circuit were entered in last year’s awards.

The 43rd annual AWGIE Awards will be presented at Peninsula, Melbourne on Friday August 20th.


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Thanks Julie. I just looked those up and the first is Belle's funeral episode with the red balloons, the second is the episode with the reporter after the race riots and the third is when Miles sees his wife on the beach and lets Rabbit go. I'm not too sure which one I think should win (plus I don't know what neighbours ep that is) but of those three I'd probably lean towards Belle's funeral. 3/4 are good odds for taking it out though.

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Just had a look to see which Neighbours episode was nominated and it was the one where Donna and Ringo sneak into the fashion show and Donna meets Saffron for the first time... Nothing special about it as far as i remember.

I'd like to see the 3rd H&A episode win it, the one where Miles lets Rabbit go :(

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Sam Meikle has won 2 AWGIE's for H&A already in 2006 (Flynn's Death) and 2007 (J/M Wedding Explosion Aftermath), aswell as being nominated in 2008 (Alf knocking over Pippa), so it would be good to see him win a third time.

However I think out of the 3 nomination I'd lean towards Phil Lloyd for 5003 - that episode was quite outstanding.

I think it's a given that H&A will win anyway with those statistics :P

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