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Reports that Carl Williams is Dead.

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Now we wait for the fall-out of the possibly corrupt police, prison officers and whether its a contract killing or not.

The police integrity squad have started investigating yesterday, and all they do is investigate police, so obviously there is something going on. And as they say, ALOT of people (police (corrupt police, prison officers) benefit from Carl Williams death because he knew it all. he could have named some serious names. Plus the fact that it took so long for prison officers to react to his bashing (25 minutes). Its going to reveal alot I reckon.

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There's speculation that the front page on the Herald Sun that came out the morning of his death had something to do with his murder. It was an article about Victoria Police paying $8000 for his daughter's private school fees but wouldn't say why for legal reasons. It wouldn't have been too hard to draw the link that Williams had become a police informant, probably to reduce his sentence. As bikinikill said, he had a lot of valuable knowledge - probably not the type people would want him sharing with police.

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