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Out of Home and Away for Ada's man

Guest Jamey-Maria

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SEVEN'S Home And Away sweetie Ada Nicodemou is believed to have separated from her Greek restaurateur husband Chrys Xipolitas, whom she married in a traditional big Greek wedding three years ago.

Xipolitas is missing-in-action at his restaurant Zippos in Blakehurst - a partnership he shares with football star Nick Orlic and former Dragons player Lance Thompson.

Xipolitas was not there on Friday night, and staff said he would not be at Zippos all weekend.

One factor being blamed for the break-up is Xipolitas' alleged love of a flutter, which Nicodemou doesn't share. He has also publicly battled depression.

Yesterday morning, Nicodemou was not answering calls on the subject of her marriage.

However, many within the Greek community believe that it is well and truly time she moved on.


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