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Eurovision Song Contest 2010!

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I sensed that Sweden would miss the final this year, and if we had gone to the final we wouldnt have done that good. But I would have cheered fo them if they had been in the final. It is just that Sweden has always been in the final and now we werent and when we where so close, with just 5 points we missed the final, was pretty hard to hear. But it was bound to happen sometime, we cant always be in the final. But beeing so close of beeing there and then miss it was hard to hear. Buti was happy for Cyprus and Denmark t go to the final. They were good.

Better luck next year! And I see the whole thing more like a festival rather than a contest, because of the 3 -day - semifinal/final system we have now. 14 songs did not qualify for the final on Saturday but they did enter the contest... the semifinals are parts of the contest too... hm... I didn't like the cypriot song, I thought it was quite boring... But i really liked that Denmark qualified for the final, but I wanted Switzerland there too and also Sweden instead for instance Portugal and cyprus....

I know we cant expect to qualify every year, but since the whole contest was in Norway I really would have liked all the Nordic countries to qualify for the final as they did in 2008 and 2009.... Especially sweden since it was a lot of swedish people in Oslo this weekend...

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