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Eurovision Song Contest 2010!

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Oh yeah, I remember that song! :)

I see Norway chose Didrik Solli-Tangen for Oslo. Wasn't my favourite, but it has grown on me and I like it a lot now. Definitely another top 5 finish for Norway this year, I think. :o

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oh, no... What a disaster! we chose didrik Solli Tangen with the song My heart is yours, written by Fredrik Kempe and Hanne Sørvåg. Fredrik Kempe wrote the last two entries from Sweden (2008,2009) and they came 18th and 21th. Hanne Sørvåg wrote Germany's song in 2008 and they came last! My heart is yours is an awful cliched song, and I have been reading on esctoday forum and it seems that nobody likes it. I think it's very boring, and horrible performance on stage with the violinists walking towards the singer, just like UK's performance last year.

I think that even the epic metal band Keep of Kallessin would have been a much better choice, and also Aleksander Stenerud with "Give it to me". This is going to be a "hard dive" from the last two years success for Norway. I think this will place in bottom 5.

But I have to say from the songs that have already been chosen, it looks like the quality was much better last year especially from the Nordic countries. Well Sweden hasn't chosen song yet, so I hope they are going to choose a good song.

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The first Semifinal yesterday was okey nothing more. I had expected allot more. On the Official Site you can watch 4 off the songs the ones that didnt make it through to the Final or the Second chans, I will try and post the other songs as soon as they are available.

Ola-Unstoppable -Final

Was an okey song. Though I still think his song from 2008 where he only came to second chans with was better then this years song, he made it to the final with it. I think most people voted for him because it was Ola and not on the song.

Jenny Silver- A place to stay- didnt make it

I have heard better songs.

Linda Pritchard- You`re Making Me Hot-Hot-Hot- didnt make it

I liked this song it was an uptempo song, but it did remind to much of the song Ani Lorak sang in ESC 2008. But this should have gone to second chans instead of Pain of Salvation.

Pain of Salvation- Road Salt- Second Chans

I kept waiting for this song to come more but it never came so that was a dissapointment.

Anders Ekborg- The Savouir- Didnt make it

The song had it moments.

Jessica Andersson- I did it for Love- Second Chans

I loved this song it was beautiful and I wish this had gone straight to the final. But it still has a second chans.

Frispråkarn -Singel- Didnt make it

Horrible song. Thats all I can say.

Salem Al Fakir- Keep on Walking- Final

The song was okey nothing more. Atleast thats what I feel now.

The chooises for the Final where ok but not something that will have a chans in ESC.

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I can't believe that Didrik is representing us..... His song is weak. We're never gonna win this year... My dad has a theory; Norway doesnt have the money to hos ESC next year too, so that's why we are chosing a song that will never win.

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The second semifinal in Sweden was last Saturday the 13th in Sandviken.

Erik Saade- Manboy- Final

A good song.

Andra Generationen+ Dogge- Hippare Hoppare- Didnt go to final

Not my favourite.

Anna Maria Espinosa- När Alla Ljusen Brunnit Ut- Didnt go to final

Not the best song I have heard

Highlights & Mist- Come and Get me Now- Didnt go to final

Not the best song I have heard

Pauline- Sucker For love- Second Chans

Not the best. Not the worst. In between.

Andreas Johnson- We Can Work it out- Final

All I can say is that I fell inlove with the song when I heard it. And I love Andreas to. He has such a beautiful voice. He had a hit with the song "Glorious" A fue years ago.

Kalle Moreaus & Orsa Spelmän-Underbart- Second Chans

An okey song.

Hanna Lindblad- Manipulated- Didnt go to final

Not the best song I have heard

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We already know the Flemish channel is sending Tom Dice to Oslo. We'll hear his song for the first time on Sunday night. I think it sucks that we don't get to choose the contestant this year. It's the first time that Flemish viewers can't vote. The French channel has been doing it for years and their choices haven't been that great. Just look at our contestants from 2007 and 2009. I don't even remember their names (2007 was that flower power song and 2009 was the Elvis Presley lookalike)! :rolleyes:

I've only heard one song by Tom Dice and it's his version of "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis. It was alright but I prefer the original.

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I've only heard his version of that song too, Barbara. It's quite good, and I don't even like the original. :o So the Flemish region is the Dutch-speaking region, right? Seriously, I confuse myself every single time I try to remember which region speaks which language! :lol: The Dutch region pick good songs, it seems! Ishtar in 2008 was great, as was Kate Ryan in 2006. And 2004. :wub: Flanders sent a great act in 2003, though...

Ireland chooses on Friday. Niamh Kavanagh (1993 winner) is in the national final, as well as some member from Boyzone and a few other z-list celebrities... including a Bosnian singer who is based in Austria! By the sounds of it, it's gonna be quite a diverse show. Can't wait!

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You speak Dutch/Flemish in Flanders and French and German in Wallonia. In Brussels, people speak Dutch and/or French. I never know whether I should use 'French' or 'French-speaking' when I'm talking about the French-speaking part of Belgium because if I use 'French', it can mean 'from France' too. :rolleyes:

I think Flemish channels send better songs because they let the audience vote as well. After all, it's the audience's opinion that matters most. Now we don't get past the semi-finals. :rolleyes:

Have you already noticed there are practically no Western European countries who take part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest? In 2009, there was only Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden. :o

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