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Eurovision Song Contest 2010!

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I liked Germanys song. Congratulations Lena. She was a worthy winner. I liked Denmarks song and Romania and they were in my top 5. They said afterwards that Sweden came on 11 place in their semifinal, that makes it harder that we were so close, bt I still dont think we would have done good. But it was hard to hear we were so close of being in the final. Anyway Congratulations again to Lena and Germany. A well derserved victory.

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was surprised by how low ireland came in the rankings....i thought the song was especially good this year!

The Norway song was brilliant too and also very beautiful! However, it didn't do very well either! very surprising!

congrats to lena and germany!

her song was fantastic!

she was a worthy winner! :wink:

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My favourite was Cyprus and I voted for them. They had a beautiful song and I am surprised they didnt place higher. Apperently they took the last finalplace in the second semifinal only 5 points before Sweden. I still think this song was better then Swedens so they deserved this place. But a 21st place in the final, they didnt deserve I tought they would place at least top 5. Plus they guy was so cute. Anyway I think Germany was good. And Romania had a great song. But I dont understand how Turkey could place so high, the song wasnt that good.

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So The UK didnt win????? what a shocker :rolleyes: i really dont see the point in us taking part anymore.

Maybe you should send a decent song instead. :P The song from UK was really bad, and not bad in a funny way like the russian song. But bad in a very forgettable way... But last year you came fifth, with an ok song. Both Norway and Ireland had similiar songs this year and both came among the last five.

I thought the German song was irritating.... and it was not my favourite. But I think it was nice that they won because Germany hasn't won since 1982, and that is their only win until now. And also good to see that one of the big four still can win... (if their songs are good enough!!)

Before the contest started it actually was the Turkish song which was my favourite, but after hearing that song live in the second semifinal (I was at the arena) I changed my mind, because it was very noisy.

Hm... was not suprised by Norways bad place (20th), as I have never liked the song, I thought it was very cliched and uninteresting. I like more original ballads with more feelings...

I was a bit suprised that Sweden didn't qualify for the final, but it had to happen sooner or later... Ireland haven't qualified for a couple of years (until this year) and also Norway didn't qualify in 2007 - so it will happen to every country I think (except the big 4).

I would have liked Slovakia to qualify for the final from the first semifinal, and I liked Switzerland in the second one even that is the song with least votes in the whole contest! I liked the Armenian song (that was my favourite) and I also liked the Danish song. :)

I was very sad to see that spanish introuder who entered the scene under Spains perfomance.... I know a lot of people are blaming the officials and security guards in the arena, and also NRK (the Norwegian state channel). I do agree that there should have been a fence around the scene, but apart from that, the security at this event was very good. It is not like he could have brought a bomb into the scene or something like that, because everyone was checked by securitas before entering the arena, the baggage etc. And bottles with fluids were not allowed. It was like being on an airport before entering a plane.... But you can't ask everyone if they are planning to jump the scene, and this guy have a reputation for doing such as things... But Spain sang their song twice, and I don't think their chances were damaged, maybe they got more votes than they would have because of this...

After watching the show (second semifinal) in the arena I realized how much work there are behind such an event like this... Hundreds of people have been working on this for a whole year!! So many more than people are aware of (many more than tV-people and presenters, stage builders etc....) Congratulations with the victory Germany and good luck to you with this event next year!!

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I sensed that Sweden would miss the final this year, and if we had gone to the final we wouldnt have done that good. But I would have cheered fo them if they had been in the final. It is just that Sweden has always been in the final and now we werent and when we where so close, with just 5 points we missed the final, was pretty hard to hear. But it was bound to happen sometime, we cant always be in the final. But beeing so close of beeing there and then miss it was hard to hear. Buti was happy for Cyprus and Denmark t go to the final. They were good.

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