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Eurovision Song Contest 2010!

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Just as I feared Sweden missed the final on Saturday. I still think Salems song would have been better, he had a different song and would have stood out a bit. Annas song just got lost in the crowd. This is the worst result Sweden has ever done in Eurovision, this is the first time ever we have ever missed the final. Sweden has always made it. I am exstremly sad that Sweden didnt make it, since here Eurovision is a big thing. And it will feel weird watching the final on Saturday without Sweden in it. Since Anna did a great performance, but it wasnt enough unfortunattly. I am gonna dvelove and be sad tonight and tommorrow, then on Saturday I am gonna try and cheer up and watch Eurovision, even if it feels weird without Sweden. I hope Cyprus does well the song was good,plus the guy was cute. I can be happy that we have some Swedes in the final even if they dont compete for Sweden, there are allot of Swedes that has written song for other entrys that are in the final, so I am happy for them and hope they do well. Anyway now it feels a little better when I got that ot of my chest.

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I'm glad Belgium made it to the final on Tuesday. Finally, we get to be in the final again. I thought we were one of the best performances of that night. As usual, I don't like most songs professionals like and I like the ones they don't. :lol:

I haven't watched tonight's show, apart from the end where they announced the countries which would be in the final. I haven't heard Sweden's song but it will indeed be weird not to see them in the final. I usually like Sweden's entries and they usually get a lot of points, don't they?

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Happy Eurovision Song Contest Day everyone :)

Here is the running order for tonight to help everyone out.

1. Azerbaijan

2. Spain

3. Norway

4. Moldova

5. Cyprus

6. Bosnia And Herzegovina

7. Belgium

8. Sebia

9. Belarus

10. Ireland

11. Greece

12. Uk

13. Gerorgia

14. Turkey

15. Albania

16. Iceland

17. Ukraine

18. France

19. Romania

20. Russia

21. Armenia

22. Germany

23. Portugal

24. Israel

25. Denmark

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Germany should be permanently disqualified from the Song Contest for the damage they've done to Europe over the past 100 years. But there's no denying that the song wasn't the reason I quite enjoyed that performance.

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