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Ray Meagher on UK's 'Live from Studio Five' tomorrow (UK t

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I just thought I'd let you all know that Ray (Alf) is going to be on 'Live from Studio Five' which is on UK channel 5 tomorrow (9th December 2009) at 18.25pm UK time.

I'm almost ashamed to say that I watch that program :P but hey, it came in handy! I imagine he'll be interviewed about H&A but maybe also his pantomime job he's over here for.

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Well I do watch this occasionally (when there’s nothing else on assuming I’m back from work by then). I didn’t particularly like Ian Wright as a football pundit but like the balance between him, Melinda Messenger and the other lady. I actually find him quite funny sometimes, especially some of the things he says. I’ll have to remember to watch it later on today. It will be interesting to see how he interviews Ray Meagher and what kind of questions he asks.

Anyway cheers!

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