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My Life Lies In The Past

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Story title: My Life Lies In The Past

Type of story: Long Fiction

Main characters: Jack, Martha, Brendan, Tony, Alf, Gina, plus more.

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Mystery/Drama

Spoilers: May contain spoilers for those outside AUS

Warnings: L and V present in some chapters. I'll warn at the start of those chapters.

Summary: One of Summer Bay's most loved residents will travel back in time to a past, so sad, that the only way in which to recover is to seek the love and support from the rest of the locals.

Other storylines include: a proposal, a ghost, a robbery, an illness, a fire, a family feud, a mystery character and a resident who will say goodbye to Summer Bay forever.


It was a beautiful morning in Summer Bay. The Sun was out and the birds were chirping.


Tony was in his car outside the school, dropping off his son, Lucas.

“Have a great day at school” Tony said.

“Come on, Dad. It’ll just be the usual boring day” Lucas replied.

“Come on, mate. You don’t mean that. Besides, the school term finishes in two days, so you’ve got the holidays to look forward to” Tony reminded him. “Now go on, I can see Geoff over there. He’s probably waiting for you.” Lucas got out of the car and put his backpack on.

“Martha said she’ll pick you up this afternoon” Tony said. “By the way, don’t forget to give that letter from Gina to Mr Bartlett”

“I won’t forget. Bye” Lucas waved goodbye before heading off towards Geoff and the other students.

As Tony was about to drive off, his mobile rang.

“Hello............hey Alf, what’s up?.................WHAT!..........YOU’RE KIDDING ME! I’LL BE RIGHT THERE.”


“So you have no idea who would do this?” Charlie asked Alf. Both were outside the Surf Club, watching forensics and detectives search the area inside.

“Wouldn’t have a clue” Alf replied. At that moment, Charlie’s co-workers, Constable Watson and Constable Richard Dean came up towards them.

“What’s the result?” Charlie asked them.

“It’s pretty much trashed up” Watson replied. “The Gym turned out worse than the Surf Club.”

“Strewth!” Alf exclaimed. “Tony’s not gonna be happy when he gets here.”

“It appears that the only thing that was stolen was cash from both the Club and the Gym” Richard replied.” At that moment, Tony pulled up at the car park and headed over towards Alf.

“How on earth did this happen?”

“Hey Tony” Charlie said. “At the moment, we have forensics checking everything, but at this stage it looks like cash was the only thing that was stolen.”

“Who would do such a thing?” Tony asked.

“Wouldn’t have a clue, mate” Alf replied.

“I’m sorry guys, there’s not much we can do, other than continue with the investigation” Charlie said. “We’ll do everything we can to catch the person or people responsible, but it looks like your businesses are on hold for now.”

“Did you check the surveillance tapes?” Alf asked.

“We’ve checked them but there was nothing of interest” Watson replied. “The thief must have been very smart, and it must have been someone who knew where the cameras were.”

“Flamin’ mongrel thief!” Alf cursed.

“Couldn’t have said it better myself, mate” Tony replied.


“Come on Rachel, we have to hold a party for you tomorrow” Nurse Julie persuaded the doctor.

“Julie, I’m pregnant” Rachel reminded her. “I can’t party around too much. It won’t be good for the baby.”

“Rach, we’re only talking about a small party in the nurse’s room for your 30th” Julie said. “We’re not talking about beer, poker and wild music, unlike your neighbours”

“You mean Jack?” Rachel asked. “Well, he’s always like that. That’s what boys do. I think he inherited that from Tony.” Nurse Julie couldn’t help but chuckle.

“So Rach, can we hold a small party for you?” Julie asked. “Just the nurses and the staff.”

“Well.........OK then” Rachel smiled.


Tony arrived home at the Holden House with some shopping bags.


“Hey Gina” Tony called out. “I got the ingredients”

“Hey” Gina replied, coming out of the kitchen and grabbing the bags. “Thanks for buying these for me.”

“No worries” Tony smiled. “I didn’t have anything better to do today anyway.”

“Yes, Jack told me about the robbery” Gina sighed. “What did Charlie say?”

“She said forensics will be scanning the Surf Club and the Gym for clues, but we don’t know how long that’s gonna take.”

“Hmm.......well, don’t worry, now that you’re here, you can help me unpack my luggage in the spare room” Gina smiled. Tony chuckled at her comment.

“Listen, Tony. Thank you for letting me stay here.” Gina said. “I did insist though, that we’d rent an apartment or something.” Tony put his arm around his sister.

“You don’t have to keep thanking me” Tony replied. “Rachel loved the idea, and besides, the other end of the house is big enough for Brendan to stay in, and also for Hugo and Xavier, when they come back from holidays. I’m just glad that you’re living here in Summer Bay.”

“Yeah, well it’s better than staying in Broken Hill. The further my kids and I are from my ex-husband, the better.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine here with Rachel and me, you baby brother” Tony smiled.


Alf was at the Diner, reading the newspaper. Colleen came up towards him with a cup of tea.

“Here’s your Tea, Alf”

“Thanks Colleen” Alf replied. “Hey Colleen, take a look at this article.” Alf pointed at a section of the newspaper.

“Divorce threat, attack leaves Alice Springs resident fighting for life” Colleen read.

“Terrible, isn’t it?” Alf asked. “But the strange thing is, this article only mentions the suspect’s name as ‘Kent’ – no surname or anything.”

“Well, I suppose it’s because they’re trying to keep this a low-key investigation” Colleen commented. “They don’t want certain people to jump to the wrong conclusions.”

“Just like a certain someone we know, eh Colleen” Alf chuckled.

“Oh stop teasing me” Colleen squealed, before heading back to the counter.



The students came out of the building, as the bell rang announcing the end of the class. Lucas climbed in to Martha’s car, in which Martha was waiting.

“Hey Luc, did you have a good day at school?” Martha asked.

“Same” Lucas replied.

“Come on, tell me. What new things did you learn today?”

“Please, can we drop this” Lucas replied, frustrated.

“Geez, sorry Mr Grumpy.” Martha said.

“Can we just go?”

“OK Fine” Martha replied, as she started the engine and drove off.



“Tony, It’s Roman on the phone” Gina said, handing the phone over to him. “I think he wants to talk about the plan”

“Ah, the plan. Thanks Gina” Tony replied, taking the phone.

“Hey Roman, thanks for ringing back........yeah, I overheard Irene saying the other day that you’ve got tomorrow morning off and I was wondering if you can help me with something in Yabbie Creek...........That’s great, mate. I’ll meet you at your place at about half past ten in the morning, is that OK?............great. See you then. Bye.”

“Let me guess, you were chatting to Roman about your ‘plan’ that you told Jack, Martha and I the other day.” Gina hinted.

“Yep” Tony smiled. “It’s just perfect timing, isn’t it? I mean, it’s Rachel’s 30th tomorrow, and apart from that, the band will be performing outside the Diner for the fundraiser event. Let’s just say that tomorrow will be a birthday that Rachel will never forget. I just hope he doesn’t tell Colleen about my ‘plan’ because.......you know.”

“Know what?” Gina asked. “I’ve only been here in the Bay for a few days. Is there something I should know about Colleen?”

“She’s.........well, the bay’s biggest megaphone, and perhaps the only megaphone!” Tony chuckled.

“I see” Gina smiled. At that moment, the phone rang again. Gina picked it up and answered it.

“Hello?..............Yes, this is Gina Austin……..Martin, hi. Thanks for ringing............”


NEXT CHAPTER: (Title: Ideas)

Colleen finds Alf a job to do at the Diner.

While out shopping, Roman and Tony get an awkward comment from the shop assistant.

Martin’s advertisement on the School Leadership Camp gives Jack an Idea.


1) Tony and Rachel are not married but Rachel is carrying his child. They live together at the Holden House, along with Gina who occupies the annexe part of the house until Hugo and Xavier arrive.

2) Jack and Martha are married. Lucas lives with them at the Bachelor Pad.

3) Roman and Charlie are together and the pair, along with Ruby live at Roman's House.

Ruby is still believed to be Charlie's sister, not her daughter.

4) There are 4 new characters in this fan fic: DR. JIM WINSTON (Brendan's Doctor), RICHARD DEAN (Police Officer), WARREN DEAN (Richard's Brother) and RAY HENDERSON (Local Real Estate Agent), plus two mystery characters.

5) I'm going to assume that Gina is older than Tony.

So what do you think? :wink:

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Thanks for the comments so far. I've decided to post the next chapter early. :wink:


A new day came for the residents of Summer Bay. At the School Hall, Principal Martin Bartlett was just finishing his speech.


“Tomorrow is the last day of school, as you would all know.” Martin announced. After hearing this, all the teens jeered in joy.

“Gosh, they’re all happy!” Gina chuckled to Jack. Both were seated at the back of the Hall.

“As it will be the last day of school for the term, that means I expect everyone to be on their best behaviour and to work hard.” Martin continued. “Thank you students, you may move off to class.”

As the students got up to leave the hall, Lucas approached Jack.

“Hey, can I have some money for lunch?”

“Come on, Luc.” Jack replied. “You need to find a job or something. I can’t keep paying you everyday for lunch.”

“Yeah, whatever” Lucas scoffed. “Money, please!” Jack blew a sigh of frustration. Grabbing his wallet, he took out a $10 note and handed it over.

“Thanks” Lucas smiled.

“Have a great day” Gina smiled.

“I’ll try to” Lucas replied, as he headed off with the other students.

Martin approached Gina.

“Thank you for coming” Martin replied. “I’ve read your request for a tour at this school. May I ask who it’s for?”

“It’s for my son, Xavier” Gina replied. “At the moment, he’s with his brother on holiday in Indonesia, but they will be back in a few days to live here with my brother, my other son and I. I just wanted to have a look around myself to see what your school is like, so that I can enrol Xavier to start here next term.”

“I can assure you, Ms Austin that this school is of high standards and achievements” Martin said. “Come, I’ll take you around.”

“Thanks” Gina replied. “Jack, are you coming?” Gina and Martin turned around to see Jack reading a notice on the message board.

“I see that you’ve read the upcoming leadership camp notice” Martin noted. Suddenly, Jack had a thought in his mind.

“Hey Martin, can you tell me a bit more about the leadership camp, once you’ve finished giving my aunt a tour? I think I have an idea.”


“Come on Alfred Stewart! You can’t just sit here all day!” Colleen said. Alf was sitting down on a table at the Diner.

“Strewth, Colleen. Shouldn’t you be off, bugging someone else, like Irene or Leah?” Alf asked. “You’ve annoyed me all day!”

“It’s because you’ve been sitting here doing nothing for the past half-hour!”

“Well, what can I do, Colleen?” Alf asked. “The Surf Club’s been robbed, and I can’t really do anything about it until those flamin’ forensics finishes up and Jack or Charlie give us the all clear.”

“Well, if you want something to do, perhaps you can put up these flyers around the Diner” Colleen said, handing him a bundle of A4 pages. Alf took a sheet and read it.

“Colleen, these flyers are already out and about on every street post and every letterbox” Alf said. “Everyone knows about the fundraiser and the band will be coming tonight!”

“Well it wouldn’t hurt to advertise it further” Colleen replied. Alf just rolled his eyes and decided to change the subject.

“Anyway, where’s Roman?” Alf asked.

“He and Tony went off to the shops Yabbie Creek” Colleen replied. “Besides, he’s only in for one afternoon shift today.”

“What are they doing in Yabbie Creek?”

“I don’t know. He wouldn’t tell me” Colleen replied. “I told him I wouldn’t tell anyone if he told me.” After hearing that, Alf just chuckled loudly.

“What?” Colleen asked. “I can keep secrets.”

“No you can’t!” Alf laughed.



“Mate, what do you think about this one?” Roman pointed out. He and Tony were in the Jewellers shop in Yabbie Creek.

“Not sure” Tony replied. “I want one that looks good, is not too over-the-top and one that Rachel will love.”

“I still can’t believe you’re gonna propose to her tonight!” Roman smiled. “And on her 30th!”

“Let’s just say it’s my birthday gift to her” Tony replied. “What did you tell Colleen?”

“Nothing” Roman replied. “She kept on asking me what we’ll be doing but I didn’t tell her. Does anyone else know about your plan?”

“Only Jack, Martha and Gina” Tony replied. At that moment, the shop assistant came up towards them.

“Can I help you?” the lady asked. Tony looked at her name tag, which read “Sheila”

“Hi Sheila” Tony greeted. “I’m just looking for an engagement ring.”

“And this must be your friend here” Sheila interrupted.

“Er.....yes, this is my friend, Roman”

“Hello” Roman smiled.

“So, which one’s proposing?” Sheila asked.

“I am” Tony replied.

“Wow” Sheila exclaimed. “You two look so happy together!”


“Let’s try the shops in the city” Roman quickly whispered.

“Good Idea!” Tony hastily responded. The two quickly raced out of the store and into Roman’s car.


NEXT CHAPTER: (Title: The Proposal)

Tony proposes to Rachel.

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Next Chapter. Here we go :wink:


As the Darkness of the evening began to set over Summer Bay, Colleen, Irene and Leah were hastily preparing the Diner for the many people who will attend the fundraiser and listen to the band. Outside the Diner, Roman was helping the band members set up the stage.


“Hey” Roman called out to the lead band member.

“Hey” the man replied. “What’s up?”

“I have a request for you.” Roman continued. “Actually it’s for a friend. He told me to give this to you.” Taking the piece of paper, the man read the details.

“I think I can organise that” the man smiled.

“Thanks” Roman smiled.


At the Bachelor Pad, Jack was helping his father get ready for the fundraiser.

“Take it easy Jack, it’s not my wedding, yet” Tony chuckled. Jack was fixing up his shirt collar.

“I know, but you’ll get better chances of Rach saying Yes if you look fab!” Jack replied. “You’ve got the ring?”

“Right here, in my pocket” Tony replied. Jack saw that his father was becoming nervous.

“What’s wrong, Dad?”

“I hope she says Yes!” Tony began to panic. “I want us to be a family!”

“Don’t worry Dad, she’ll say yes.” Jack replied. “Rach is so perfect for you, plus she’s carrying your baby and she has been wonderful to you over the past few years after Beth died.” Jack noticed that his father was becoming a little upset.

“Come here, Dad” Jack said, pulling his father into a hug. “Don’t worry. You two are made for each other. There’s no way Rachel can say no”

“I hope you’re right, Jack” Tony replied.

Meanwhile at the Holden House, Gina and Martha were preparing Rachel, who had just come back from her shift at the Hospital. She was partly exhausted after Nurse Julie and the staff held a party for her.

“Guys, we’re not going to a wedding, we’re just going to the fundraiser outside the Diner.” Rachel commented. “Do we really have to be a bit over the top?”

“Hey, at least we’re not asking you to wear a wedding dress!” Martha exclaimed. “We just want you to look nice like everyone else.”

“But it’s just a band” Rachel explained.

“And it’s also your 30th, so band or no band, you still have to look nice” Gina smiled.


The evening was crowded with the many locals and visitors who came to watch the band play their songs. Everyone was seated either in front of the stage or near the Diner, where Colleen, Irene and Leah were continuously walking in and out with plates of food.

Rachel was seated with Charlie, Alf and the others near the stage. Tony was at the back, talking with Roman.

“Did you tell the guy about the plan?”

“He knows” Roman replied. “I gave him the instructions.” Roman looked at the stage and saw that the lead band member was approaching the microphone.

“OK, here we go mate!” Roman smiled.

“First of all, thank you guys for coming” The man began to speak. “We have plenty more songs coming your way tonight, but first I would like to wish, on behalf of all our band members, a happy 30th birthday to Ms Rachel Armstrong.” As everyone clapped and cheered, Rachel was in shock.

“Oh my God!” Rachel said. “How did they know.....”

“Shh.....the best is yet to come” Gina interrupted.

“I would also like to invite on stage one of Summer Bay’s locals, Mr Tony Holden.” Everyone clapped as Tony headed up on stage.

“What’s he doing up there?” Irene whispered to Leah.

“Must be something important” Leah replied.

“Thanks guys” Tony replied. “I have an announcement to make, but first I would like to invite Rachel up on stage with me.”

“Go on, get up there!” Gina smiled. Everyone cheered as Rachel came up on stage.

“Tony, what are you doing?” Rachel whispered.

“Rachel, no words can describe how glad I am to have met you. No words can describe how much I love you. And, because it’s your 30th birthday today, I thought, as your friend and partner, there is something greater than money or presents that I can give you.” Rachel watched as Tony slowly took out the engagement ring box and opened it. He then knelt on one knee on the ground.

Everyone gasped in surprise. Charlie and Alf stared in shock. Colleen, Irene and Leah stood still.

“Oh......my........God!” Leah gasped.

Tony picked up the microphone with the other hand, while another band member stood next to Rachel with another microphone.

“Rachel Armstrong, will you marry me?”


NEXT CHAPTER: (Title: Mr. Prime Minister)

What is Rachel’s answer to Tony’s proposal?

Gina receives bad news from Brendan’s carer.

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I was gonna wait until Monday, but anyway... :wink:


Everyone shocked and surprised at the question that Tony had just asked Rachel.

“Oh My God!” Irene whispered to Leah.

“Say Yes, Rachel, please say yes” Colleen silently said to herself. “You’re carrying his child for crying out loud! Please say Yes!”

Rachel stood still in shock, staring first at the ring, then at Tony. Colleen was becoming impatient waiting for Rachel’s answer.

“Come on Rachel” Colleen whispered to herself. “Hurry up, or I’ll go up there and say yes!”

Rachel took the microphone from the band member standing next to her and held it up to her mouth, smiling.

“YES!” Rachel said with excitement. “YES, I’LL MARRY YOU.” Everyone was applauding as loud as they could whilst Tony placed the engagement ring on Rachel’s finger.

“Way to go, mate!” Alf shouted.

“Congratulations!” Martha screamed.

“Thanks” Tony chuckled.

As the band members resumed to their songs, Rachel and Tony headed down from the stage to the crowd of excited locals.

“I’m so happy for you two!” Gina smiled, hugging her brother.

“And I’m so happy for me too” Tony replied. Gina’s mobile began to ring.

“Hello.........Hi Jenny, how’s Brendan...............WHAT?................well, where is he now?..............OK I’ll be there. Bye.”

“Something wrong?” Martha asked.

“That was Brendan’s carer. Brendan’s caught the chicken pox” Gina sighed.

“Strewth!” Alf exclaimed.

“Yeah, I know..........flippin’ illness!” Gina replied.

“Hey, don’t make me call you Irene.” Tony joked. Irene spun around at the sound of her name.

“Someone mention my name?”

“Er, no Irene, nothing to worry about” Tony replied.

“Well I have to go to the hospital to see Brendan. Sorry, little brother. Talk about bad timing.”

“It’s OK” Tony replied. “Brendan’s health is your first priority right now.”

“Thanks” Gina replied.


The next morning was bright and beautiful, giving a calm change to the wild partying atmosphere that occurred the night before. At the Holden House, Rachel and Gina were preparing breakfast in the kitchen, when they were interrupted by a knock on the door. Rachel went over to the door and opened it.


“Hey guys” Jack and Martha greeted.

“Hey” Rachel smiled. “What’s up?”

“We just wanted to ask you guys if you’d like to come next door for breakfast” Martha asked.

“I’d love to, but I’ve just started making breakfast here. You can stay here for breakfast, if you like”

“We’d love to” Jack replied hastily. Rachel became suspicious at Jack’s answer.

“Wait a minute.......I see what you guys are up to. You guys just came here because you want me to cook breakfast for you.”

“Please?” Martha childishly pleaded. “You make the best breakfast meals. Better than my Husband”

“Hey!” Jack replied. Rachel finally gave in to their requests.

“OK, OK. You win. Come on in.”

“Thanks Miss Rachel ‘soon-to-be-Holden’ Armstrong” Jack smiled. Looking around the living room, Jack noticed that Tony wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

“Where’s Dad?” Jack asked. Rachel chuckled.

“Let’s just say that he’s had one too many drinks last night!”

“OK, what did he do now?”

“After you guys left, Tony was arguing with the band members over who can sing Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’ better. Then, he got up on stage and sung the song, drunk obviously, which everyone liked.”

“Then what happened?” Martha asked.

“Then” Rachel continued. “Tony became inspired by the first line in the lyrics.....”

I used to rule the world.....” Jack sung.

“That’s right” Rachel replied. “He then told everyone to vote for him for Prime Minister in the next election.” After hearing this, Jack, Martha and Gina burst out laughing.

“OK, what next?” Jack asked, still giggling.

“Then Roman, who was just as drunk, got up on stage holding a can of green hair spray and coloured Tony’s hair. Then, Tony did the same to him, claiming that Roman was his twin. Then he ‘borrowed’ Charlie’s lipstick and drew all over his face. After that, she, along with Alf took him home and Leah and Irene took me home.

“Can I have a peek?” Jack asked.

“Be my guest” Rachel replied.

Jack poked his head into Tony’s bedroom. He noticed his father passed out on the bed, still dressed up from the night before. He had green colouring on his hair, lipstick all over his face, and ink writing on his forehead which read ‘Vote for Tony Holden – Prime Minister.’

“Oh my God!” Jack giggled to himself. He then took out his mobile phone and took a picture.



NEXT CHAPTER: (Title: Back in Business)

Xavier and Hugo return from their trip to Indonesia, but are greeted by bad news from Gina.

Tony and Rachel leave for a picnic together.

Real Estate agent Ray Henderson tells Leah that his agency has reopened.

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Next chapter. Only a short one, but here we go. :)



In the Diner, Leah was operating behind the counter while Colleen and Irene were working in the Kitchen. As she was sorting out the money in the cashier, a man came up towards her. He was aged in his mid-thirties with dark brown hair and glasses. He was wearing a suit and tie with a name tag which read ‘Ray Henderson.’

“Hey Ray, what’s up?” Leah smiled.

“Hey Leah, can I post some of these flyers in your Diner?” Ray asked. Leah took a flyer and read it.

“Oh my God, Ray. You’re back in business. That’s great news!”

“Yeah” Ray smiled. “I just had to sort out some paperwork and now the Real Estate Agency is back and running.”

“It shouldn’t have been shut down in the first place” Leah commented. “Housing and accommodation is what brings more people into Summer Bay. Sure, you have the Caravan Park, but for those who want to stay permanently, the need a house or apartment.”

“That’s true” Ray replied. “Anyway, I’ll just put up these flyers. Could I have a flat white please.”

“Sure” Leah said.


The next day was fairly warm and sunny. Tony had fully recovered from his drunken state and spent yesterday cleaning himself up. Today, he and his fiancé were preparing a basket of food to take out for a picnic.


“Oh my God, Jack took this picture. I look hideous!” Tony exclaimed, holding a printed copy of the picture that Jack took on his mobile. “Although, I wouldn’t mind being the Prime Minister.” Gina couldn’t help but chuckle.

“All I can say is that Jack is like Hugo” Gina laughed. “They’re cheeky little boys!”

“I’m gonna kill Jack!” Tony joked.

“OK, we’re almost ready” Rachel called out from the kitchen, packing the last of the food into the basket.

“You sure you don’t wanna come?” Tony asked his big sister.

“I can’t” Gina replied. “I have to pick up the boys from the airport, remember? And besides, I thought the picnic is about you and Rachel spending time together.”

“OK, fair enough” Tony chuckled.

“All done. Let’s go” Rachel called out.

“Have a great time” Gina said.

“Don’t worry, we will” Tony replied. “Bye.”


Later that morning, Gina headed off to the airport to meet her sons.


“Hi Mum” said Hugo, the eldest son, as he hugged his mother, followed by Xavier, the youngest son.

“Hi Boys” Gina replied. “How was your trip to Indonesia?”

“I loved it!” Hugo smiled.

“You’re just saying that because you’ve been there hundreds of times” Xavier said.

“And, the only country other than Australia that you’ve visited” Gina added.

“Well..........yeah” Hugo giggled. Noticing that their brother Brendan was not with their mother, Xavier became curious.

“Mum, where’s Bandicoot?” Xavier asked. Gina sighed.

“Your brother’s in hospital”

“WHAT?” Hugo said in shock. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing too serious” Gina replied. “Come, I’ll take you there and we can see him.”


NEXT CHAPTER: (Title: Stuck In Hospital)

Charlie receives a mysterious phone call from a lady? Who could it be?

Gina and the boys visit Brendan in Hospital

A new guy named Paul arrives in the bay – but is he really who he says he is?

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Red Ranger, in response to your question about Ray, all I will say is that he may/may not be involved in the main storyline, but he certainly is a character to keep an eye on.

Here is the next chapter (The main storyline is slowly creeping up... :ph34r: )



“Chicken Pox...........oh dear, poor Bandicoot!” Xavier sighed. He, along with Hugo and Gina were in the hospital room sitting with Brendan on the bed. Brendan’s doctor, Dr. Jim Winston walked in, handing Gina a couple of papers.

“Here you are” Dr. Winston said. “When you’re done, just hand this in to me at the front desk.”

“Thanks doctor” Gina replied. Dr. Winston went out of the room, closing the door behind him.

“What’s the papers for?” Hugo asked.

“Dr. Winston’s offered a room here in the hospital for Brendan to stay for a couple of weeks.”

“What’s wrong with Brendan staying with us?” Xavier asked. “You, Hugo and I all had the chicken pox before, and you know we can only get it once, so Brendan will be no risk to us.”

“But your uncle’s never had the pox” Gina replied. “And since he’s now engaged to Rachel, the last thing he needs is to be sick himself.”

“Does it really matter?” Xavier joked. “Uncle Tony is marrying a doctor. If he gets the pox, then he’ll get the full, free treatment twenty four seven.”

“Stop with the jokes!” Hugo laughed.

“Trust me” Gina replied “This is the best option. Besides, Dr. Winston can keep an eye on him in case something’s wrong.”


The sun was beginning to set slowly. Tony and Rachel were heading back after their lovely picnic, passing through the shops near Summer Bay.


“There’s a spot” Rachel pointed out as Tony drove the car into the vacant space in the Car Park. “OK, I won’t be long. I’ll just get some meat from the Butcher’s”

“I’ll wait here” Tony replied. As Rachel walked out, Tony turned on the radio and fiddled with the tuner.

“Classical.....no, Pop.........no, Rap............no..........ah, finally, rock!” Tony smiled.

Across the street from the Car Park was Ray’s newly opened Real Estate. Walking out the doors was an older man. He was aged in his early to mid 60’s, fairly tall, bald, but reasonably fit. Ray came out with the man and handed him some documents and a set of keys.

“OK then, here’s the address, the lease agreement and the keys” Ray said. “Hope you enjoy staying at your new rental place.”

“Thanks” the old man replied.

“Sorry, I forgot your name.”

“Paul” the man responded.

“Paul, sorry I forgot” Ray apologised. “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I’ve been a local here for quite a long time, and I haven’t seen you here before.”

“Yeah” Paul replied. “I’m from Darwin. I just came here yesterday. I heard many interesting things about this town and I thought I’d stay here for a while at least, then decide If I really want to live here permanently.”

“I’m sure you’ll love it here” Ray smiled.

“I hope so” Paul chuckled. Shaking the agent’s hand, Paul went to his rented car and placed his seat belt on.

“What a loser!” Paul chuckled to himself. “He has no idea that my real name is Kent, and I’m actually from Alice Springs.” Starting the engine, he drove out of the car park, and onto the road.


At the station, Charlie was just about to leave her office when suddenly her desk phone started to ring.


“Hello, Yabbie Creek police station, Charlie speaking.” There was silence on the other line.

“Hello?” Charlie spoke again. This time there was a response.

“My kids are in danger. Stop him before it’s too late” the voice came. It was a lady. Charlie could her the panic in her voice.

“May I ask who this is?” Charlie asked.

“Just stop him before he harms my kids. Stop him!” the lady panicked. Suddenly, the line went dead.

“Hello?......Hello?” Charlie called out.

The cop was then distracted when Jack walked in.

“Hey Charlie, look at this” Jack smiled, handing over an envelope. Reading the letter, Charlie gasped in shock.

“Oh My God!” Charlie shrieked. Grabbing the phone, she dialled her boyfriend.

“Hey Roman, you gotta hear this. This is great news!”


It was now dark around Yabbie Creek and Summer Bay.


Kent settled into his new rental house, located not too far from Yabbie Creek. He was inside, unloading his luggage and sorting out his clothes in the wardrobe in his bedroom. Finishing this, he then headed off into the Living room and switched on the TV. The colours of whites and blues gave a glow from the screen, lighting up the whole room.

As Kent continued to watch, little did he know that someone was standing outside, watching his house. Despite being in Summer Bay for only a few hours, Kent had no idea that someone was already planning silently to get rid of him – for good.


NEXT CHAPTER: (Title: Meet the Boss)

Charlie makes an announcement.

Lucas is not happy when he discovers who nominated him for the Leadership camp.

Kent’s stalker continues to watch him from a distance.

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A new morning came for the residents of Summer Bay.


At Roman’s house, Roman and Ruby were getting ready to leave.

“Come on Rubes, you’ll be late for your last day of school” Roman called out. “I’ll drive you.”

“Coming” Ruby yelled. Putting her lunch into her schoolbag, Ruby rushed out of the kitchen and towards the front door.

“Have a great day at school” Charlie smiled.

“Bye” Ruby smiled.

“Roman” Charlie called out. “Don’t forget to tell the others to meet us here this afternoon at four.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t” Roman replied.


Later that afternoon...


“Don’t forget to check the notice board regarding the Leadership camp” Martin Bartlett informed as the bell rang to dismiss the students.” Everyone moaned as they got up from their table and headed towards the door.

“Come on, don’t moan” Martin teased. “Think about it as an experience to build up your confidence and career.”

As the students gathered around the board, they saw a large sheet of paper with names. One column was a list of those who were nominated for a position, and another column listed the names of each teacher who nominated them. Many blew a sigh of relief when their name didn’t appear on the board, pleased that their school break would not be interrupted.

Annie, Jai, Lucas and Ruby gathered at the board.

“Thank God I wasn’t nominated” Ruby cheered.

“Same here” Annie replied, giving Ruby a high five.

“Me too!” Jai smiled. “Summer break, here we come!”

“WHAT!!!” Lucas yelled. Everyone looked at the list to see his name. He then looked at the second column to see the name of the teacher who nominated him.




Colleen, Irene and Leah gathered at Roman’s house.

“OK guys, stay here. I’m just going to the station to pick up Charlie” Roman informed. At that moment, Jack and Martha entered.

“Hey guys” Martha called out.

“Hey. Won’t be long” Roman hastily replied, heading out the door. The couple headed to the lounge and sat down.

“What’s his hurry?” Jack asked.

“He’s picking up Charlie” Irene replied. “Apparently, we have to wait until Charlie arrives to hear some sort of announcement.”

“I wonder what the news is” Martha said. “Come on, Jack. Tell us!”

“Sorry, Ladies” Jack smiled. “I promised Charlie I wouldn’t tell anyone until she told you all. But I’ll tell you, it’s something good.”

“Come on, you can’t tell an old lady like me?” Colleen asked.

“Nope. Sorry Colleen” Jack asked. “Anyway, where’s everyone else?”

“Alf’s taking care of the Diner for me and Gina’s helping him” Irene replied. “Roman said that Rachel can’t make it because she has a late shift at the Hospital, and also, Tony can’t make it because he’s assisting at a gym down in the city.

“I wonder where Lucas is” Jack said. Suddenly, his mobile began to ring.

“Speak of the Devil” Jack smiled. “I’ll just be in the Kitchen to take this call.” As Jack went into the kitchen, he answered his phone.

“Hey Luc......................excuse me.......................Leadership camp?.......OK calm down.........yes, I nominated you.........How? I spoke to Mr. Bartlett...........come on mate, it’ll be fun. It will give you something fun to do during the holidays and.................OK, OK I should have asked you first. We’ll talk about it later. Anyway, where are you?.................OK. I’m just at Roman’s place. Don’t be late for Dinner..........Bye.”

Martha headed over to her husband in the kitchen.

“What’s Luc up to?” Martha asked.

“He’s with the kids and Geoff at the beach.”

“Good for him!” Martha smiled. “I’m sure he’s just celebrating his last day of school for the term.”

“He’s, well, pretty angry at me though for nominating him for the camp.” Jack laughed. “The next stage is that Martin will send letters to selected nominees who he feels are the best candidates.”

“I wonder if he’ll select Lucas” Martha asked.

“Let’s hope so” Jack chuckled. “Then we can finally have the whole house to ourselves, even if it’s only for a few days.”

“Sounds good to me” Martha smiled. The two leaned over for a kiss.

Ten minutes later.....

“OK guys. First of all thank you for coming” Roman said. “We all brought you here, because Charlie has some news for you.”

“YOU’RE LOOKING AT THE NEW SENIOR CONSTABLE, AND BOSS OF YABBIE CREEK POLICE STATION!” Charlie squealed with joy. Everyone was astounded at the announcement.

“Wow! Congratulations Charlie!” Leah exclaimed.

“Same here” Colleen added.


The stalker sat in the car, glancing at Kent’s house from a distance. The stalker was then distracted when a cyclist rode past. Looking back at the house, the stalker quickly ducked down when Kent came out of the front door. The old man went to the bottom of the driveway to pick up a rolled newspaper. Looking around, he turned around and headed back inside.

The stalker slowly sat back up in the car seat. Opening the glove box, the stalker grabbed a piece of paper with a phone number written in it. Grabbing the mobile, the stalker dialled the numbers.

“Hello, is this Doug?..................who am I?..er.......I want to keep myself anonymous............it doesn’t matter how I found out about you, I have a job for you to do. Listen........” The stalker continued to explain to Doug about the plan.


NEXT CHAPTER: (Title: Shopping Spree)

Charlie receives another call from the mystery lady.

Rachel and Martha go baby toy and clothes shopping in Yabbie Creek.

Alf begins to annoy Irene about the robbery.

NOTE: The person who was watching Kent's house in the previous chapter will be known as "The Stalker." I won't use the words 'he' or 'she' because I'm keeping the stalker a mystery, for now. :ph34r:

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Thanks for the comments so far. By the way, if you wondering why Jack nominated Lucas for the Leadership Camp, it was because of Lucas' behaviour (from the first two chapters i.e. grumpy, no job, always asking Jack for money etc.)

Anyway, here is the next chapter :)


It was morning again at Summer Bay; a gentle breeze blew into the town. Gina, Rachel and Tony were next door with Jack and Martha in the Bachelor Pad, after having been invited for Breakfast.


“Thanks for the meal, it was lovely” Gina commented.

“You’re welcome.” Martha smiled. “Shame that Hugo and Xavier missed it.”

“Well, those two are always sleepyheads. I suppose in Xavier’s case, it’s because school holidays just started” Gina said. “As for Hugo, well, he’s always like that.”

“Well, boys will be boys! That’s what we do” Jack replied. Tony couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Seems like Lucas is also a sleepyhead” Rachel said.

“I think he’s still angry that I nominated him for a position in the Leadership camp” Jack replied. “He hates the fact that the camp takes place during the holidays, but he’s hoping that he won’t be selected by Martin.”

“Don’t worry mate, he’ll get over it” Tony reassured his son. “It will give him something more productive to do during the holidays, if he’s selected.”

“Plus, it will give you two some time alone to yourselves for a change” Rachel added.

“Well there’s the positive side of all this” Jack laughed.

Tony got up from his seat.

“Well I’d love to stay and chat, but I have to head off to the city. Dennis, my gym supplier wants to see me there to discuss a few things, so I better go now. It’s quite a long trip”

“Actually, I need to go too” Gina said. “I have a dental appointment at Yabbie Creek and I have to buy a few things to take to the hospital for Brendan.”

“I can give you a lift, if you want” Martha suggested. “Rachel and I are going shopping over there.”

“Aren’t you working at the hospital today?” Tony asked.

“Not until later tonight, so I have most of the day off” Rachel replied.

“What are you going to buy?” Tony asked. Martha and Rachel giggled.

“It’s a surprise. You just have to wait until you get home.”

“Sounds interesting” Tony smiled.


At the station, Charlie has just arrived and headed into her office. Watson, upon seeing her, followed inside.

“Morning sleepyhead” Watson greeted the Senior Constable.


“You’re the one who usually yells at us when we’re late, but now I have to ask you. Why are you late? 20 minutes late to be correct.” Watson asked.

“Well…….” Charlie smiled.

“It’s Roman isn’t it? I knew that man is a real piece of work”

Charlie laughed. “Well, you can’t blame him, he’s a real romantic. After everyone left, we went to in his room and…….” Watson interrupted at that point.

“No need for details, we know he’s your boyfriend!” Both girls couldn’t help but laugh.

The phone on Charlie’s desk began to ring. Charlie picked it up.

“Hello, Charlie Buckton speaking”

“Stop him, before it’s too late.” The mysterious woman was on the other end of the line.

“Excuse me, but you called before. Who is this?”

“I can’t tell you over the phone. It’s too dangerous” the lady replied.

“Please let me help you. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me who you are” Charlie explained.

“Just protect the kids before it’s too late.” The line suddenly went dead.

“Hello?” Charlie called out, but there was no response.

“Who was that?” Watson asked.

“Don’t know” Charlie responded. “I recognise her voice. She called before.”

“Perhaps someone in the Bay, or here at Yabbie Creek” Watson suggested.

“I don’t think so” Charlie replied. “If it was someone local, why would they not give me their name? And it can’t be someone from Summer Bay, I mean, it’s a small town, and I don’t recognise a voice like that.”

“So what should we do?” Watson asked.

“Actually, I’d like you to check the phone records and see if you can track down who and where that call came from.”

“I’ll get right to it” Watson replied, leaving the office.



“How much longer are those forensics gonna take at the Surf Club?” Alf complained.

“How much longer are you gonna whinge about it?” Irene replied.

“It’s my flamin’ business, Irene. I’m losing money because of this.”

“Just give them some time.” Irene said. “The more time you give them, the more clues they will find, and in no time, they will find out who did it.”


“No buts, Alf Stewart. Now this goes to table two” Irene said, handing him a plate of food. Alf reluctantly took the plate and went out of the kitchen.



Rachel and Martha arrived back at the Holden House after shopping at Yabbie Creek, with bags full of baby toys and clothes. They saw Hugo and Xavier on the couch watching TV.

“Hey boys” Martha and Rachel called out.

“Hey” the boys replied.

“What’s with the bags? Did you buy lunch? I’m starving.” Xavier asked.

“If it’s lunch, it must be a whole feast.” Hugo exclaimed.

“Gimme Gimme Gimme!” Xavier childishly demanded.

Rachel smiled. “Sorry guys, it’s not lunch, just clothes and toys.” Hugo and Xavier sighed in disappointment.

“Martha and I were at the shops in Yabbie Creek. There was a massive sale today.”

“So you bought some clothes.” Hugo asked.

“Not for us, though, they’re for the baby.” Martha explained.

“Oh man! I wanted a new T-shirt” Xavier replied.

“So did I” Hugo said. Rachel and Martha giggled.

“Where’s mum?” Xavier asked.

“We dropped her off in Yabbie Creek” Martha replied. “She said that she had a dental appointment and she will also head off later to see your Brother.”

“Oh, OK”

“Well boy’s I’ll be back. Martha and I are having lunch next door.” Rachel said. Both the girls headed out the door, leaving the shopping bags behind.

After seeing the girls leave, Xavier turned to his big brother.

“Ten dollars says that Uncle Tony will freak out when he comes back and sees those bags.”

“No need to bet, I’ll just give you the $10” Hugo replied. “Looks like Rachel bought the entire store!”


NEXT CHAPTER: (Title: Alice Springs)

Roman visits Charlie at the Station.

Charlie is left confused after reading the call tracking report.

NOTE: I personally don't know much about how police stations operate in real life. I'm guessing they have some sort of technology, or something similar which can be used to track down phone calls they receive. But this is only a fic, so yeah. :P

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I've decided to post the next two chapters at the same time, because they're both only short ones. :wink:


At the station, Charlie was busy at work when Roman walked in.


“Hey babe”

“Hey” Charlie exclaimed, giving her boyfriend a kiss. “Why aren’t you at work?”

“I’m on my lunch break” Roman explained. “Besides, I just have to congratulate you again on your promotion as senior constable.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet. You’re the best.” Charlie smiled.

“No, you’re the best” Roman smiled back.

“No, you are.” Charlie responded back.

“No, you are.” Roman replied.

“OK I am” Charlie giggled, giving him another kiss. “Now get out of here. I have so much to do. That’s what you get from being the boss.”

“OK then, I suppose I better head off too.” Roman replied.

“Where are you off to this afternoon?” Charlie asked.

“Nothing much, just a few things to keep me busy, then back to the Diner.”

“OK, I’ll see you again tonight.” Charlie smiled, giving him one more kiss.


As Roman left the office, Charlie stared at the photo frame on the table next to her. It was a picture of her and Roman. Charlie smiled, happy that she was with a caring, loving boyfriend who she adored with all her heart. She almost jumped out of her seat when suddenly the phone rang.

“Hello, Charlie Buckton Speaking” Charlie said. There was a long pause.

“Hello?” Charlie asked again.

“Listen, you must help me, the kids are in danger.” Charlie was stunned at the response.

“Who is this? I recognise you voice. You called me before. What do you want?”

“I can only warn you of a threat that’s coming to your town” the stranger responded. Charlie was confused.

“Listen, I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Who’s in danger? Which kids?

“Please, just find him before the kids do.”

“Stop who?” Charlie asked “Who’s in danger………….hello?..........hello?” The phone line went dead.

At that moment, Constable Richard Dean walked in.

“Charlie, are you alright?” Richard asked, looking concerned.

“Yeah I’m fine” Charlie responded. “It’s just, that same woman rang again saying that the kids are in danger and that someone, a man, must be stopped before the kids find out. I just don’t get it. Who could possibly be in danger?”

“Actually that’s why I’m here” Richard said, handing her a piece of paper. “Watson asked me to give this to you. It’s the call tracking report that you asked for, regarding that mysterious caller.”

Charlie scanned through the paper but was stunned after seeing the result.

“Alice Springs? Who would know me from Alice Springs?” Charlie pondered to herself. Charlie was then looking for the name of a caller.

“There’s no name here.”

“Actually, that’s because the call wasn’t from a personal phone, it was from somewhere else, such as a payphone, or a hospital phone” Richard explained.

“Hmm…….I wonder. But I wonder, what is she warning me about?” Charlie asked.


NEXT CHAPTER: (Title: Brothers)

Kent’s stalker begins to unleash a plan.

Irene is frustrated with Alf and Colleen



Parked in an isolated road on the outskirts of Yabbie Creek, the stalker turned off the ignition of the car and took out the mobile, as it began to ring.

“Hello.................Doug........ I know that you can get the stuff for me and I will give you the money for it. Just do the job and and I will pay you, OK?............bye.”

The stalker then took out a photograph from the glove box and stared right at it.

“It was a bad mistake to come here. Very bad mistake, and now you’ll pay for what you’ve done to me!”


“Here you go. This is for table fourteen” Irene handed a plate of food to Alf.

“You know, I shouldn’t be doing this” Alf complained. “I should be back in the Surf Club with my business!” Alf walked out of the kitchen. Irene turned to Roman.

“Oh My God!” Irene muttered. “If I hear one more thing from him about his flippin’ bar, I will go mad!”

“Yoo Hoo, only me!” Colleen yelled out as she arrived.

“Oh great, here comes another one” Irene muttered. Roman couldn’t help but laugh.

“Sorry I’m late Irene, there was a little accident at the Caravan Park with the water tank, and……” Irene interrupted. “OK, OK I believe you, just get your apron on and take this plate to table two.”



At the Holden House, Rachel walked into the Living room and saw Xavier and Hugo lying around on the couch, watching TV.

“Change the channel” Hugo ordered his younger brother.

“You change it” Xavier replied.

“You’re the closest to the remote” Hugo said. Xavier reached out his arm towards the coffee table to grab the remote control, but still couldn’t reach it.

“I can’t be bothered” Xavier replied.

“Have you boys been spending the whole day on the couch, just watching TV?” Rachel asked.

“Well………………yeah” Xavier replied.

“We’re just so bored” Hugo explained.

“Why don’t you go for a stroll along the beach or something?” Rachel suggested. “Other then seeing Brendan, you boys practically haven’t left the house since you arrived here. Get out there and do something fun for a change.”

“Well…..OK then” Xavier agreed. “First thing tomorrow morning.”

At that moment, Tony arrived at the door.

“Tony, you’ve been out for quite a while. Where have you been?” Rachel asked.

“um………and a good evening to you too” Tony replied.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Good evening” Rachel said, giving her fiancé a kiss. “So where have you been?”

“I went to visit Brendan” Tony replied.

“But I thought that you went to see Dennis in the city?”

“I did, but on the way back I went to the hospital to see Brendan. Sorry I’m a bit late, there was a traffic jam on the highway from the city.”

“Doesn’t matter, you’re here now and that’s all that matters” Rachel replied. “By the way, Gina said she was going to visit Brendan. Didn’t you see her?”

“Oh, I must have missed her. I didn’t see her.” Tony replied.

“Hang on” Rachel interrupted. “You’ve never had the pox before, but you said you visited Brendan. How is that possible?”

“Er…..I was looking out from the window. I didn’t go in.”

“Oh, OK.” Rachel understood. She looked at the sparkling engagement ring on her finger.

“Do you like it?” Tony asked

“Love it” Rachel smiled. “I just can’t believe I’m you fiancé. I love you.”

“I love you too” Tony smiled back. The two leaned forward for a kiss, but pulled away when he saw his two cheeky nephews peeking from behind the couch.

“What are you two doing here?” Tony asked. He then looked down and saw the bags of baby toys and clothes scattered all over the ground.

“Rach, did you buy the entire store?”


NEXT CHAPTER: (Title: Suspicious)

What is Kent’s stalker up to?

Hugo and Xavier try to impress the town with their “Austin Style” moves.

Ray tells Leah about the booming business in the Real Estate Agency.

Lucas is offered a position at the School’s Leadership Camp program.

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Here comes the next chapter. After this chapter, there are four more chapters, then there's that "cliffhanger chapter" that I mentioned before, which I'm sure all you readers are looking forward to. Now, the clues leading up to the main storyline are coming fast! :o

Let's start!


The bright glow of the sun marked a new day for the residents of Summer Bay.


Martha, after taking a morning stroll along the beach arrived home to find her brother-in-law sitting on the couch, watching TV.

“Hey” Lucas said, seeing Martha enter the Living room.

“Hey” Martha replied. “This was from the mailbox. It’s for you.” Martha handed him a small white envelope. Lucas opened it and read the mail. Martha then noticed Lucas tear up the paper into four pieces.

“Can you throw it out for me?” Lucas asked Martha, holding out the torn up papers.

“Why, what was in it?” Martha asked?

“Nothing important” Lucas replied.

“Let me see that.” Martha grabbed the papers and arranged it back in order. “Lucas, the school is offering you a place in the senior leadership camp!”

“Like I said, it’s not important” Lucas reminded her.

“But Lucas, this camp is great! It says here that it will improve your leadership skills, and not only that, but it will build up your confidence as well.”

“I’m already confident in whatever I do.” Lucas yelled out.

“Well, it’s not only confidence, but it’s also a camp which will focus on things, such as career paths and taking responsibility”

“Are you saying that I’m not a responsible person?” Lucas asked.

“Well, when you’re always asking Jack and I for lunch money, and when you’re constantly not helping us with things around the house, then yeah, you’re not a responsible person” Martha replied.


Hugo and Xavier took a stroll down the beach.

“Summer Bay has some really nice beaches.” Hugo commented

“I can’t believe it, we’re actually living here!” Xavier said. “The place looks nice, the people seem nice, and mum’s happy that she is closer to Uncle Tony.”

“Yeah, that’s true.” Hugo replied. He then suddenly thought of a great idea. “Hey, wanna try something.”

Xavier was confused. “Like what?” he asked.

Hugo pointed to a small group of teenagers. “See those people over there?”

“Yeah?” Xavier replied, still confused.

“I say we strut our stuff, Austin style, and introduce ourselves to them.”

“Please be kidding. You’ll embarrass the both of us!” Xavier remarked.

“I’m not kidding. Watch me.” Hugo said, walking in a cool move towards them.

“er.......wait for me!” Xavier yelled, running to catch up to his older brother.


In the Diner, Leah was filling in for Colleen during her lunch break when Ray walked in.


“Hey Ray. Wow, new suit?” Leah asked.

“No no, not a new suit, just one of my old ones that I had cleaned” Ray replied.

“But still, you look great!”

“Thanks” Ray smiled.

“So what can I get you?” Leah asked with pen in hand, ready to write an order.

“Just a coffee, thanks.” Ray replied.

“Coming right up.”

Leah operated the coffee machine and poured out a nice cup of coffee for Ray.

“Here you go Ray. So tell me, how’s the sales in the property market?”

“Excellent.” Ray replied. “In fact, one of my customers just leased a house not far from here.”

“Great!” Leah exclaimed “Anyone I may know?”

“Well, his name is Paul.........someone. Sorry I can’t remember his surname. He’s aged in his mid 60s and he seems like a new resident. I’ve lived here in Summer Bay for a long time and I don’t remember seeing him before.”

“Sounds like a nice guy.” Leah said. “If he ever comes here, I’ll shout him a free complimentary meal as a welcome to Summer Bay.”

“I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. Anyway, got to go. Thanks for the coffee.”

“Bye” Leah smiled.



“Come on Lucas, camp is not all that bad.” Martha spent the whole afternoon trying to convince her brother-in-law. “And besides, Jack’s gonna make you go anyway isn’t he?”

“Oh please” Lucas rolled his eyes.

“Or should I call your father instead.”

“NO Please don’t” Lucas begged. “Don’t make me go back next door. I love my Dad, but if I have to share a room with my cousins, especially Hugo, I am going to go nuts!”

Martha couldn’t help but giggle. “Well, should we come up with a deal then?”

Lucas sat up on the couch. “What kind of deal?” he asked.

“Well.....what about this. You go to the camp and I won’t tell Tony about you not doing your chores here.”

“No Deal! I’m not going.” Lucas replied.

Martha grabbed the phone next to her. “Your Dad’s mobile number begins with 045, right?”

“OK, OK, fine, I’ll go.” Lucas said.

“See?” Martha continued “Now that I’m letting you live here work-free, I get to tell you what to do.”

“Hey, I do whatever I want!” Lucas strongly argued.

“Oh really?......OK then.” Martha began to push buttons on the phone. “0.....4.....5.....”


“Kidding” Martha laughed as she placed the phone back into its base.


The stalker was back, parked on the same road as yesterday. The silence in the car was disturbed when the tune of the mobile phone rang. The stalker picked it up and pressed the call button.

“Doug.........What? A thousand dollars?......................Did the cops suspect anything?.........no. good..................so where did you get it from?....................It wasn’t from Yabbie Creek police station, right?.................OK, but a thousand dollars?.........................I’ll think about it. OK Bye.”

“Don’t worry, soon it will be all over and everything will be alright again. You will never hurt us again!”



Hugo and Xavier arrived back at home, along with their new friends, who they met at the beach - Annie, Jai and Ruby.

“Hey look, a note.” Hugo spotted on the refrigerator.

“What does it say?” asked his curious brother, Xavier.

Gone to the bank.

Heading to see Brendan in Hospital.

Back soon with Dinner.

Love, Mum.

Annie saw a small smiley face drawn on the bottom corner of the note.

“Aww your mum is awesome, drawing a smiley face like that. If only I knew my mother.....” Annie looked upset.

Trying to cheer her up, Hugo quickly changed the topic. “So what do you guys want to do?”

“Let’s play Snakes And Ladders!” shouted an excited Jai, noticing the box on the cabinet next to where he was standing. “I love that game!”

“Sorry mate, it’s just the box. We lost the board.” Xavier replied.

“What about Hide and Seek?” Annie suggested.

Hugo smiled. “Hide and Seek? How old do you think I am?”

Annie frowned. Hugo then thought of a better idea. “What about Poker?”

“With money?” asked Ruby.

“Yeah, why not?” Hugo replied. “I’ll get the cards.”


NEXT CHAPTER (Title: Poker)

Martha embarrasses Jack in front of Charlie and the other officers at the station

Kent’s real reason for being in the Bay is revealed through a photograph. Also, the stalker continues to keep an eye on him.

The poker challenge between Hugo, Xavier, Jai, Annie and Ruby ends with a fight.

EDIT: Made a mistake earlier. After this chapter, there are actually three (not 4) more chapters until the "Cliffhanger Chapter." (Cliffhanger is chapter 15.)

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