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Yay ! You wrote it ! I told you that I would read it when it was posted !

That was a really good chapter. I'm intrigued and waiting on the edge of my seat for the next update.

Just one thing... if it comes down to Aden choosing between Nicole or Belle, it has to be Belle. Sorry, just getting in early and stating my opinion. She's come back from the dead ! They can work through any issues that brings up ! Plus, I always thought of Nic and Aden as brother and sister.

But amazing chapter :D

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You so have to kill off the person that wants to hurt Belle. He ruined their happiness. I feel so bad for Belle. She has a baby with the man she loves, but she can't be with him anymore, and she now has to start all over again, with no one to help her.

It was brilliant writing, as usual. Can't wait for the update.

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Ooh.Some interesting stuff in there, like the way you wrote Aden and Nicole together and Belle and Nadia with all her stories about Aden.You get the feeling Belle has to go back home for Nadia's sake as much as her own.

Really intrigued by that opening bit and how it fits in.Is Liam having a daughter relevant?The dates don't seem to be right for him being the father of Belle or Nicole's daughter...Did Aden and Nicole adopt Liam's kid?Or is it somehow connected to why Belle had to go into hiding?

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