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I think Nicole can survive without sex, I just think she's addicted to it :lol: But last night yes there was apart of me saying she is acting a bit like a slut. I just think Liam and Nicole are mucking around, having a bit of fun. They obviously care about each other but I don't think they are taking this whole romantic relationship thing too seriously.

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I like Nicole but can't stand Liam. I find him so bland and he's like a walking cliche. I really wish they'd find someone more interesting and engaging to hook Nicole with. I think right now she needs to learn to be by herself and figure out what she wants before being with someone else. Having fun is okay for a little while but eventually she's just going to end up hurt again.

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I think he is too old for Nicole. She is 18 and should have been focusing on her school work and her future. He is in the late 20's or something, he used to have a wife and a kid so he must be around that age.... And he need to sort himself out, and so does she... they are at two different levels..

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I want Nicole to be on her own for a while, to see her mature and grow up, without the help of a boyfriend.

Plus, I'd like to see Liam on his own as well, because I love him and I want to see him out of a relationship, or not persuing someone. :wub:

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