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Your Fantasy Dinner Party

Guest KirstyEkua

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If you could invite 6 famous people to a dinner party, who would you ask and why? It can be anyone from the world of politics, art, film, tv, literature, music etc - only condition is they have to be alive :lol:

Nelson Mandela - probably one of my biggest heros and inspirations. I recently read his book 'The Long Walk to Freedom' and was blown away. He truely is amazing and humbling.

Marat Safin - a Russian tennis player i find really hot :lol: It's shallow of me to say but that's the reason i'd want him at my dinner party! He's so exciting to watch play though, and i think if he managed to sort out his mental state he could have been just as successful as Roger Federer. He had the talent, that's for sure.

Barack Obama - I think him becoming President is massive for everyone and i'd love to chat to him. Interesting to see if he's going to keep to his promises and really make a difference, especially in Africa like he promised he would.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - author of one of my favourite books 'Purple Hibiscus' and from Nigeria which i love becasue of my passion for Africa.

Jennifer Aniston - Friends is my all time favourite show and Rachel was my favourite. I think Jen seems like a really cool, down to earth to girl and would be a good laugh.

Johnny Depp - only if he dressed up as a pirate :wink::lol: I think he's a great actor and love that's he's quirky. That's appealing to me. And he's not bad to look at either.

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Tessa James I love her! She's my favourite acctress! I think she'd be really fun and a really nice girl!

Lincoln Lewis Mainly because he's hot! :wub: Also I think he'd be quite funny and a really nice guy!

Randy Orton I love the WWE and he's my favourite! I'd love to see what he's really like! He plays a really great character on the WWE

Zachary Levi He so funny! I really love him, He was so sweet and nice when i met him, and love him to come!

Maria Kanellis Again I love the WWE, I always admired her from the minute she started! She seems so lovely and genuine!

Taylor Swift She's my favourite singer! She seems to be such a lovely person! And so down to earth!

That's be the most amazing dinner party for me!

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Simon Baker He seems like such a sweet and humble man, plus i could listen to him talk and look at that smile of his for hours :wub:

Nicholas Bishop I would love to hear about his days on HAA , and hopefully he would bring his GH :P

Jackie Woodburne She is my favourite actress in the world and i think she would be so interesting to chat to

Alan Fletcher Because he's Dr K :P

Kylie Minogue One of my idols since i was 11 years old, i would just love to hear about her experiences

Keith Duffy I think he would just make me laugh so much

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Only 6? :(

1. David Tennant. Because he is The Doctor. :P

2. Barack Obama. I'd like to have a chance to speak to him about human rights and Gay rights.

3. David Williams. Because he's the funniest guy I've met. :wub:

4. Simon Pegg. Cause he's Simon Pegg.

5. Hugh Jackman. He seems nice enough. :P

6. Cooper Cronk. Cause the little, shy guy is awesome.

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P!nk~My favourite female singer

Keith Urban~My favourite male singer

Kylie Minogue~She might not be my absolute fave anymore but she's up there.I've loved her since i was really young.

Louise Savage~Sport ain't really my thing but she's an inspiration to disabled people.

Rove~He's funny as & seems really nice

Hamish~He's funny and hot.He also apologised to me lol.Sorry Andy!

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1. Jane McGrath - even though she's passed away, she's such a fighter and a huge inspiration

2. Rove McManus - imagine the conversations we'd have... :P

3. Todd Lasance/Paul O'Brien - OMG, do I need to explain?!

4. Robert De Niro - one of my favourite actors

5. Heidi Klum - one of the nicest celebrities I've ever met

6. The Rafter family - the kindest family on Australian TV

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Alive, huh? Well... I guess...

1. Seth McFarlane

2. Joss Whedon

3. Graeme Base

4. Stephen King

5. JK Rowling

All of them are writers/artists who I admire and who inspire me, and I'd love to pitch some stories to them and see if they could help me to get published :P I also think that they'd be fun people to hang out with.

Of course, if I could have a 6th person, it'd be Jason Smith for the eye-candy/marriage proposal :ph34r:

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1 Nicholas Bishop I think he would make my day

2 Simon Baker Aks how the role of Patrick Jane changed him

3 Robin Tunny I think she is very sweet

4 Tom kang Ask him how he likes the part of chow

5 Tom Hanks one of my favorite guys in films

6 Catherine Mcclements Find out how she enjoyed the role of Goldie on Water Rats

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1 J K Rowling- my favourite author

2 Barack Obama- interesting to talk to

3 Roger Federer- I admire his attitude in tennis ( and he's also quite good looking)

4 Nelson Mandela- amazing and inspirational

5 Taylor Swift- I love her attitude and outlook on life

6 Chace Crawford- every party needs someone to look (gaze lovingly) at

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