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Jumping Into Rivers

Guest MizzyBee123

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Story Title: Jumping into Rivers

Type of story: Short

Main Characters: Nicole, Geoff

BTTB rating: A/T

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: Yes for UK viewers

Any warnings: Placed at the beginning of every chapter.

Summary: Nicole Franklin holds a secret within her ordinarily plain life, and Geoff is clueless until one incident changes everything.



Nicole Franklin is best friends with Geoff Campbell. They have been ever since they were four years old. They’d lived next door to each other for as long as they could remember. They would often sleep over at each other’s houses and sometimes talk to each other through the thin walls that parted their bedrooms. Irene had fostered Geoff and his sister Annie since Geoff was three and brought them up as her own flesh and blood. Nicole’s parents split up when she was nine, and her mum moved away, leaving her to live with her dad.

“Geoff!! Wait up!” she shouted, the sand slowing her speed as she tried to run to catch up with him. He turned his head and stopped, smiling as she approached him.

“Nic, hey” he greeted her as she caught up and walked beside him.

“Hey” she said breathlessly, swallowing hard as she tried to gain some air.

“What’s with the power walk?” she asked jokingly.

“Err it is not my fault you have short legs, Nicole” he replied sarcastically, jokingly nudging her as to push her off balance.

“What? I haven’t got short legs, you’re just abnormally tall” she quipped, playfully hitting him back.

“Remember when we were kids and I’d lift you up to reach the branch on Irene’s old apple tree?” he thought out loud, looking out to the ocean then at his best friend.

“Yeah then you’d leave me dangling for at least an hour until I told everyone you were King of the Bay, some friend you are!” she giggled reminiscing, smiles on both their faces.

“Why can’t anything ever be that simple again? Why did we have to grow up so fast?” Geoff sighed looking down at his bare feet moving swiftly through the grains of sand, something obviously on his mind.

“Geoff we’re only eighteen, it’s not like we’re geriatrics...yet!” She laughed, looking up at him unsure of where he was going with the conversation.

“I know but...” he began before pausing then staring back out to sea.

“Is it girl trouble? Is that it? C’mon Geoff you can tell me” she questioned with a comforting tone.

“Maybe” he stated ominously.

“Oh God who is it this time? Danielle? Sarah? Please don’t say its Emily...” Nicole asked with a hint of sarcasm cutting through her manner.

“It’s Emily” he announced, hoping Nicole would understand.

“Oh God what are you doing? You know she’s been with most of the football team. Don’t tell me you fell for her great big...” Nicole began fast until she was instantly stopped mid sentence.

“Nicole!” Geoff blushed a little.

“I was going to say blue eyes. Why do boys always think of the boobs?” She asked jokingly, Geoff still remaining the same shade of red as he had been for the past few minutes.

“We don’t! Well maybe... but I also like the legs!” he laughed as Nicole rolled her eyes.

“Eww please stop. The last thing I want to think about is Emily Tallon and her assets thanks.” Nicole shook her head in disgust then giggled.

“No but seriously, I really like her but she doesn’t even know who I am” Geoff said, his voice fallen.

“Yeah, tell me about it” Nicole sighed.

“It’s like she just sees straight through me, like I’m not there...” he continued not taking any real note of what Nicole was saying.

“Yeah, I know...you want to go to the diner, I’m starving!” She quickly changed the subject, dramatically linking Geoff’s arm with hers and heading them both in the direction of the Diner.

“Yeah sure, why not it’s not like we have anything else to do today” Geoff moaned, raising his eyebrows as he walked up the stretch of sand with Nicole close by.


“A Party? Yeah sure what time...yeah okay and she’s definitely going to be there? You sure? Okay see you there then bye.” Geoff spoke in riddles then hung up the phone.

“Who was that? And did I hear there’s a party?” Nicole asked immediately, slurping her strawberry milkshake.

“That, my friend, was our invitation to go out tonight” he grinned, shoving a few fries into his mouth.

“Where?” Nicole was getting excited.

“Tommy’s house. He’s having a party. His mum’s away or something.” Geoff replied still tucking into his food. Nicole pulled a face of disgust as she watched him eat.

“You’re a total pig you know that?” she laughed, her face still twisted slightly.

“Oh yeah? Well you’re not exactly perfect yourself you know, Miss Franklin” he retorted, throwing a random chip at her.

“Yeah, yeah. So what time?” she dismissed his feeble attack and changed to the original subject.

“Erm about seven I think. You want me to pick you up?” he questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah. I’ll go home now, get changed and stuff. Don’t be late!” She smiled at him then gently patted him on the head before swiftly leaving the Diner. Geoff looked on then laughed to himself. It was now one in the afternoon and the party wasn't til seven.

"Girls!" he thought to himself shaking his head.

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