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Rescue Me (by Jen) - comments


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You'd think being a Librarian and hanging around these parts so much would equal being able to read fics much before they move to the second page. :rolleyes:

Anyway... Gaden. :D

I really enjoyed reading this fic, it was very well written. You have a great descriptive writing style and I liked that you wrote it through Geoff's POV. A combination of the two really enabled the reader to almost sense the feelings & undertsand the thoughts of the characters, especially in this case, Geoff. Also when these scenes aired, it felt as though Geoff was the more confused one, on the one hand consciously giving signals/making moves and then almost holding back at times, as though overwhelmed & battling with his feelings. Or so I thought.

Early on, in the first part, I liked the way you described Geoff not being 'mechanical'. Awww, Geoff & his bears. Too cute. Using the childhood memories, and the differing way in which he played with toys, to describe the young man he is today, was really well done. Everything was spot on, his 'sanctuary', parting advice to bears, and now still doing the same, always just wanting to help.

“You can go in and fetch it if you like?” Aden suggests smugly."

Although he won’t ever admit it, he knows Geoff won’t be able to resist.

Ofcourse he knew. And we all know why he chucked it overboard too. Can't blame him either. :P

He sighs begrudgingly and peels off his jumper and t-shirt. He can feel Aden’s eyes on his chest and despite the fact that a cool breeze has picked up, feels a certain heat radiating down his spine and flushing his face.

Ahh! That tension. Love it. :wub:

Geoff’s eyes once again fall on Aden’s lips. They are distinctly blue now due to the lack of blood. Without second-guessing himself Geoff leans forward, pressing his own lips down on top. As he blows his own air into Aden’s mouth, he closes his eyes, trying to focus all his energy into these breaths. Pushing the oxygen from his own mouth into Aden’s he feels as though he’s giving something away. Something personal and intimate, that in any normal circumstance he would think twice about doing. Something, that once it’s gone, you are never getting back.

I loved this part, ofcourse because of the lip action (:P), but also for the way you described it. The intimacy, and Geoff's differing range of feelings on it all was great.

Despite the fact that he is now talking to Aden, Geoff can’t bear to look at his face.

Because he wants to do something more. I loved this line, and the whole scene that follows, the awkwardness on Geoff's part was written well. Aden's nudge, Geoff not being able to look past Aden's mouth, recalling how it felt against his, and just all the chemistry. I loved the "I kinda owe you" scene too, and Aden wanting to take the boat out. Their opposing feelings, Geoff's uneasiness and Aden's calmness, but both wanting to be there, feeling comfortable, could really be felt. This quote sort of describes it well:

He can feel Aden’s eyes on him, watching as he grapples with the lump forming in his throat and the headache he can feel coming on. He can feel his cheeks burning and quickly turns, leaving Aden at the wheel.

They were arguing, then they were fighting, and then he was saving him. With his mouth. Unconsciously Geoff finds himself biting down uneasily on the corner of his bottom lip.

“I was mad for a moment. That you rescued me,” he clarifies, “But then I saw how you were staring at me.” Geoff feels the temperature suddenly rise around him. Although he is no longer wet, he shivers. “I didn’t think anyone would worry about me ever again ... after Belle.”

“Was nothing,” Geoff mumbles, his voice barely audible.

That was lovely, and the importance of what Geoff did, how he was there, and how he made Aden feel, really came across. Also adding the bit where he compares Geoff's actions to something only Belle would do was perfect. And I can so see Geoff reply in that modest way on the show. The rest of that paragraph is great too, Aden looking to Geoff for answers & reasurance that Belle is okay.

They are standing so close, face to face that once again Geoff feels as though they are breathing the same air. Both inhaling and exhaling in unison, as the boat slowly moves beneath their feet. Geoff is compelled to keep breathing as long as Aden does. If Geoff stops, then they both stop. If Aden stops, Geoff is the one that can bring him back. He is the one that rescues him. This is how he can help.

That is so gorgeous. And it sums up everything that happened between them, how it changed things, so well.

“I mean it, you know,” he says, “I owe you. What do you want?”

Geoff knows exactly what he wants, but it isn’t something Aden can give him. Geoff wants tonight not to be a one off. He wants to be there for him, unconditionally. He wants Aden to know that he will always be there to rescue him. Geoff feels like he is the one that owes Aden, not the other way around.

He settles for the simplest answer he can formulate,


And that was perfection. I loved it.

Aden catches Geoff’s eye, knowing full well what his answer has to be. Geoff would not let him out of his sight after the day they have had, and if he is honest with himself, he doesn’t want to leave Geoff just yet.

Or never ever. This part really helps to show how the initial uneasiness between them changed. Now to feeling just right together & knowing exactly how the other felt, without ever needing to say it. I also liked Geoff checking up on Aden at night, would have preferred it if he'd climbed in to the bed next to him. But at the same time it was just right, it would be too soon after Belle.

What you could do though is carry this on, develop things further, something the show's never going to do. Then I can get more cute Gaden moments, even some that include sharing beds & kisses. Please. Pretty, pretty please. *smiles angelically*

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