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Home and Away dreams

Guest Miranda

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Just wondered if anyone else has dreams about Home and Away. I had a dream last night that Geoff and I ran a very popular bookshop somewhere, it was very busy and I got the idea that I had some problem and Geoff was helping me deal with it. A calm serene dream, but I can't help laughing when I think of it!

Anyone else had dreams about Home and Away? [you can post rude dreams if you desperately want to, but I'd rather read about funny dreams!]

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How funny Mrs B! Perhaps we should look into the meaning of these dreams: you obviously feel some aggression towards Martha, whereas I secretly see Geoff as the bookish type who solves my problems :lol:

Or, even better: I see myself as a Buffy type character and Geoff is the Giles.

Perhaps you have a secret yearning for Hugo and feel the need to defeat Martha to gain his love :lol:

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I had a dream the other night that, I was engaged to Geoff, Nic, Aden, Belle and ruby were my best friends. I was a big Celeb, I was a singer, dancer and actress! I was busy haha

We decided to visit my home town, (Belfast) and we went to eveything i go to, My friends house and stuff.

It was interesting haha!

I wish it was true :( Ha!

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Well, after talking to Elainea and Tele before I went to bed, I ending up dreaming the following...

I was an amazing doctor, and Elainea was my assistant. We defrosted Belle, and then I moved in with Aden and Belle. Elainea and Geoff were together, and El was best friends with Nicole. Aden and Geoff decided to break Roman out of jail (for Tele) and in the jail, just happened to be Wentworth Miller (Prison Break), which ended up as a naked shower scene. Then the Supernatural brothers, Sam and Dean, thought there was a ghost in the shower, and got naked too. And then the good doctor's from Grey's Anatomy got involved.

And this wasn't my overactive imagination.

This was really similar to the conversation we had :D

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Oh these are all brilliant!

I shall put my hippy outfit on and analyse them:

Tessalove you obviously have a not so secret love of Geoff and maybe you think if you became famous, he would instantly fall for you! Or you secretly want to be an actress in Home and Away.

H&Aaddict, you sound like you like to see your favourite men naked in the shower, quite understandably :lol: and you want the best for you and your friends i.e. getting together with the men of their dreams :wink:

Mrs Bishop, you see Leah and Rachel as your helpers and friends, maybe you would like people like that in your life, or maybe you have them already? :)

Oh, its all coming to me now, through my crystal ball....omm.....

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