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Anybody else on Cafepress?

I'm just doing a huge revamp of my store; and thought I'd get opinions on what kind of things people would be interested in buying? Or, indeed, if anyone on here would/does buy from Cafepress?

At the moment, I'm doing Twilight stock, but am open to all suggestions & thoughts!

Also, anyone else on Cafepress itself? :)

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oh, lirl. it's an online store / shop that anyone can open.


they provide all the "base" products, like say blank shirts / caps / dog clothes / bowls / calendars / buttons / stickers & much, MUCH more!

then you create images / designs and upload them, put them on the products as you wish, and then pick a price.

So say, the base price for a tank top is £10 and you want a £2 profit. Slap a £12 price mark on the shirt, with your image/design on it. Then when someone orders it, Cafepress do all the printing / making / sending, and £2 automatically goes into your account. it's quite awesome!

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